Toys That Start with O: 25 Original Ideas for Your Kids

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Toys That Start with O

Greetings parents! Im here to help you find some outrageously fun toys starting with the letter O for your little ones! As a father of three rambunctious rugrats myself, I know how hard it can be to find toys that get your kids excited to play and learn. But with so many O-some options out there, you can’t go wrong! In this list I’ll cover some of my favorite toys starting with O that are sure to bring a smile to your kiddos’ faces.

Whether you need letter learning toys for school, gift ideas that start with the first letter of their name, or just some new playthings to spark their imagination, I’ve got you covered! These O-mazing toys will have your kids O-ccupied for hours while also helping nurture their development in fun new ways. So let’s get started on our O-dyssey to find the best O toys on the market! (I promise, that’s the end of my O-wful use of the letter O.)

Here are some reasons you may be looking for toys that start with O:

  • Your child’s teacher gave an alphabet homework assignment.
  • You’re looking for birthday gifts starting with the first letter of their name.
  • You’re trying to find alphabet learning toys to practice letter recognition.
  • Your toddler has speech therapy focused on the O sound.
  • Their preschool teacher asked for show & tell items starting with O.
  • You want the perfect alphabet-themed gift.

25 Toys That Start with O

1. Toys That Start with O – Othello (board game)
(Ages 8-99, Board Games, Fun Thinking Game, Strategy Game, Flip Discs, Outsmart Opponent)

Othello is an engaging two player strategy board game that helps develop critical thinking skills. Players try to outmaneuver their opponent by trapping their colored discs between their own black and white discs to flip them over to their color. Othello teaches important skills like planning ahead, pattern recognition, and spatial analysis in a fun back-and-forth game. Kids and adults will enjoy the competitive gameplay and satisfaction of outwitting their friend. Othello has simple rules that are easy to learn but has deep layers of strategy to master over many games.

Othello Classic Game

2. Toys That Start with O – Operation (board game)
(Ages 6-12, Skill Games, Silly Medical Fun, Hand-Eye Coordination, Doctor Roleplay, Buzzing Sounds)

Operation is a hilarious doctor roleplaying game that helps kids develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Players use the tweezers to carefully remove the “patient’s” funny body parts without hitting the metal edges and activating the red nose buzzer. Silly body parts like a broken heart, spare ribs, and butterfly tummy make kids laugh while also learning human anatomy. Safely extracting all the parts without slipping takes good dexterity and steady hands. The fun medical theme and zany buzzer sounds provide lots of laughs and silliness. Operation is a wonderful game for parties, family game night, rainy days, or even developing fine motor skills.

Hasbro Gaming Classic Operation Game, Electronic Board Game with Cards, Indoor Game for Kids Ages 6 and Up

3. Toys That Start with OOrigami kits
(Ages 6+, Arts & Crafts, Folding Fun, Pattern Recognition, Focus, Patience, Paper Crafts)

Origami kits provide all the colored paper, instructions, and inspiration kids need to learn the creative art of Japanese paper folding. Following step-by-step directions, origami teaches planning, pattern recognition, focused concentration, attention to detail, and dexterity. Kids will love creating tons of neat paper crafts like animals, flowers, stars, cranes, and more to display around their room. Origami kits make great gifts, rainy day activities, or take-along projects for appointments or trips. The origami paper shapes can even inspire kids’ pretend play and storytelling. Through engaging hands-on origami projects, kids will build their spatial reasoning, math, and fine motor skills while producing beautiful works of art!

Origami Kit for Kids Ages 6-12 10 Year Olds, with Guiding Book

4. Toys That Start with OOgoSport Disc
(Ages 5+, Outdoor Toys, Catch Game, Hand-Eye Coordination, Active Play, Reaction Time)

OgoSport Discs provide incredibly fun interactive outdoor catch play. When you throw the soft circle disc, its unique design causes it to bend, flutter, and curve in cool ways around the other person’s arms, legs or waist so they can catch it. Kids have to react quickly and move their body strategically to grab the erratically bouncing disc. Chasing and trying to catch the flexible fast-moving disc helps build hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and reflexes. The disc makes interesting sounds and has bright colors that make play extra engaging. OgoSport Discs inspire great active outdoor play that will have kids running, jumping, and laughing together.

