Toys That Start with Q: 23 Ideas for Your Kids

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Toys That Start with Q

Hey parents! As a proud dad of 3 awesome little kids and 1 adult, I’m always on the lookout for fun new toys to keep my kids entertained and have been for quite some time. But when it comes to toys that begin with the letter Q, I found this list to be QUITE difficult! There are a few reasons we parents may want toys featuring a certain letter…

  • Your child’s teacher assigned alphabet homework – got to get those ABCs down!
  • You want presents that start with the first letter of their cool name
  • You’re trying to find alphabet learning toys for letter recognition practice – educational and fun!
  • Your toddler has speech therapy for the Q sound – helping little ones communicate is important!
  • Their preschool teacher asked for show & tell items starting with Q – a neat assignment!
  • You want a fun alphabet-themed gift – spreading the joy of reading is great!

There are lots of neat toys starting with Q to spark your kids’ imagination. From queen dolls to quacking rubber ducks, the options are as endless as the side quests in Skyrim. Whether you need alphabet toys for school, gifts, or just for fun, I can help you find quality ones your kids will enjoy. So don’t fret about picking the perfect Q toys – I’ll help suggest some really cool ones. No matter why you need Q toys, I’ve got you covered!

23 Toys That Start with Q

  1. Toys That Start With Q – Qwirkle
    (Ages 6+, Tile Game, Strategic Thinking)

Qwirkle is a fun and engaging tile game for 2-4 players ages 6 and up. The game includes 108 wooden blocks with different shapes (circles, squares, triangles, etc.) and colors. Players take turns placing tiles onto the table, trying to create rows and columns of matching colors or shapes. The goal is to score the most points by creating the longest lines of matching tiles. Qwirkle helps develop logic, spatial reasoning, and pattern recognition skills. With simple rules but complex scoring, it offers strategic thinking in a fast-paced and interactive format. The portable wooden case makes Qwirkle easy to take on-the-go.

Toys That Start With Q - Qwirkle Board Game
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Quadcopter
    (Ages 14+, Tech Toy, Coding & Engineering)

Quadcopters, also known as drones, have soared in popularity as a high-tech toy and learning tool. These four-propeller flying contraptions can be piloted via remote control or programmed for automated flight. Affordable hobbyist quadcopters have built-in gyroscopes and accelerometers to stabilize flight. They allow kids to learn aerodynamics and test their skills in navigating tight spaces. More advanced quadcopters teach coding and engineering skills. By connecting to a computer, kids can program customized flight paths and add modules like cameras. Safety features like propeller guards are recommended for first-time pilots. Supervised use allows kids to experience the thrill of flight via quadcopter.

Toys That Start With Q - Quadcopter
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Quick Cups
    (Ages 4+, Dexterity Game, Hand-Eye Coordination)

Quick Cups is a fast-paced game that challenges hand-eye coordination. Players race to stack colored cups in particular sequences. The game starts with cups placed rims-down on the table. Using just one hand, players grab the cups and flip them rims-up, working to build stacks following pattern cards. Speed and concentration are required to win! Quick Cups builds dexterity, sequencing skills, reaction time and color recognition. Portable and easy to learn, it’s great for travel and rainy days. The competitive, timed format creates excitement and encourages repetition to improve scores. Quick Cups provides kid-paced fun that exercises motor skills.

Quick Cups Game
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Quick Push Game
    (Pop Fidget Game) (Ages 5+, Fidget Toy, Stress Relief)

Quick Push satisfies fidgety fingers with its satisfying, tactile buttons. The pocket-sized toy has a grid of bubble poppers for endless clicking and pushing. Made from flexible silicone, the bubbles have a nice resistance and “pop” when pressed down. Kids can fiddle mindlessly or develop finger speed and dexterity trying to pop the bubbles quickly in sequence. Quick Push relieves stress and restless energy, making it ideal for kids with ADHD or sensory issues. Small and portable, it can be exercised discreetly in classrooms or on-the-go. The satisfyingly tactile buttons offer a fun outlet for fidgeters and antsy hands.

