Toys That Start with I: 25 Incredible Toy Ideas for Your Youngins

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Toys That Start with I

Hey parents of imaginative inventors and inquisitive explorers! As a dad of 4 creative kiddos myself, I’m always searching for the most innovative and inspiring toys that start with I to ignite their curiosity. With so many incredible toys beginning with the letter I, it can be tricky choosing the best ones to match your little Einsteins’ interests and skills. Whether you need fun alphabet learning tools, STEM and science toys to develop skills, or screen-free activities to let their imagination soar, these 25 marvelous I-themed toys will send your child’s playtime fun into overdrive!

Reasons You May Want These Hot I Toys:

  • Teacher assigned the letter I for show & tell or classwork
  • You want exciting name-letter gifts for birthdays
  • Preschools use letter-based learning stations
  • Alphabet games help kids practice letter recognition
  • Open-ended I toys spark creativity and STEM skills

With so many options for inspiring toys starting with I, picking the perfect one for your kiddo can be challenging! But this list covers a wide range of developmental skills – from cool coding robots to slime kits for sensory play. Get ready to check out 25 innovative I-themed toys your kids will go insane over!

25 Toys That Start With I

  1. Toys that start with I – Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild Collector Plushie Set
    (Ages 3+, movie toys, pretend play)

Bring the hilarious Ice Age films to life with this soft plushie set featuring four lovable 7-inch characters: saber-tooth tiger Diego, acorn-obsessed squirrel Scrat, sloth Sid, and weasel daredevil Buck Wild for cuddly adventures! The intricately sculpted plushes with individual poses inspire giggle-filled escapades acting out scenes or making up new stories with the quirky characters from the popular computer animated movies.

Just Play The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild Collector 4-Piece Small Plushie Stuffed Animals Set, Kids Toys for Ages 3 Up,
  1. Toys that start with I – I Spy With My Little Eye John Deere Farm Book
    (Ages 3+, interactive books, learning skills)

This engaging seek-and-find board book takes little readers on a fun tractor ride around the farm, searching 13 busy scenes to find hidden objects that match written clues, building focus, word recognition, and matching skills. The colorful photos of John Deere machines like tractors and excavators enrich vocabulary and animal knowledge. Full of questions and new words on every page, it’s an interactive reading experience.

Toys That Start with I - I Spy With My Little Eye John Deere Farm and Find - Kids Search, Find, and Seek Activity Book
  1. Toys that start with I – Indiana Jones Hasbro Dial of Destiny Action Figure
    (Ages 4+, movie toys, imagination)

Recreate thrilling archaeological adventures from Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny with this highly detailed 6-inch Harrison Ford action figure! It looks just like Indy with accessories like his satchel, map, flashlight, and coiled whip. Kids can act out scenes from the blockbuster movie or imagine brand new relic-hunting missions! An exciting toy for sparking storytelling creativity.

Indiana Jones Hasbro and The Dial of Destiny Adventure Series (Dial of Destiny) Action Figure,6-inch,Toys for Kids Ages 4 and Up
  1. Toys that start with I – Infant Rattles 0-6 Months Set
    (Ages 0-6 months, baby toys, development skills)

This 14-piece set of colorful chunky plastic rattles helps babies 3-6 months old build hand-eye coordination and motor skills through sensory play! Easy to grasp handles shake to make engaging sounds that stimulate auditory processing. The vivid contrasting patterns are great for visual focus. Babies also develop dexterity, cause-and-effect understanding, and object manipulation exploring these engaging developmental toys.

Baby Rattles 0-6 Months - 14 Pcs Baby Rattle Toys Set Infant
  1. Toys that start with I – IQ Puzzle Games
    (Ages 4-8, logic games, STEM skills)

Kids build critical thinking abilities completing over 100 challenge cards in this STEM-learning logic game. Arranging the tracks lets bulldozers travel to the finish line. With 4 difficulty levels, it introduces early engineering concepts, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving in a hands-on format. Fun educational toy for fostering focus, planning, and creative thinking!

CoolToys Build-A-Track Brain Teaser Puzzles for Kids Ages 4-8 - Educational Smart Logic Board Game for Children, 4 Levels
  1. Toys that start with I – Ice Cream Truck Toy Playset, Play-Doh Kitchen Creations
    (Ages 3+, pretend play, creativity)

This play kitchen set brings imaginary ice cream shop adventures to life with molds, tools, 12 colors of dough, sound effects, and more! Kids “scoop” treats at the station, customize cones their way, then play cashier. The colorful 3-foot playset encourages open-ended stories, motor skills, and interpersonal play. A yummy way to blend STEAM learning with roleplay fun!

Toys That Start with I - Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Toy Playset, Food Truck Toys for Kids, 27 Accessories, 12 Cans, Preschool Toys for 3 Year Old Girls & Boys and Up, Non-Toxic
  1. Toys that start with I – Ice Skating Barbie
    (Ages 3+, active toys, coordination)

Glide around the rink with Barbie dressed in a shimmery purple skating dress and silvery skates! As kids guide the posable doll through skating motions, they build hand-eye coordination, balance, and confidence in movement through active roleplaying play.

