Toys That Start with S: 25 Stupendous Ideas

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Toys That Start with S

Hey all you parents of young Peter Parker and Mary Jane proteges! As a parent of 3 kids and an adult, I’ve been searching for standout new toys that start with S to ignite my children’s curiosity and imagination for a long time. With so many spectacular toys beginning with S, it can be tough to pick the best ones suited for your little one’s interests and developmental stage. Whether you need alphabet toys for school, name letter gifts, or just screen-free entertainment, toys starting with S provide endless fun.

There are many reasons you may want S toys:

  • Your child’s teacher assigned letter S for show & tell or classwork
  • You want name-letter gifts for birthdays and holidays
  • Your toddler does speech therapy for the S sound
  • Their preschool uses letter-based learning centers
  • You want alphabet games to practice letter recognition
  • You want open-ended toys sparking imagination

With so many sensational S toy options, choosing the perfect ones for your kids can feel overwhelming! From superheroes and skateboards to sticker books and snow globes, I’ve picked 25 marvelous S-themed toys your children will swoon for while developing new skills!

25 Toys That Start with S

  1. Slinky
    (Ages 3+, Classic Toy, Endless Fun)

The Slinky is a classic toy that has brought smiles to children’s faces for over 70 years. This simple coiled spring captivates young minds and unleashes endless possibilities for fun and creativity. With a Slinky, kids can walk the dog, make slinky jump down the stairs, or create mesmerizing wave motions by stretching it back and forth. The slinky creates a magical movement that fascinates both kids and adults. It helps develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills. The metal Slinky is durable enough to withstand tons of handling. With its affordable price, nostalgic charm, and ability to provide hours of amusement, it’s no wonder the Slinky remains one of the most iconic toys that start with S.

The Original Slinky Walking Spring Toy
  1. Stuffed Animals
    (Ages 0+, Soft Toys, Comforting Companions)

Stuffed animals are classic soft toys that have been cherished by children for generations. These cuddly companions provide comfort, security, and undeniable cuteness. With hundreds of animals to choose from, kids can find the perfect snuggly sidekick, from cuddly bears and cats to exotic jungle creatures. Stuffed animals stir imagination and storytelling. A child’s room isn’t complete without a favorite fluffy friend sitting on the bed. Stuffed animals are wonderful toys that start with S to help soothe babies and are ideal first toys. Their soft, huggable nature also makes them perfect for travel, bedtime, or anytime a child needs a comforting companion.

Giraffe Plush, Stuffed Animal
  1. Star Wars Action Figures
    (Ages 4+, Sci-Fi Toys, Imagine Epic Battles)

Kids and collectors alike love Star Wars action figures. These toys allow fans to recreate exciting adventures from the films with an array of characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Yoda. Many feature cool accessories and intricate details true to the saga. Kids can stage epic lightsaber duels, fly through space battles, and imagine their own Star Wars stories. With new figures released alongside each movie, there’s always something new to collect. Star Wars action figures inspire creativity and tap into every child’s sense of wonder. For fans longing to travel to a galaxy far, far away, these timeless toys that start with S deliver endless enjoyment.

STAR WARS Toys Mission Fleet 2.5-Inch-Scale Action Figure 10-Pack
  1. Super Soaker
    (Ages 6+, Outdoor Toy, Cool Summer Fun)

The Super Soaker is the ultimate high-powered water blaster. This iconic toy unleashes soak-tastic fun for warm weather water battles. With a pump action and robust reservoirs, kids can drench friends, family, and unsuspecting targets. The streamlined design includes a comfortable handle and nozzle options for precision shooting or widespread soaking. Super Soakers are made from durable materials that can withstand summer after summer of outdoor action. They provide hours of cool, clean summertime amusement. Parents appreciate the active nature of these engaging toys that start with S. Nothing beats the excitement of arming up for a Super Soaker clash on a hot day.

  1. Spirograph
    (Ages 8+, Creative Toy, Draw Geometric Designs)

Spirograph provides hours of artsy entertainment. Kids use pens to draw intricate, geometric patterns and mandala-like designs. This classic STEM toy combines art and math concepts. To create each colorful, spiral drawing, children insert pattern wheels, rings, and other reusable plastic pieces onto a stencil. As they turn the various interlocking components, mesmerizing curved line shapes emerge. Spirograph enhances fine motor skills and spatial reasoning. Following the guided paths teaches hand-eye coordination. And the endlessly unique creations boost self-expression. For young artists and designers, Spirograph is an inspiring toy that starts with S that sparks creativity through technical, hands-on fun.