Quick Push Game, Bubble Stress Pop Light Up Game
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Quiet Book
    (Ages 2+, Interactive Book, Early Learning)

Quiet books engage young kids with various textures, flaps, pockets and more – no batteries required! These cloth activity books have pages full of zippers, buttons, buckles and other elements for little hands to explore. As kids interact with the items on each page, they build fine motor control and hand-eye coordination. Quiet books also help reinforce basic concepts like numbers, letters, colors and opposites. Choosing themes like transportation, animals or the alphabet adds learning opportunities. Quiet books encourage independent play and imagination without the noise of electronic toys. They are ideal for keeping toddlers entertained at home, while traveling or during quiet time.

Toys That Start With Q - Quiet Book Montessori Toys for 1+ Year Old
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Quiddler
    (Ages 8+, Card Game, Vocabulary Building)

Quiddler is an educational card game that builds vocabulary skills. Players try to make words using an ever-growing hand of letter cards. Each round, players draw one new card and try to form a word using those letters plus their existing hand. Longer words earn more points. As hands grow, spelling and stringing letters together gets harder – great for improving anagram skills. Short, easy games make Quiddler a fun learning experience. Kids will be spelling their way to vocabulary mastery in no time!

Quiddler Card Game
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Quad for Kids
    (Ages 16+, Outdoor Toy, Off-Road Adventures)

Quad bikes provide an adventurous outdoor experience for teens and older kids. Quads, also called ATVs, are 4-wheeled motorized bikes operated with handlebars for steering. Kids can explore trails, mud pits and open terrain that regular bikes can’t handle. Safety features like acceleration limiters make quads suitable for beginners. Learning proper riding techniques and wearing protective gear are musts for safe use. Supervised Quad riding builds confidence while providing an exciting, rugged experience. It allows mature teens to enjoy the thrill of off-roading at kid-friendly speeds. Quads nurture mechanical skills and a passion for the outdoors.

ATV 4 Wheeler Quad 110cc ATV
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Quelf
    (Ages 13+, Party Game, Unpredictable Fun)

Quelf is a wacky party game that guarantees ridiculous fun and unpredictable moments. Players move around a gameboard taking instructions from color-coded cards in 5 categories: Quizzical, Loud, Movement, Performance Art and Finish Options. Players might find themselves acting out silly charades, improvising embarrassing songs or having outbursts like “I’m a monkey, ask me how I feel!” The outrageous prompts and activities – played at a frenzied pace – lead to huge laughs. Since anything could happen next, Quelf creates excitement and surprises that appeal to teens’ and tweens’ love for the random and zany. It’s a sleepover classic!

Toys That Start With Q - Quelf Game
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Quantum Mechanix Figures
    (Ages 10+, Figurines, Imaginative Play)

For pop culture fans, Quantum Mechanix’s high quality figures inspire creative, imaginative play. Each highly detailed vinyl model captures exact likenesses from beloved movies, TV shows, games, and comics. Kids re-enact scenes and craft stories with their favorite characters. Or they can mix universes – pitting Game of Thrones heroes against Marvel villains! The premium materials and artistic craftsmanship elevate Q-Figs above typical toys. Collecting brings joy as kids curate the ultimate sci-fi, fantasy, or superhero series. Q-Figs open

Quantum Mechanix - Darkwing Duck Q-Fig
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Queen Elsa Doll
    (Ages 3+, Character Toy, Imaginative Play)

This beautiful Queen Elsa doll lets kids re-enact adventures from Disney’s Frozen. Fans of the Snow Queen will recognize her signature icy blue gown with glitter accents. Intricate detailing evokes the movie character with realism. Her long blond braid and snowflake accessory complete her royal look. Kids act out scenes, move her into inspiring poses, and invent new stories. High quality and attention to detail make this Queen Elsa doll a treasured addition to any Frozen fan’s collection!

Queen Elsa Fashion Doll
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Quixo
    (Ages 8+, Abstract Strategy Game, Spatial Reasoning)

Quixo is an abstract strategy game that challenges spatial reasoning skills. Players take turns sliding the plastic game pieces around the 5×5 grid board. By shifting rows and columns, they try to line up 5 blocks of their color in a row. But every move affects the grid layout! Players need foresight to create opportunities while blocking their opponent. Quixo builds visualization, pattern recognition and tactical maneuvering. With simple rules but deep thinking required, it delivers brain-building fun in a portable package. The molded grid holds all the pieces so Quixo can be played anywhere.

