Toys That Start with A: 25 Amazing Ideas for Your Kiddos

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Toys That Start with A

As a dad of 4 kids (3 girls and a boy), I’m always on the lookout for fun new toys that start with A to keep my kiddos entertained! With so many toys that start with A available, it can be tough to choose. There are lots of reasons we parents may be specifically seeking out toys that start with a certain letter…

  • Your child’s teacher gave an alphabet homework assignment
  • You’re looking for birthday gifts starting with the first letter of their name
  • You’re trying to find alphabet learning toys to practice letter recognition
  • You’re toddler has speech therapy focused on the letter A sound
  • Their preschool teacher asked for show & tell items starting with A
  • You want the perfect alphabet-themed gift

There are so many great toys that start with the letter A to keep your kids entertained. From planes and puzzles to army figures and art sets, the options are endless. Whether you need alphabet toys for homework, gifts, or just for fun, I’ve got you covered like avocado toast at brunch. So don’t stress about finding the perfect A toys – I’ll help you pick out some awesome ones your kids will love. No matter the reason you need A toys, I’ve got you covered like Ms. Frizzle handles her Magic School Bus!

25 Toys That Start with A

1. Toys That Start With A: Activity Table

(Ages 1-3)

Let your toddler’s creativity run wild with an activity table, like this one from Amazon. With buckets for holding and organizing lego pieces, your child can let their imagination go wild, knowing the right piece is quick at hand.

Small Activity Table for Toddlers 1-3, for Playing Building Blocks, Marble Run Toy, Sand & Water, Color Dough, Art & Craft, Drawing & Learning

2. Toys That Start With A: Angry Birds Building Set

(Ages 5+)

Let kids recreate the exciting demolition action of Angry Birds with building sets featuring their favorite characters and structures. Great for developing spatial and construction skills.

Licensed Angry Birds Toys Playsets Build N’ Launch Construction Brick Assembly Building Blocks Sets Pig City Strike 2 Takedown Space Planet Game Catapult Slingshot Gift Box 33pcs

3. Toys That Start With A: Astronaut Action Figure

(Ages 3-5)

Blast off into imaginary playtime with an astronaut action figure! This one from looks just like a real NASA astronaut with a removable helmet and detailed space suit. Some of my kids like acting out space missions with their toys – this one is perfect for that. Educational and entertaining!

Astronaut action figure

4. Toys That Start With A: Accordion

(Ages 5-8)

Kids with an ear for music will love rocking out on a mini accordion! The buttons make different notes and chords, so little musicians can learn to play full songs. Plus it helps build fine motor control. And I have to admit, hearing my kids practice accordion beats is pretty adorable.

Kids' musical accordion

5. Toys That Start With A: Ant Farm

(Ages 6+)

Ant farms are classic science toys, but they never get old! Watching the ants dig tunnels and build hills in their habitat is endlessly fascinating. It’s an up-close look at nature that teaches ecology, science and responsibility. Definitely one of the more interactive toys that start with A.

Uncle Milton Giant Ant Farm - Large Viewing Area - Care for Live Ants - Nature Learning Toy - Science DIY Toy Kit - Great Gift for Boys & Girls, Green

6. Toys That Start With A: Alphabet Puzzle

(Ages 1-3)

Help toddlers get a head start on their ABCs with alphabet puzzles! Matching the letters and pictures builds letter recognition. Many also have textures for sensory learning. Plus, they’re perfect for little hands still developing fine motor skills. Puzzles are always one of my top go-to toys that start with A for preschoolers.

Alphabet puzzle

7. Toys That Start With A: Airplane Playset

(Ages 3-5)

Does your kiddo love all things that go? Then they’ll soar to new heights with an airplane play set! They can zip the planes around as they pilot around the living room. Let their transportation imagination really take off!

Pull Back Airplane Toys, Boys Plane Playset, Aircraft Including Helicopter Toys, Fighter Jet Toys, Bomber Toys, Biplane Toy, Gifts for Toddler Kids 2-8 Years Old

8. Toys That Start With A: Art Supplies

(Ages 2+)

Foster those creative juices with art supplies! Stuff like crayons, markers, paint and clay allow kids to color, sculpt and build anything they dream up. Plus different mediums help strengthen fine motor control. No matter their age, art toys are always a win!