Spirograph Jr.
  1. Strawberry Shortcake Dolls
    (Ages 3+, Plush Dolls, Sweet Scented Characters)

Strawberry Shortcake dolls delight children with their yummy scents and sugary charm. These sweet plush dolls are known for their berry-inspired names, vibrant clothes, and fruity fragrances. Characters like Strawberry Shortcake, Orange Blossom, and Lemon Meringue allow kids to imagine bright adventures. Various dolls, toys, and accessories enable storytelling and collection. Snuggling these soft, scented dolls provides comfort at bedtime. And their wholesome nature makes Strawberry Shortcake engaging toys that start with S and ideal companions for young girls. With new generations still discovering Strawberry Shortcake, these adorable dolls continue spreading sugary fun.

Toys that start with S - Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best Friend
  1. Scrabble Junior
    (Ages 5+, Word Game, Early Reading Skills)

Scrabble Junior brings the popular word game to early readers. This beginner version teaches pre-literacy skills like letter recognition, phonics, and basic spelling. The smaller gridded gameboard and brightly colored tiles appeal to young kids. Game variations allow for matching letters or simple words. As reading improves, they can build more advanced terms. Scrabble Junior is perfect for playdates and rainy days. Kids have fun creating new words and learning along the way. And it introduces them to the classic Scrabble game. For an entertaining educational toy that starts with S and grows with your child, Scrabble Junior develops essential skills in a friendly format.

Scrabble Junior Game
  1. Superhero Action Figures
    (Ages 3+, Pretend Play, Save the Day)

Superhero action figures allow kids to imagine epic adventures where they save the day. Popular heroes like Batman, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman inspire pretend play. Sturdy designs withstand hours of battling evil villains and rescuing those in need. Many feature articulated joints for dynamic poses. Detailed costumes, masks, and accessories capture the essence of each legendary character. Superhero toys provide a fun outlet for developing minds. Kids learn heroic attributes like bravery, strength, and justice through imaginative play. These timeless toys that start with S encourage creativity, storytelling, and boundless adventures where good always triumphs over evil.

Marvel Avengers Action Figures - Iron Man, Hulk, Black Panther, Captain America, Spider Man, Ant Man, War Machine & Falcon!
  1. Skateboard
    (Ages 5+, Outdoor Toy, Learn an Extreme Sport)

Skateboarding brings excitement and cool street cred to the playground. Kids as young as 5 can learn the basics of this extreme sport with a beginner skateboard. Smaller sizes with soft wheels provide stability and safety for new riders. As skills improve, they can upgrade to standard skateboards built to perform tricks. Safety equipment keeps kids protected as they learn to ride. Skateboarding builds balance, coordination, and perseverance. It also provides an outlet for youthful energy and adventurous spirits. Skateboards inspire kids to get outside and stay active in a rad way. For those drawn to this fast-paced lifestyle, skateboards are thrilling toys that start with S.

Sonic The Hedgehog Character Skateboards - Cruiser Skateboard with ABEC 5 Bearings, Durable Deck, Smooth Wheels
  1. Snow Globes
    (Ages 3+, Decorative Toy, Shake Up Wintry Scenes)

Snow globes enchant children with their dreamy winter worlds encased in glass. These liquid-filled orbs feature intricately detailed scenes, like Santa’s workshop, nutcrackers, or a bustling village. Turning them upside down sets off a flurry of magical “snowfall” that cascades over the landscape inside. Watching the flecks settle back down is soothing and hypnotic. Snow globes make charming decorations that inspire imagination and holiday nostalgia. Kids of all ages delight in giving them a shake to stir up some wintry playtime. For a small trinket that delivers big magic, snow globes are classic toys that start with S.

Toys that start with S - Snow Globe with Music for Kids
  1. Science Kits
    (Ages 5+, STEM Toys, Hands-On Learning)

Science kits unlock a world of STEM learning through creative experiments. With volcanoes, rockets, robots, and more, kids explore chemistry, physics, technology, and nature. Interactive tools like microscopes, magnets, and flasks make it feel like real lab work. Step-by-step instructions guide young scientists through predictions, hypotheses, observations, and conclusions. Science kits develop critical thinking skills and get kids excited about STEM fields. Parents love having educational toys that start with S that make science fun and hands-on. Watching young innovators light up while nurturing their curiosity gives these toys lasting value.

Toys that start with S - Science Kits for Kids
  1. Slime Kits
    (Ages 5+, DIY Crafts, Make Squishy Concoctions)

Slime kits provide ooey-gooey fun with the magic of making DIY squishy concoctions. Kids experiment with mixing custom slime recipes in weird and wacky textures. Ingredients like glue, borax, glitter, and food coloring let imaginations run wild. Slime kits enhance STEM skills like following step-by-step directions. The delightful, hands-on process builds fine motor control. And kids feel proud of the stretchy, squeezable slime they created. Popular varieties include fluffy slime, floam clay, and unicorn slime. With mess contained, parents can feel at ease with these entertaining toys that start with S. Slime kits offer hours of goopy experiments and textures to explore.

