Toys That Start with H: 25 Happy Toy Ideas for Your Kids

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Toys That Start with H

Hey all you parents of young Jedi masters and Pokémon trainers! As a dad of 4 kids ages 3 to 23, I’m always on the lookout for the most heroic toys starting with H to ignite my children’s curiosity and skills. With so many playful products beginning with H, it can be tricky to pick the best ones to match my little Padawan learners’ interests. Whether you need alphabet learning tools, STEM toys, or just screen-free entertainment, these 25 marvelous H-themed toys will be a huge hit with your young heroes and heroines!

There are many reasons you may want Awesome H Toys:

  • Your child’s teacher assigned letter H for show & tell or classwork
  • You want name-letter gifts for birthdays and holidays
  • Speech therapy for the H sound
  • Preschools use letter-based learning
  • Alphabet games to practice recognition
  • Open-ended toys to spark creativity

With so many fantastic H toy options, choosing the perfect one for your kid can seem overwhelming! From horses and hatchimals to helicopters and holograms, I’ve picked 25 heroic H-themed toys your children will go hog-wild over while developing skills!

25 Toys That Start With H

  1. Toys That Start With H – Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Fortune Cookie Carton
    (Ages 5+, fantasy toys, nurturing play)

Kids can hatch 10 tiny animal surprises from the cute little eggs, then nurture and play with their magical creatures! This collectible toy comes with 10 eggs to hatch, each containing a unique small Hatchimal to love and care for. Kids will be delighted as they help each one hatch out of its egg, not knowing which animal it will be! Once hatched, there are adorable creatures to meet. Children can build a magical forest world for their Hatchimals, letting imagination run wild while learning responsibility through nurturing play. Expand your Hatchimals family with this surprise-filled set!

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles
  1. Toys That Start With H – Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set
    (Ages 5+, STEM toys, cause & effect)

Zoom cars through looping intersections and crashes with this Criss Cross Crash Track set! Kids can control the launchers to send vehicles smashing into each other from different angles. With four action zones and exciting head-on collisions, children will love tinkering with the set to observe cause-and-effect reactions. Designed with awesome looping tracks, this interactive playset provides endless STEM learning through car-crashing experiments. Kids will have a blast mastering the mechanics as Hot Wheels race, crash, and bash!

Hot Wheels Toy Car Track Set, Criss Cross Crash with 1:64 Scale Vehicle, Powered by a Motorized Booster
  1. Toys That Start With H – Horseshoe Game Set
    (Ages 6+, outdoor games, hand-eye coordination)

Toss horseshoes at the stake in this classic backyard game for lively outdoor fun! This set includes child-sized horseshoes and stakes designed just for kids ages six and up. Get the whole family outside for some playful competition. Kids build hand-eye coordination as they take turns tossing shoes, keeping score, and trying to ring the post. The portable set is sized right for little hands and has rubber horseshoes for backyard safety. An engaging outdoor activity that provides active play, skill-building, and laughs for everyone!

Champion Sports Indoor/Outdoor Horseshoe Set Red
  1. Toys That Start With H – Hair Chalk Salon Kit
    (Ages 5+, arts & crafts, creativity)

Design colorful temporary hair art using the safe hair chalk pens! It includes 10 rainbow hair chalk markers specifically formulated to color hair without chemicals. Easily washes out with shampoo. Let kids explore their creative side by coloring hair stylish shades of purple, blue, pink and more! This kit allows children to safely explore creative self-expression and unique style.

Desire Deluxe Hair Chalk for Girls Makeup Kit of 10 Temporary Colour Pens Gifts, Great Toy for Kids Age 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Years Old
  1. Toys That Start With H – Hot Wheels Mario Kart Die-Cast Vehicles Set
    (Ages 3+, pretend play, motor skills)

Recreate races from the popular Mario Kart game with favorite Nintendo characters and karts! This set brings the Mushroom Kingdom to life with highly detailed karts featuring Waluigi, Toad, Light Blue Yoshi, and Diddy Kong for racing adventures. Little hands will love whooshing the die-cast cars around, making motor sounds and playing out stories. Combine with other playsets to expand the world. Hot Wheels Mario Kart mixes interactive screen-free play with engaging motor skills development.

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Vehicle 4-Pack, Set of 4 Fan
  1. Toys That Start With H – Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers
    (Ages 5+, magical toys, nurturing play)

Kids can hatch their magical pixie then nurture it over time, watching its sparkly wings crystallize! Each pixie egg contains a fairy companion for kids to love and take care of. How will you pamper your new friend? As you bond, its wings will flutter, signaling when it’s ready to fly. This dazzling combo of magical hatching plus nurturing play builds developmental skills.