OGO Sport Disc Set XS

5. Toys That Start with OOctopus plush toy
(Ages 0-7, Plush Animals, Cuddly Friend, Imaginative Play, Sensory Toy, Soothing Companion)

Octopus plush toys are super cute and cuddly with their long wiggly legs and smiley faces. Babies and toddlers will love hugging and cuddling the soft tentacles and looking at the googly eyes. The legs are perfect for little hands to manipulate and strengthen fine motor skills. Octopus stuffed animals encourage imagination and development – kids can make up stories about ocean adventures with their new cuddly friend. The comforting plush material provides warmth and soothing textures for babies. Octopus plush toys make adorable first friends to play pretend with while also providing a calming sensory experience.

Octopus Plush Toy for Kids Boys Girls Double-Sided Reversible Octopus Plush

6. Toys That Start with OOctonauts playset
(Ages 3-8, Action Toys, Underwater Adventures, Imaginative Play, STEM Learning)

Octonauts playsets bring the popular educational ocean rescue TV show to life! Kids can act out missions and adventures with Captain Barnacles, Peso penguin, and the Octonaut crew figures. Playsets include the Octopod headquarters playset,launchable rescue vehicles, and sea creature figures for interactive underwater rescue missions. Octonauts toys build communication skills, teamwork, and teach real science facts about ocean animals while sparking tons of imaginative play. Kids will love recreating their favorite show and making up their own stories.

Octoray Transforming Playset - 7 Pieces - 18+ Lights and Sounds, Multicoloured

7. Toys That Start with OOwl stuffed animal
(Ages 0-5, Plush Toys, Wise Playtime Pal, Imaginative Playmate, Sensory Experience, Soothing Companion)

Owl stuffed animals are incredibly cute and soft plush playtime pals. Their huge eyes and fluffy wings are perfect for snuggling and bedtime cuddling. Babies will love cradling the owl plush toy and exploring the contrasting tactile textures. The wise owl expression encourages imaginary adventures, storytelling, and learning opportunities. Owls can introduce letters, counting, animal facts, and sounds in an engaging way. These ultra-soft owl stuffed animals provide comfort and security while stimulating creative thinking skills. They make perfect soothing companions for both playtime and bedtime.

Wild Republic 19462 Búho Peluches Hug'Ems, Snowy Owl

8. Toys That Start with OOcean puzzle
(Ages 4-10, Jigsaw Puzzles, Under the Sea Fun, Spatial Skills, Animal Recognition)

Ocean-themed puzzles are really fun interactive toys for little kids who love sea animals. As they put together the large sturdy pieces, kids will learn to recognize and name colorful fish, whales, turtles, octopus, and more. Puzzles help build spatial thinking, logic, pattern recognition, and hand-eye coordination. Parents can talk about ocean creatures, habitats, counting, and colors while doing the engaging puzzles with kids. The satisfying hands-on experience creates a great bonding opportunity while teaching important developmental skills.

Ocean Puzzle

9. Toys That Start with OO.M.G. Dolls
(Ages 5+, Fashion Dolls, Creative Stories, Imaginative Play, Self-Expression)

OMG dolls are trendy fashion dolls that inspire creative roleplay and self-expression. With detailed clothes and accessories, kids can design runway fashions, pretend photo shoots, and imaginative social media stories. These culturally relevant dolls encourage narrative play skills and build confidence. Their posable petite size is great for little hands too.

LOL Surprise OMG Sunshine Makeover Fashion Doll - BUBBLEGUM DJ - Includes UV Colour Change in the Sun, Multiple Surprises, and Fabulous Accessories - Great Gift for Kids Ages 4+

10. Toys That Start with OOctopus kite
(Ages 5-12, Kites, Magical Flier, Outdoor Fun, Motor Skills)

An octopus kite adds an extra level of fun, beauty, and excitement to kite flying. As the octopus kite soars, dives and flutters, its long legs dance gracefully in the wind. Trying to maneuver and coordinate all the tangly tentacles using the kite strings helps build hand-eye coordination and dexterity. The flexible, flowing legs make octopus kites mesmerizing to watch in the sky. Kite flying teaches kids about aerodynamics while providing wholesome outdoor entertainment. An octopus kite is sure to be a favorite flyer!

Octopus Flyer Kite with Long Colorful Tail for Kids

11. Toys That Start with OOoze labs
(Ages 5-10, Science Toys, Hands-on Experiments, Sensory Play, STEM Learning)

Ooze labs provide the ultimate sensory learning experience for kids who love science and making messes! They’ll have a blast mixing up fluffy slime, stretchy jelly, moldable putty, and all kinds of cool creations. Following the fun science experiments teaches kids chemistry concepts like reactions, polymers, and states of matter through completely hands-on play. Kids can squeeze, pound, shape, and mold their own crazy ooey gooey concoctions while developing science skills. Ooze labs offer awesome open-ended STEM learning through creative, screen-free play.