Slime Making Kit for Girls Boys
  1. Snow Sled
    (Ages 3+, Winter Toy, Zip Through Snow)

A snow sled turns winter days into high-speed adventures. Kids can zip down snowy hills and feel the frosty air on their face. Classic wooden sleds provide old-fashioned fun. More modern varieties feature foam construction, cool graphics, and steering. Safely sliding downhill on a sled builds coordination and balance. Tall sides help keep riders contained while picking up speed. Using a snow sled encourages kids to be active outdoors during chilly months. After trudging back up the slope, they’ll be eager for another adrenaline-pumping run. For winter magic and frosty thrills, a snow sled is an essential outdoor toy that starts with S.

Snow Sled 2-Pack
  1. Scooter
    (Ages 5+, Riding Toy, Zoom Around the Neighborhood)

Scooters provide a fun and fast way for kids to explore the neighborhood. From retro metal versions to modern pro stunt scooters, they build coordination skills as kids learn to balance, steer, and propel themselves forward. Low-to-the-ground designs and rear brakes add stability and control for beginners. Scooters help develop leg muscles and cardio fitness. Kids will request sidewalk adventures to show off new tricks and skills. Coasting provides a smooth, enjoyable riding experience. For outdoor play that builds confidence and abilities, scooters are timeless riding toys that start with S.

Toys that start with S - Scooter for Ages 6+
  1. Shopkins
    (Ages 4+, Collectible Toys, Play Store Adventures)

Shopkins are ultra-cute, collectible characters shaped like grocery store items. With themes like Shopping Mall, Wild Style, Chef Club and more, there are thousands to find. Kids love hunting for limited editions and rare finds to grow their Shopkins world. These pint-sized toys inspire imaginative play as kids create malls, shops, restaurants, and crazy adventures. With playsets and accessories, Shopkins collections come to life. Trading and sharing with friends expands the fun. For youngsters who adore tiny toys that start with S, these clever Shopkins deliver endless play possibilities in an irresistibly cute package.

Shopkins Real Littles Snack Time 8 Pack
  1. Snakes and Ladders Game
    (Ages 3+, Classic Board Game, Counting Fun)

The Snakes and Ladders board game provides hours of family gaming fun. Players race from square 1 to the finish, moving game pieces based on a spinner or dice roll. Climbing up ladders accelerates you forward. But landing on a snake’s tongue means you slide back down! This game is easy for young kids to learn. They’ll practice counting, taking turns, and handling some friendly competition. Snakes and Ladders helps boost number recognition, counting skills, and shape identification in an entertaining way. With quality bonding time for kids and parents, this classic game is a time-tested toy that starts with S.

Toys that start with S - Snakes & Ladders Game
  1. Shrinky Dinks
    (Ages 8+, Arts & Crafts, Draw then Bake Toys)

Kids can design and wear their own jewelry keepsakes with Shrinky Dinks. These creative kits provide pre-printed flexible sheets kids color and draw on. Then they cut out shapes and bake them in the oven to shrink down into wearable art. Watching their designs magically shrink to smaller, thicker versions is mesmerizing. The ability to create customized pendants, charms, and earrings boosts imagination. Shrinky Dinks build art skills and spatial reasoning. Completed pieces make wonderful handmade gifts. For artsy kids, Shrinky Dinks deliver creative, keepsake fun with toys that start with S they’ll proudly wear.

Just Play Shrinky Dinks Cool Stuff Activity Set, Kids Art and Craft Activity Set
  1. String Art Kits
    (Ages 8+, Crafts, Make Geometric Designs)

String art allows kids to make their own geometric wooden wall art. By weaving and winding colorful strings across a canvas with nails, impressive 3D designs emerge. Following printed patterns teaches attention to detail. These kits develop STEM skills, craftsmanship, and patience. Watching the wooden canvas transform with intricate string shapes is satisfying. Kids take pride in these handmade decorations. String art kits inspire young makers through creativity and problem solving. The finished gallery-worthy pieces provide beautiful bedroom wall decor. For artistic kids, string art kits are engaging DIY toys that start with S.

3D String Art Kit for Kids
  1. Sea Creature Toys
    (Ages 3+, Ocean Toys, Imaginative Play)

From sharks to whales, sea creature toys inspire ocean adventures and imaginary play. Realistic designs like large-eyed dolphins and scary-looking sharks encourage storytelling fun. Floating bath toys add smile-inducing fun to tub time. Dragons and monsters unleash excitement in mythical kingdoms. Sea Life sets with coral, plants, and accessories create imaginative underwater scenes. Kids learn about fascinating creatures while developing cognitive skills. For young explorers enchanted by the mysteries of the deep, sea creature toys are classic playthings that start with S.