Hatchimals Pixies, Crystal Flyers Starlight Idol Magical Flying Pixie Toy Doll with Lights, Girls Gifts, Kids Toys for Girls Ages 6 and up
  1. Toys That Start With H – HedBanz Act Up! Game
    (Ages 5+, family games, communication)

Fire up quick-thinking improv skills playing this HedBanz acting game! Players strap on headbands featuring fun characters without looking, then ask yes or no questions to guess who they are. In the Act Up level, players act out scenarios based on the character for others to guess. No talking allowed! The silly acting play gets everyone laughing together while building nonverbal communication abilities. A delightful family game night choice!

Roll over image to zoom in
Hedbanz Lightspeed Game with Lights & Sounds
  1. Toys That Start With H – Harry Potter Wizards Wand Making Kit
    (Ages 6+, STEAM toys, fantasy play)

Young wizards and witches can create their own custom wizard wands with this fun DIY kit! It includes paints, clay, and brushes for decorating unique Harry Potter-style wands. Kids’ imaginations will come alive designing magically inspired wands, then using them for spell-casting adventures. A creative way to dive deeper into the Wizarding World through hands-on wand-making!

Magic Wizard Wand Making Kit DIY Craft Set for Kids Adult Make Your Own Wands Birthday Party Gift 45-Piece
  1. Toys That Start With H – Harry Potter Noble Collection
    (Ages 8+, fantasy, collectors toys)

Bring home an incredibly detailed replica of Harry Potter’s beloved snowy owl with this collectors quality Hedwig figurine! Expertly crafted based on the original movie props, the sculpture captures every lifelike feather and feature. The Harry Potter Noble Collection aims to stunningly recapture magical moments and characters from the films. Young wizards and muggles alike will treasure this special fan keepsake honoring Harry’s loyal companion. A must-have centerpiece for any Potterhead’s collection!

The Noble Collection Harry Potter Magical Creatures: No.1 Hedwig
  1. Toys That Start With H – How to Draw Books
    (Ages 8+, art supplies, visual arts)

Kids can learn how to draw amazing pictures by following the step-by-step guides in these sketchbooks! Topics range from animals and manga characters to cars, people, and landscapes. Easy to follow instructions break down complex subjects into basic shapes and stages. Aspiring artists will gain confidence in their drawing abilities practicing new techniques to recreate all kinds of fun illustrations.

How to Draw 101 Animals
  1. Toys That Start With H – Hands-On Science Kits
    (Ages 6+, STEM toys, discovery)

From volcano eruption projects to crystal growing labs, robotics kits, and more, these hands-on kits unlock the wonders of science from home! Kids can dig into real chemistry, physics, engineering, and biology through engaging educational experiments, projects, and materials. An enriching way for children to gain STEM knowledge and skills through self-directed discovery and fun interactive learning.

Science Experiment Kit For Kids
  1. Toys That Start With H – Hungry Hungry Hippos Game
    (Ages 4+, family games, motor skills)

This frenetic marble-chomping game has been a favorite competitive playtime choice for generations! Players rapidly smack their hippo’s lever to swallow up as many marbles as possible before time runs out. Kids build visual tracking skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor control trying to collect the most marbles. Easy to learn and fun for the whole family!

Hasbro Elefun and Friends Hungry Hungry Hippos Game
  1. Toys That Start With H – Haunted House 300 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
    (Ages 8+, puzzles, concentration)

Put together this spooky 300-piece jigsaw puzzle solo or cooperatively for Halloween fun that builds mental focus. When completed, it reveals a colorful haunted house scene. Jigsaw puzzles develop skills like patience, concentration, visual perception, and repetition. A great screen-free activity for practicing persistence and attention to detail. Satisfying to see the picture come together!

Bits and Pieces - 300 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults 18" X 24" - Enter If You Dare - 300 pc Haunted House Halloween Trick or Treat Jigsaw by Artist Ruane Manning
  1. Toys That Start With H – Hasbro Games
    (Ages 3+, board games, family play)

Gather around the table for some interactive family fun with an assortment of Hasbro games. From Connect4 to Operation, Hasbro has a game for everyone.

Hasbro Gaming Sorry! Game
  1. Toys That Start With H – Hugimals Weighted Plush Sloth
    (Ages 2+, plush toys, emotional skills)

This weighted plush sloth is ultra-soft and perfect for hugging! The 4.5lbs stuffed animal provides comfort through soothing tactile sensory play. Great for calming emotions and nurturing development. The weighted pressure offers hugs giving a feeling of unconditional love and security. Machine washable for easy care. A cuddly companion sure to become a fast favorite!

HUGIMALS Sam The Sloth 4.5lbs Large Weighted Stuffed Animal Calming Plush Adults Kids
  1. Toys That Start With H – Hot Wheels Corkscrew Chaos Track Set
    (Ages 4+, physical toys, cause & effect)

Kids send the die-cast cars whizzing down the corkscrew track, controlling spin-out stunts and crashes with this colorful Hot Wheels play set. Load up two vehicles and drop them through the corkscrew to see gravity-defying spins, crashes, and more. Interactive cause-and-effect play develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Small parts—adult supervision advised.