Ice Skating Barbie
  1. Toys that start with I – Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman Playset
    (Ages 3-8, action toys, fantasy play)

Kids control the adventure with this imaginative set featuring a 10-inch robot, detachable Batwing jetpack, projectile launcher and Batman, Robin action figures! Turn Power Pads to open the Robo Command Center or make the robot walk. Spark heroic storytelling battles between good and evil.

Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman Playset, Robo Command Center with Detachable 10-inch Robot, Batman & Robin Figures Ages 3+ Years
  1. Toys that start with I – Igor The Iguana Plush Lizard Stuffed Animal
    (Ages 3+, plush toys, pretend play)

This jumbo super soft 26-inch green iguana plush toy makes a perfect floppy friend for hugging and sparking imaginative adventures. Kids will love acting out stories about exploring the jungle or going on silly reptile escapades with their new lizard pal Igor. A cuddly companion for encouraging pretend play and learning about wildlife!

VIAHART Igor The Iguana - 26 Inch Long Stuffed Animal Plush Lizard - by Tiger Tale Toys
  1. Toys that start with I – Ironing Playset
    (Ages 3+, roleplay toys, life skills)

Let kids imitate household chores like laundry day with this 14-piece set including a wooden iron, ironing board, clothing, detergent bottles with pretend contents, and working spray bottle! Fun accessories encourage dramatic role play, cooperation, motor skills, and early counting concepts through everyday life skill imitation.

Melissa & Doug Laundry Basket Pretend Play Set With Wooden Iron, Ironing Board, and Accessories (14 Pcs) For Kids
  1. Toys that start with I – Ice Hockey Game Table
    (Ages 6+, game tables, hand-eye coordination)

Kids control the player rods to hit the puck into the goal in this compact tabletop air hockey game. Slide strikers quickly to out-maneuver opponents across the smooth playing surface! Fast-paced arcade-style play builds hand-eye coordination, motor skills and friendly competition. A great interactive game for family fun.

Franklin Sports Table Top Rod Hockey Game Set - Perfect Hockey Toy + Gameroom Game for Kids + Family - Mini Tabletop Rod Hockey Board + Pucks Included
  1. Toys that start with I – Incredibles Action Figures (from the movie “The Incredibles”)
    (Ages 3+, superhero toys, pretend play)

Recreate adventures from Disney Pixar’s hit superhero family film with this authentic Elastigirl action figure with stretchy arms plus mini Jack-Jack figure with movable parts. Highly detailed like the movie, they inspire all kinds of imaginative stories about secret missions and crimefighting family teamwork!

Toys That Start with I - Mattel ​Pixar "The Incredibles" Elastigirl Action Figure with Jack-Jack, Movie Character Toys 6.6-in & 2.2-in Tall, Highly Posable with Authentic Super Suits, Kids Gift for Ages 3 Years Old & Up
  1. Toys that start with I – Illusion Kits (magic tricks for kids)
    (Ages 5+, performer toys, STEAM skills)

Aspiring magicians will love mastering cool tricks with this 28-piece magic set. Includes props like cups & balls, ropes, cards, wands, and an instructional DVD. Kids gain performance skills plus dexterity, creativity, critical thinking, and confidence through engaging play-based magic lessons at home.

Learn & Climb Mega Magic Kit for Kids. Perform Hundreds Today's Most Exciting Tricks. Magic Set with Instructional DVD
  1. Toys that start with I – Ice Palace Playset (inspired by “Frozen”)
    (Ages 18 months+, movie toys, pretend play)

This bright interactive Frozen ice castle playset with figures brings music and magic to imaginative adventures! Insert Elsa or Olaf toys to see lights, hear “Let It Go,” and activate spinning snowflake effects. Builds storytelling while introducing movie characters, songs, and scenes through creative play.

Fisher-Price Little People Toddler Playset Disney Frozen Elsa’s Ice Palace Musical Toy with Elsa & Olaf Figures for Ages 18+ Months
  1. Toys that start with I – Insect Collecting Containers
    (Ages 5+, science toys, nature education)

Budding entomologists get a magnified view of the insect world with this catch and release critter kit! It contains 4 plastic bug boxes with air holes and double magnifying lenses for safe inspection of creepy crawly creatures found in the backyard. Discover nature up close!

Insert Bug Viewer for Kids, 4PCS Magnifying Insect Box Bug Catcher Kit for Kids Bug Magnifier Container Critter Insect Bug Cage Bug Jar, Magnifier Backyard Explorer Insect Bug Viewer Collecting Kit
  1. Toys that start with I – Ice Cream Sundae Slime
    (Ages 6-14, DIY toys, STEAM skills)

Whip up fluffy, stretchy DIY slime creations with scented glue, charms, sprinkles, and accessories! Follow recipes to make ice cream, cake, and fruit flavored slime. Adding mix-ins boosts fine motor skills and creativity. Includes storage containers so girls can reuse their sparkly homemade slime.