Sea Creatures Ocean Animal Toys & Glow in The Dark Toy with Bath Book
  1. Super Mario Toys
    (Ages 3+, Nintendo Toys, Interactive Playsets)

Super Mario toys let kids recreate the magic of the legendary Nintendo games. Figures of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, and Yoshi inspire adventures from the Mushroom Kingdom. Playsets like Bowser’s Castle and Mario Kart racetracks unlock interactive fun. Kids can use their imagination to make Mario leap over obstacles, grab power-up stars, and defeat Bowser. Many feature sound effects and phrases from the video games for added realism. Reliving these classic games boosts nostalgia for parents too. Super Mario toys are screen-free fun that starts with S for gamers of all ages.

Toys that start with S - Super Mario Blow Up! Shaky Tower
  1. Silly String
    (Ages 5+, Party Toy, Colorful Foam Fun)

Silly String and other brands, providee instant fun at parties, sleepovers, and celebrations. Kids delight in spraying friends and family with the lightweight, colored foam. This aerosol string shoots out in wild, web-like patterns up to 10 feet for maximum coverage. The non-toxic, non-staining formula rinses away with water. With neon colors like blue, pink, green, and yellow, kids can decorate themselves and their surroundings in colorful foam. Silly String gives pure giggling enjoyment with minimal mess or hassle. It’s a classic party pleaser that no childhood toy collection starting with S is complete without.

24 Pack of Party Streamer Spray String
  1. Sticker Books
    (Ages 3+, Creative Play, Collect and Trade)

Sticker books provide artsy enjoyment with pages of colorful stickers to peel and place. Favorite themes like unicorns, space, dinosaurs, and fairies let kids decorate scenes their own way. Reusable sticker pads encourage open-ended creativity. Trading stickers with friends expands the fun. As kids carefully select designs, they strengthen fine motor skills while learning decision-making. Completing the sticker scenes boosts focus and visual spatial skills too. From shiny 3D foam stickers to scratch-and-sniff, there are endless sticker varieties to please every child. Sticker books are timeless toys that start with S that inspire creativity.

Bendon Create-A-Face Sticker Pad (Wacky Faces)
  1. Spider-Man Toys
    (Ages 3+, Superhero Toys, Exciting Adventures)

Spider-Man has been a beloved superhero since he first appeared in 1962. His amazing powers, signature red and blue suit, and cool web shooters make him an iconic character that kids love to emulate. Spider-Man toys allow children to recreate the excitement of Spidey’s gravity-defying acrobatics as he swings through the concrete jungles of New York City. From detailed action figures to costumes, masks, and roleplay accessories, fans can act out adventures battling Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom, and all of Spidey’s legendary rogues gallery. As the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, this superhero teaches ideals like responsibility, bravery, and using gifts for good. Spider-Man toys inspire imagination, storytelling, and the inner superhero in every child.

Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout 10784 Building Set
  1. Sylvester the Cat Toys
    (Ages 3+, Plush Toys, Looney Tunes Fun)

Sylvester the Cat has delighted Looney Tunes fans since 1945. This spoiled house cat is obsessed with catching his nemesis Tweety Bird. Charming plush toys capture Sylvester’s mischievous personality. His oversized head, yellow eyes, and toothy grin make an adorably goofy companion. For imaginative play, kids can recreate the classic cartoon cat and mouse chase. Sylvester toys also provide comfort and laughs during storytime. With high-quality plush designs, Sylvester makes a purr-fect gift for Looney Tunes collectors. This classic cartoon character is a nostalgic toy that starts with S.

Looney Tunes Plush Pals 2-Piece Set Stuffed Animals, Kids Toys for Ages 3 Up
  1. Snow White Dolls
    (Ages 3+, Disney Toys, Fairytale Fun)

Snow White dolls let young kids reimagine the magic of this classic Disney fairytale. Her kind smile and sweet personality encourage wholesome play. Glamorous gowns and accessories match those from the beloved 1937 film. Deluxe editions feature posable limbs, closing eyes, and lyrical phrases when you pull Snow White’s string. Kids learn timeless lessons about kindness, courage, and friendship. Snow White dolls inspire storytelling and imagination in a safe, positive realm. For Disney fans, these princess dolls are cherished toys that start with S and make charming additions to any doll collection.

Toys that start with S - Snow White Doll


With this standout selection of S-themed toys, your kiddos will be stoked for fun learning! These 25 toy ideas build skills across ages and interests. Screen-free play with toys lets kids flex their abilities while having a spectacular time.

Browse these phenomenal toy suggestions starting with S. Please comment on your child’s favorite letter S toys below! When parents share beloved playthings, it helps our community power up playtime. Now get out there and make some marvelous memories!

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