Hot Wheels Toy Car Track Set, Corkscrew Crash with 1:64 Scale Car, 3 Crash Zones, Powered by Motorized Boost
  1. Toys That Start With H – Harmonica Musical Instrument
    (Ages 5+, musical toys, auditory skills)

Kids can play tunes on this easy-blow 10 hole harmonica! Learning to play simple melodies boosts breath control, auditory processing, and creativity. Builds confidence playing music!

East top Diatonic Blues Harmonica Key of C, Blues Harp Mouth Organ 10 Holes 20 Tones 008K with Blue Case, Standard Harmonica For Adults, Professionals, Beginners and Students
  1. Toys That Start With H – Hip Hop Dance Mat
    (Ages 5+, active toys, motor skills)

Kids can learn hip hop dance moves stepping to the light-up arrow patterns on this dance mat. The mat flashes arrows in time with the music, coaching beginner dancers to improve coordination through follow-along routines. A fun way to stay active that builds balance, rhythm, and gross motor skills through dance!

SUNLIN Dance Mat - Dance Mixer Rhythm Step Play Mat - Game Toy Gift for Kids Girls Boys with LED Lights, Adjustable Volume, Built-in Music, 3 Challenge Levels (3-12 Years Old)
  1. Toys That Start With H – Hexbug Spider BattleBots Arena
    (Ages 8+, STEM toys, teamwork)

Stage robotic spider battles in this customizable arena! Use the 30+ snap-together pieces to build your terrain. Control your mechanical robots with the remotes, lighting up eyes and steering. Face off robots in head-to-head duels or team battles. Kids learn engineering principles through coding play while having competitive fun.

Hexbug Spider BattleBots Arena
  1. Toys That Start With H – Hello Kitty Create Your Own Squishy Diary
    (Ages 6+, creativity toys, writing skills)

Kids can customize this super squishy Hello Kitty diary with 60 blank pages ready to be filled plus decorative stickers to enhance their notes, doodles and musings. The poke-able textured cover provides sensory stimulation while the journal interior encourages creative writing and self-expression about all of Kitty’s adventures. Great for memory-keeping too!

Hello Kitty Create Your Own Squishy Diary by Horizon Group USA
  1. Toys That Start With H – Hapinest Sentence Building Learning Game
    (Ages 5+, educational games, language skills)

This interactive card game introduces kids to sentence structure in a fun way by combining picture, word and punctuation cards to build complete sentences. Color-coding helps them learn parts of speech like nouns, verbs and more. A great language-building activity for speech therapy, classroom use or homemade fun!

Hapinest Sentence Building Learning Game for Kids | Grammar Reading and Speech Therapy Activities | Kindergarten 1st Grade Special Education Classroom Must Haves for Teachers and Homeschool
  1. Toys That Start With H – Headphones for Kids
    (Ages 3+, audio toys, travel)

These comfortable, volume-limited headphones provide a perfect audio experience for kids to use with their devices. The padded adjustable band and ear cups fit younger children while inline volume control lets parents monitor sound. Its durable braided cord withstands tugging and tangling. Great for school, travel and noisy environments!

Kids Headphones
  1. Toys That Start With H – Harry Potter Self-Inking Stampers
    (Ages 5+, party toys, imaginative play)

Young wizards can explore the magical world of Harry Potter using these easy-to-use self-inking stampers shaped like fan favorite characters! Stamp crafts, cards, invitations and more with Harry, Hermione, Hagrid and others. Double as cake toppers and party decor for enchanting wizardry fun!

Self-Inking Harry Potter Stampers, Set of 12 – Harry Potter Gifts, Collectables, Party Decor, Cake Toppers – Lucius Malfoy, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom and More by PMI, 2.5 in. Tall
  1. Toys That Start With H – Happy Little Dinosaurs Card Game
    (Ages 8+, family games, STEAM skills)

Players draw quirky prompt cards then chip away at each other’s dinosaur game boards by playing disaster cards until one survives! This goofy survival game exercises strategy, creativity, problem-solving and conversation skills through engaging interactive play. Fun for families and game nights!

Happy Little Dinosaurs Base Game - Cute card game for kids, teens, & adults
  1. Toys That Start With H – Helicopter
    (Ages 8+, tech toys, STEM learning)

Kids pilot this colorful remote control helicopter through the air and land it precisely! With gyro stabilization, altitude hold mode, easy controls and exciting light modes, it’s a STEM-learning blast. Improves coordination and build interest in aviation and engineering.

RC Helicopter, Remote Control Helicopter for Kids with 30Mins Flight


With this thrilling selection of H toys, your little Padawans and Pokémon trainers will have a blast developing new skills! These 25 playful ideas build learning across interests and ages through screen-free play.

Browse these top-notch toy recommendations starting with H. Share your child’s favorite letter H toys in the comments below! When we collaborate on the best playthings, our community powers up play for all kids. Now let the heroic adventures begin, parents! May the force be with you!

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