Crayola MyFirst Washable Markers - Assorted Colours (Pack of 8) | Easy-Grip Markers Ideal for Toddlers Hands | Ideal for Kids Aged 12+ Months

9. Toys That Start With A: Animal Figurines

(Ages 1+)

From farm animals, to wild animals, to dinosaurs – animal figurines spark sensory development and imagination in babies and kids! Little hands will love moving the creatures around and making up stories. Plus there are so many kinds to choose from. Definitely a classic toy pick!

Animals Figure,54 Piece Mini Jungle Animals Toys Set,ValeforToy Realistic Wild Vinyl Plastic Animal Learning Party Favors Toys for Boys Girls Kids Toddlers Forest Small Animals Playset Cupcake Topper

10. Toys That Start With A: Abacus

(Ages 3+)

An abacus is one of those old-fashioned toys that helps young minds learn! Moving the beads teaches counting, addition, subtraction and more. The hands-on component gives a visual representation to math concepts. My kids actually ask to play with theirs – it’s both fun and educational!

KIDWILL Preschool Math Learning Toy,10-Row Wooden Frame Abacus with Multi-Color Beads, Counting Sticks, Number Alphabet Cards, Gift for 2 3 4 5 6 Years Old Toddlers Boys Girls

11. Toys That Start With A: Apron & Chef Set

(Ages 3-5)

Encourage little foodies with their own kid-sized apron and chef set! My kids love pretending to cook with their play food and kitchen tools. It builds creativity, hand-eye coordination and responsibility. Plus I love when they help me in the real kitchen!

Boys Toys Gifts Age 3-6, Kids Apron for Toddlers Kids Cooking Sets Toys for 3-6 Year Old Boys Girls Kids Chef Hat and Apron Christma Birthday Gifts for Kids Stocking Stuffer for Kids Blue

12. Toys That Start With A: Army Action Figures

(Ages 5-8)

Got a kiddo who loves all things military? Then Army action figures are the toy for them! They can re-enact battles, build bases and vehicles, and spark tactical thinking. Educational and engaging for history buffs and make-believe warriors.

Elite Force Marine Recon Action Figures – 5 Pack Military Toy Soldiers Playset | Realistic Gear and Accessories – Sunny Days Entertainment

13. Toys That Start With A: Aquarium Playset

(Ages 5+)

For animal-loving kids, few toys bring more joy than an aquarium playset! They can imagine all the fish, coral, treasure chests and more that fill up a tank. It combines science learning with open-ended play. Definitely one of my top picks for toys that start with A!

Polly Pocket Compact Playset, Otter Aquarium with 2 Micro Dolls & Accessories, Travel Toys with Surprise Reveals

14. Toys That Start With A: Ant Man Action Figure

(Ages 4+)

Bring the tiniest Avenger to life for your Marvel fan. This detailed Ant Man action figure can shrink (with some imagination), ride ants, and save the day!

Marvel Hasbro Legends Series Ant-Man,Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania Collectible 6-Inch Action Figures,Ages 4 and Up

15. Toys That Start With A: Alligator Push Toy

(Ages 1-2)

This sturdy alligator on wheels is perfect for encouraging walking in toddlers. They’ll love pushing this friendly gator pal around while building leg strength and balance.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy and Activity Walker - Wooden Baby Push Walker For Ages 1+

16. Toys That Start With A: Antique Cash Register

(Ages 3-6)

Let them ring up shoppers and count money with their own antique-inspired cash register! I like this one because it uses mechanical buttons and makes real “ka-ching” sounds. Teaches counting, money skills, and imaginative play.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register - 73 Pieces, Ages 3+ Develops Early Math Skills, Play Cash Register for Kids, Toy Cash Register, Play Money for Kids,Back to School

17. Toys That Start With A: Airzooka Air Canon

(Ages 6+)

Kids can have harmless shooting target practice with this air powered airzooka canon! Shoots puffs of air to launch paper targets. Fun way to burn off energy and refine focus.