Thames & Kosmos - Ooze Labs Chemistry Station - Educational Science Kit - 20 Experiments - Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths - Fun for Kids, Ages 8+

12. Toys That Start with OOctopus bath toy
(Ages 0-5, Bath Toys, Squirty Fun, Sensory Play, Imagination)

Octopus bath toys come to life in the tub with squirting, spraying tentacles and suction cup legs. Their bright colors, faces, and wiggly flexible legs engage babies in active sensory play. Little kids will love making up adventures about exploring the deep sea while interacting with the floating octopus pals. The suction cup legs stick to the tub walls and floor for fun bathtub discoveries. Octopus bath toys provide interactive learning through imaginative play and stimulating textures.

Nuby Octopus Floating Bath

13. Toys That Start with OOsmo – Genius Starter Kit
(Ages 6-10, Educational Toys, Hands-On Learning, STEM Skills, Problem-Solving)

Osmo Genius Kits engage kids in active STEM learning by combining hands-on manipulatives with fun educational iPad gameplay. Physical puzzles, word games, and logic activities make mastering math, spelling, and problem-solving super entertaining. Osmo’s unique system fosters learning through interactive tactile play, developing future-ready skills like creativity, critical thinking, and communication. Kids will love solving challenges and seeing their actions digitally reflected on screen.

Osmo - Genius Starter Kit for iPad - 5 Educational Learning Games - Ages 6-10 - Math, Spelling, Creativity & More - STEM Toy (Osmo iPad Base Included)

14. Toys That Start with OOcean-themed Lego sets
(Ages 5-12, Building Toys, Underwater Adventures, STEM Learning, Creativity)

Ocean-themed Lego sets allow young builders to construct detailed underwater scenes like ships, submarines, sea bases, and more. Following step-by-step build instructions or designing their own models lets kids’ creativity flow while developing spatial reasoning and engineering skills. Piecing together sharks, scuba divers, pirates, and other cool figures provides an engaging building challenge. Lego sets are always fun and educational STEM toys.

LEGO 60377 City Explorer Diving Boat Toy with Mini-Submarine, Shark, Crab, Turtle Manta Ray and Sea Animal Figures, Underwater Ocean Diving Set, for Kids Aged 5+

15. Toys That Start with OOld Maid Card Game
(Ages 5-10, Card Games, Silly Matching, Visual Perception, Memory)

Old Maid is a classic kids’ card game all about silly matching fun. Players try to quickly get rid of their cards by creating pairs and avoiding the odd Old Maid card. It’s fast paced, portable entertainment that helps build visual scanning, memory, strategy, and logical thinking skills. Old Maid is great for quick on-the-go fun or family game nights.

A - Z Pack 4 Classic Chldrens Card Games Kids Travel Fun Old Maid Animal Snap Go Fish

16. Toys That Start with OOtter stuffed animal
(Ages 0-5, Plush Toys, Cute Snuggly Pal, Sensory Stimulation, Emotion Skills)

Otter stuffed animals are super cute and cuddly plush companions with their fuzzy fur, round shape, and sweet smiley faces. Their endearing appearance and ultra-soft texture provide comfort, security, and sensory stimulation for little kids. Otter plush toys encourage nurturing play, empathy, and caretaking skills. They make adorable snuggly friends to play pretend with while building social-emotional development.

Wild Republic River Otter Plush Soft Toy, Cuddlekins Cuddly Toys, Gifts for Kids 30 cm

17. Toys That Start with OOrchard Toys

(Ages 3-8, Educational Toys, Imaginative Play)

Orchard Toys offers a wonderful range of fun learning games and activities for younger kids. Orchard Toys makes engaging educational toys that build early STEM skills like colors, counting, alphabet recognition, and more through hands-on play. Their high quality wooden puzzles, matching games, and other toys encourage imagination and development. Orchard Toys are designed for success, giving preschoolers a sense of achievement as they learn fundamental concepts. These creative toys provide screen-free learning and entertainment perfect for young children.

Orchard Toys Shopping List Game, Educational Matching & Memory Game, Educational Game for Kids, Children age 3-7, Educational Toy

18. Toys That Start with OOtamatone (musical toy)
(Ages 5-10, Interactive Toys, Musical Creativity, Sound Exploration, Dexterity)

The Otamatone is a uniquely entertaining musical toy that lets kids create their own fun tones and tunes. By squeezing and manipulating the soft rubbery stems and moving the mouth, kids can build listening skills, rhythm, and hand-eye coordination in a playful hands-on way. The whimsical Otamatone design encourages creative musical experimentation for kids of all abilities.