Gift Butter Slime Kit for Girls 10-12, FunKidz Ice Cream Fluffy Slime Making Kit Ages 8-12 Kids Slime Toys Ideal Birthday Party Present
  1. Toys that start with I – Infant Doll
    (Ages 3+, pretend play, nurturing)

Sweet dreams! This 17-inch soft-bodied baby doll’s eyes are closed like she’s napping, with a peaceful expression, pudgy vinyl limbs, and hand-painted lifelike details. Kids gain nurturing skills caring for the lifelike doll, feeding her with the bottle, changing clothes, and cradling their “sleeping” baby.

Toys That Start with I - BABESIDE Lifelike Reborn Baby Dolls Black - 17-Inch Baby-Soft Body & Curls Realistic-Newborn Baby Dolls African American Real Life Baby Dolls Cloth Body w/Feeding Kit & Gift Box for Kids
  1. Toys that start with I – Iron-man Helmet with LED Eyes
    (Ages 8-14, dress-up toys, STEM play)

“Power up” roleplay adventures with this highly detailed wearable replica Iron Man helmet with light-up eyes! Made from durable materials with realistic movie design, it lets kids pretend to be the Marvel superhero. An exciting way to spark STEM interest and imaginative stories of danger, technology, and heroism!

Electronic Iron-man Helmet Mark 43 Helmet Wearable Iron-man Helmet with LED Eyes Iron-man Super Hero Movie 1:1 model Helmet Children's Size mask Wearable Replica
  1. Toys that start with I – Ice Skates for Kids
    (Ages 1-4, active toys, balance skills)

These beginner ice skates feature comfortable padded lining, quick-fit buckle closure and sharp stainless steel blades that really glide for active winter fun! The easy push-button adjustable sizing ensures a perfect fit. Great for supporting gross motor skills, coordination and confidence on the ice rink.

Lake Placid Monarch Adjustable Ice Skates for Beginners, Kids, Boys and Girls
  1. Toys that start with I – Iceman Action Figure
    (Ages 4+, superhero toys, collectors)

Recreate frosty X-Men adventures with this vibrantly detailed Iceman action figure! Fans can pose his icy arms and legs, imagining mutant powers and teamwork rescues. A premium articulated addition to any Marvel comic book character collection.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Scale Action Figure Toy Iceman, Premium Design, 1 Figure, 2 Accessories, and 2 Build-A-Figure Parts , Blue
  1. Toys that start with I – IQ Tester Game
    (Ages 8+, brain games, critical thinking)

This award-winning spatial reasoning puzzle has stumped millions! Players place puzzle pieces on the gameboard in just the right spots to complete image & pattern challenges. With over 300 brain-bending 2D and 3D puzzles, it builds critical thinking, planning, and problem-solving skills.

Educational Insights Kanoodle Extreme Puzzle Game, Brain Teaser Puzzle Challenge Game, Gift for Ages 8+
  1. Toys that start with I – Insects
    (Ages 3+, science toys, nature education)

This 73-piece box of tiny realistic looking plastic creepy crawly creatures includes bees, butterflies, spiders, ants, grasshoppers and more! Kids can explore the diverse insect world, learning identification skills with familiar backyard “bugs” they can hold. Sparks an interest in nature.

73 Pack Plastic Fake Mini Bugs Set
  1. Toys that start with I – Illuminated Building Blocks Classic Set
    (Ages 3+, STEM toys, construction play)

These light-up building bricks snap together to make colorful creations that glow with LED light! As structures take shape, kids explore architecture, electricity, and spatial skills hands-on. The easy-connect blocks introduce circuitry concepts through engaging illuminated construction play.

Toys That Start with I - Light STAX Junior Illuminated Building Blocks Classic Set - 24 Piece Set
  1. Toys that start with I – Inventive Toys
    (Ages 6-9, STEM toys, problem-solving)

Young designers construct robots, vehicles and more with this big 552-piece take-apart STEM toy kit! Includes nuts, bolts, tools, wheels and connector pieces for building imaginative moving models that teach planning, spatial reasoning, and early engineering concepts through hands-on tinkering play.

STEM Toys 552 Piece Creative Construction Engineering Learning Cars Set
  1. Toys that start with I – Iron Man Action Figure
    (Ages 5+, action figures, imagination play) 

This highly detailed 6-inch Iron Man action figure lets kids recreate scenes from Marvel’s action-packed Avengers movies and comics for imaginative adventures. The articulated Tony Stark toy comes with interchangeable hands and repulsor blasts so young superhero fans can pretend Iron Man is battling bad guys and saving the day! Build engaging stories and strengthen creative thinking as Iron Man tries to defeat villains like Thanos and Loki.

Marvel Hasbro Legends Series Iron Man Mark 46, Captain America: Civil War Collectible 6 Inch Action Figures, Legends Action Figures


With this innovative selection of 25 I-inspired toys from insects to Iron Man, your inquisitive kiddos are sure to have a blast developing new skills! These playtime ideas span a range of ages and interests for screen-free learning through hands-on play.

Browse these top toy recommendations starting with I. Share your child’s favorite letter I toys in the comments! When parents collaborate, we empower each other to unlock every child’s potential. Now let the incredible fun begin as your kids explore, experiment and imagine!

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