Airzooka Toysmith, Blast A Harmless Ball Of Air Toy, Green, All Ages - Adults Too Small

18. Toys That Start With A: Army Helicopter

(Ages 5+)

Gift a junior flyer this super detailed Army helicopter model! With spinning propellers and removable soldiers, kids can imagine high-flying rescue missions and more. Boosts coordination and fine motor skills too.

JOYIN 10-in-1 Army Helicopter Toys, Boys Military Toys, Including Helicopter with Realistic Light, Sound & Handle, Bruder Trucks, Boat, Motorcycle, Army Men Action Figures and Weapon Gears, Kids Gifts

19. Toys That Start With A: Alphabet Fishing Game

(Ages 2-5)

Make learning letters fun with an alphabet fishing game! Kids try to catch the magnetic letter “fish” with their poles. It’s a playful way to practice letter recognition and build concentration skills. One of my favorite toys that start with A for early learners.

Coogam Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game, Fine Motor Skill Toy ABC Alphabet Color Sorting Puzzle, Montessori Letters Cognition Preschool Gift for Years Old Kid Early Learning with 2 Pole

20. Toys That Start With A: Animal Memory Match Game

(Ages 3+)

Memory match is a classic game, but this animal-themed version makes it even more engaging for kids! They flip and match the cards to see who gets the most pairs. Helps build focus, memory, and pattern recognition.

Animal memory matching game

21. Toys That Start With A: Aquabeads Playset

(Ages 4+)

These colorful aquabeads stick together with just water for creative toy designs! Arrange the beads then spray to fuse shapes into place. Promotes planning, building, and fine motor skills.

Aquabeads Dinosaur World - Arts & Crafts Kit for Kids Ages 4+ - Includes Over 1200 Shiny Beads, Layout Tray, Sprayer, Creation Display, Design Pegs, Keychain Accessories, and Template Sheet

22. Toys That Start With A: Antique Dollhouse

(Ages 4+)

This lovely wooden antique-style dollhouse will be an heirloom treasure! With 4 fully furnished rooms and a porch, it sparks generations of imaginative play.

All Seasons Kids Wooden Dollhouse by Hape | Award Winning 3 Story Dolls House Toy with Furniture, Accessories, Movable Stairs and Reversible Season Theme

23. Toys That Start With A: Action Figure Playsets

(Ages 4+)

From superheroes, to knights, to WWE wrestlers – action figure playsets bring their stories to life! With battle zones and accessories, they can act out epic adventures. Roleplaying builds creativity, storytelling and social skills. A classic toy every kid needs!

DC Comics Batman 4-inch Robin and The Joker Action Figures for Boys with 6 Mystery Accessories, Kids Toys for Boys Aged 3 and up

24. Toys That Start With A: Archeology Dig Kit

(Ages 6+)

Budding archeologists will have a blast with their own dig site kit! Contains tools, chisel, logbook and 15 prehistoric fossils to excavate. Educational STEM excitement!

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Fossil Dig Kit - Excavate 15 Genuine Prehistoric Fossils, Kids Fossil Kit, Educational Toys, Great Science Kit Gift for Girls and Boys

25. Toys That Start With A: Ariel Mermaid Doll

(Ages 3+)

Under the sea magic comes to life with this sparkling Ariel doll! Her mermaid tail matches the film and sparks underwater adventures. Disney princess roleplaying is always enchanting!

Disney the Little Mermaid Ariel Doll, Mermaid Fashion Doll with Signature Outfit, Toys Inspired by Disney's the Little Mermaid


In conclusion, with this A-list of amazing toys, your kids will be “Livin’ La Vida Loca” with alphabet entertainment! These 25 toy picks inspire learning and imagination for all ages and interests. With options from art to archeology, planes to puzzles, there’s an A-mazing toy for every child. So go on browse these toy ideas – your little ones will have a blast while developing skills. And be sure to comment below on their favorite letter A toys! By sharing the ABC toys your kiddos love, you can help other parents continue the circle of fun.

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