Quixo | Abstract Strategy Game for Families and Adults |
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Q-Bitz
    (Ages 8+, Modular Blocks, Spatial Intelligence)

Q-BA-Maze Q-Bitz are ingenious modular blocks that snap together in endless combinations. Each colorful block has holes on some sides and pegs on others, allowing any arrangement. Kids build walls, structures and 3D mazes, then guide marble runs through them using gravity and dexterity. Q-Bitz enhance spatial intelligence, problem-solving skills and imagination. The pieces store in a compact case with ideas to inspire open-ended play. Use Q-Bitz to model real-world objects, invent games or build challenges to share with friends. With so many ways to connect, Q-Bitz offer creative STEM fun.

Mindware Q-Bitz Pattern Matching Fun Board Games for Family Game Night | Ages 8 and up 2-4 Players
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Quadrillion
    (Ages 7+, Math Game, Place Value Understanding)

Quadrillion is a magnetic puzzle that develops critical thinking skills. The multi-level plastic grid can be arranged into 100+ challenges. Players strategically place the magnetic colored balls to fulfill the specific objectives. Tasks involve spatial reasoning, pattern completion, sequence deduction and more. With no loose pieces, Quadrillion is ideal for travel. Kids sharpen their planning, logic and problem solving abilities through engaging screen-free play. Multiple solutions allow for creative thinking. Quadrillion provides next-level magnetic puzzle play.

Quadrillion Multi-Grid Magnetic Puzzle Game with Millions of Challenges
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Quill Pen
    (Ages 6+, Writing Set, Imaginative Play)

A classic quill pen set encourages imaginative writing and role play for kids. The set includes a large feather quill pen along with an ink well bottle filled with colored soap “ink.” Kids can dip and write using the novel writing instrument, experiencing what life was like before ballpoint pens! Quill pens provide a fun way to explore early writing methods while inspiring creative writing projects. Children can play schoolhouse, compose medieval stories, write secret codes and more. A blotting sheet helps keep their scribbling neat and mess-free. Quill pen sets make screen-free writing with unique tools enjoyable.

Quill pen or feather pen
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Queen’s Crown
    (Ages 3+, Dress-Up Accessory, Roleplay)

A glittery queen’s crown brings majestic role play fun. Little princesses and kings delight in regal accessories as they act out fantasy adventures. The lightweight crown is accented with faux gems and gold detailing. Dress up play encourages imaginative storytelling as kids take on noble roles. They gain confidence acting out Queen Elsa, royal weddings, ruling kingdoms and more. Every child feels special wearing the finery of royalty with this princess crown set!

Queen's crown
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Quail Plushie
    (Ages 0+, Plush Toy, Cuddly Companion)

This sweet plush quail makes a darling cuddly companion for little ones. The soft toy has a round, plump body and an adorable facial expression. A topping of fluffy feathers on its head adds realistic detail. Quail plushies are sized for hugs and perfect for soothing babies and toddlers. Their lightweight design is ideal for little hands to carry. Quail stuffies stimulate the senses with varied textures to explore. Supervised play encourages motor skills and sensory development. Kids and parents will love cuddling this cute and cuddly quail!

Quail Stuffed Animal Plush Toy
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Quacking Toy
    (Ages 1+, Push/Pull Toy, Early Walking Aid)

Toddling tots will delight in the quack-quack fun of this waddling pull toy. Shaped like a friendly duck, the rubbery plastic toy quacks each time it’s tugged along. Textured orange feet add traction so the duck waddles and wobbles just like the real thing! The easy-grip beak and string harness makes it simple for unsteady hands to pull. The quacking duck encourages babies to practice walking and build confidence on their feet. Parents can assist and interact during play. The quack motivates movement and giggles galore! It’s an adorable first pull toy.