Toys that start with O - Otamatone

19. Toys That Start with O – Orangutan Plush Toy
(Ages 0-5, Plush Animals, Cuddly Companion)

Orangutan plush toys are super cute and cuddly with their long arms, soft reddish fur, and friendly faces. Babies will love snuggling and clutching their orangutan pal. Its sweet expression encourages nurturing play and caring skills. Orangutan stuffed animals provide comfort while also introducing animal recognition and early science concepts. Kids can invent jungle stories and adventures with this cuddly primate friend. With ultrasoft fur and floppy limbs, orangutan plush toys make the perfect huggable companion for babies and toddlers.

Wild Republic Male Orangutan Plush Soft Toy, Cuddlekins Cuddly Toys, Gifts for Kids 30 cm,Brown

20. Toys That Start with OOcarina (musical toy)
(Ages 5-12, Musical Instruments, Soothing Tones, Breath Control, Auditory Skills)

The ocarina is an ancient ceramic wind instrument that lets kids make sweet, calming musical tones by controlling their breath. Shaped like an egg with holes, ocarinas teach focus, breath skills, and pitch matching. The hands-on design gives kids an easy introduction to playing music themselves. Ocarinas are soothing toys that add magic and harmony to playtime.

Toys that start with O - Ocarina

21. Toys That Start with OOsmo – Pizza Co. Game
(Ages 5-10, Educational Toys, Creative Fun, Roleplay, Problem-Solving)

Osmo’s Pizza Co. Game engages kids in hands-on pretend pizza play that builds math, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Kids stretch digital dough, add virtual cheese, pepperoni, veggies and more in real life while playing fun games on the iPad app. Osmo blends physical and app play to make learning feel like a party!

Osmo - Pizza Co. Starter Kit for iPad - Ages 5-12 - Communication Skills & Math - (Osmo iPad Base Included)

22. Toys That Start with O – Olaf (Toy)
(Ages 3+, Movie Toys, Frozen Fun, Imaginative Play, Emotion Skills)

Based on the popular Frozen films, Olaf toys capture the silly snowman’s endearing funloving personality. Olaf action figures, plush dolls, playsets and more inspire goofy adventures, songs, and imaginative stories. Kids love acting out scenes with the warm hug-loving Olaf. Pressing his belly makes some versions talk and sing too! Olaf toys build emotional skills, creativity, and provide comfort.

Olaf Snowman Frozen 2

23. Toys That Start with O – Obstacle Course
(Ages 3-12, Active Toys, Movement Skills, Balance, Coordination)

Obstacle courses designed for toddlers help build balance, strength and body control in a fun hands-on way. Little ones develop confidence and gross motor skills by climbing over soft blocks, crawling through tunnels, walking balance beams, and more. Adjustable courses allow parents to create the perfect challenges for their child’s age and skill level. Obstacle play builds physical abilities while making fitness fun!

Trailblaze Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids

24. Toys That Start with O – Oddbods (plush toys)
(Ages 3+, Plush Toys, Imaginative Friends, Social-Emotional Skills)

Oddbods are a collection of hilarious plush characters, each with different quirky personalities, clothes, and expressions. Kids will love building up their own community of the silly bubble-headed Oddbods to act out stories and games that build creativity, emotion skills, cooperation, and social play. Their big personalities and variety inspire all kinds of imaginary adventures!

Oddbods Red, White, and Grey House Playset for Kids - Features Indoor and Outdoor Spaces with Furniture and 7 Detailed Oddbods Figurines, Ages 3+

25. Toys That Start with O – Off Road RC Car
(Ages 8-15, Remote Control Vehicles, Outdoor Adventures, Hand-Eye Coordination)

Off road RC cars provide thrilling driving action through dirt, grass, trails and over obstacles. Their rugged treaded tires and suspension let kids maneuver over bumps, rocks, and objects outside. Controlling the high-speed remote control trucks builds fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Kids love racing and play-crashing these powerful rugged vehicles.

Remote Control Cars


Well I hope this list of toys starting with O has given you plenty of options to consider! With so many engaging and educational playthings from Otrio to Ozobots, your kids are sure to have a ball. Watch as their skills in literacy, STEM, and more take off to new heights! Try out some of these amazing toys and let me know which ones become your family’s faves! I hope your kiddos have a totally outrageous time playing and learning. Until next time parents – bye!

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