Baby to Toddler Push Toy with Quacking Sounds and Waddling Action
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Quarter Horse
    (Ages 4+, Plush Toy, Horse Lovers)

For horse-loving kids, this quarter horse breed toy brings realistic play. The beautifully detailed horse mimics the compact muscled bodies of quarter horses. A soft faux mane and tail can be brushed and styled. Durable construction holds up to imaginary rides and races. Little cowgirls and boys gain knowledge about equine care as they play vet, train their pony, and more. Quarter horses inspire interactive play. Paired with breyer model horses, kids can grow an extensive stable!

Quarter Horse with Moveable Head, Realistic Sound and 14 Grooming Accessories
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Quarto
    (Ages 6+, Strategy Game, Abstract Reasoning)

Quarto is an abstract strategy board game of logic and observation. The objective is to line up 4 game pieces that share a common trait – either all tall/short, square/circular, light/dark, or solid/hollow. Players take turns choosing a piece to give to their opponent, forcing them to place it. Careful observation is key to spotting hidden alignments before your opponent. Quarto develops flexible thinking, pattern recognition, and awareness of visual attributes. With no language required, kids of all abilities can enjoy the game. The dual-layered wooden case provides quality storage for replayable, screen-free stimulation.

Quarto | Strategy Game for Adults and Families
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Quartz and Minerals
    (Ages 6+, Educational Toy, Earth Science)

For budding geologists, an assortment of real quartz and mineral specimens offers hands-on earth science learning. Kids get an array of pretty crystals and rocks to examine firsthand – rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, and more. A guide helps identify each mineral and explains how it formed. Magnifying glasses reveal dazzling crystal structures. Young rock hounds learn to distinguish types while appreciating natural diversity and beauty. Specimens can be arranged in a display box. With so many unique treasures, Quartz and Mineral collections inspire a lifelong appreciation of geology.

Quartz and other minerals
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Quadrilla Marble Run
    (Ages 4+, Marble Run, Spatial Skills)

Quadrilla combines the thrill of marble runs with the creativity of an open-ended building system. The colorful wooden pieces easily snap together in unlimited arrangements. Kids construct ramps, pivots, and obstacles to send the steel marbles racing in loops. Quadrilla enhances spatial visualization, planning skills, and physics concepts. Inspiration guides spark imaginative play scenarios from volcanoes to amusement parks. Add-on sets allow bigger and more complex structures. With its versatility and quality, Quadrilla engages budding engineers in hands-on learning play.

Quadrilla Race to the Finish Marble Run Blocks
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Quoridor
    (Ages 8+, Strategy Game, Spatial Reasoning)

In Quoridor, players navigate a maze-like path to reach their opponent’s side of the game board first. On each turn, you either move your pawn, or add a barrier to block your opponent’s progress. Tactical placement of fences is key to maze domination! Kids learn foresight and lateral thinking to cut off paths and divert their opponent. Quoridor develops spatial awareness, visualization of potential outcomes, and logical planning. With simple equipment, it delivers replayable strategic competition. The game’s portable board and blocking walls make Quoridor easy to toss in a bag and play anywhere.

Quoridor | Abstract Strategy Game for Adults and Familes
  1. Toys That Start With Q – Qwixx
    (Ages 8+, Dice Game, Mental Math)

Qwixx is a fast-paced dice game that challenges mental math skills. To play, players mark their score sheets as dice are rolled. They try to mark the lowest unused numbers in each color row, earning points the longer the series grows. Some rolls allow you to cross off multiple rows at once – if you can calculate it fast enough! With competitive score-keeping and a time limit, Qwixx gets brains buzzing. Kids practice mental arithmetic like addition and subtraction in a pressure-filled game format. Qwixx provides engaging math practice kids won’t even realize they’re learning!

Gamewright Qwixx - A Fast Family Dice Game Multi-colored


Well parents, with this list of rad Q toys, your kids will have a blast! These toy ideas inspire learning and creativity for all ages. With options from queen dolls to assorted board games, there’s an awesome Q toy for every child. Browse these fun suggestions – your kiddos will have a great time developing skills. And please share their favorite letter Q toys in the comments! Sharing the ABC toys your kids love helps other parents keep the fun going. Happy questing!

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