Toys That Start with U: 25 Unbelievable Toy Ideas

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Toys That Start with U

It’s me, your friendly neighborhood toy expert. I’m back searching for sensational new toys that start with the letter U to spark your child’s curiosity and feed their imagination and let me tell you, this list wasn’t easy! But. whether you need alphabet toys for school, name letter gifts, or just fun without screens, I’ve got U toys that will provide endless entertainment.

There are many reasons we may want U toys:

  • Your teacher assigned the letter U for show & tell or classwork
  • I want name-letter gifts for birthdays and holidays
  • You do speech therapy for the U sound
  • Your preschool uses letter-based learning centers
  • We want alphabet games to practice letter recognition
  • We want open-ended toys to spark your imagination

With so many unbelievable U toy options, choosing the perfect ones for your little ones can feel overwhelming! From ukuleles and umbrellas to unicorns and utensils, I’ve picked 25 marvelous U-themed toys you’ll treasure while developing new skills!

25 Toys That Start with U

  1. Unicorn
    (Ages 3+, Plush Toy, Magical Companion)

The unicorn plush toy is a mythical and magical companion for kids aged 3 and up. This cuddly stuffed animal features a sparkly white coat, a rainbow mane and tail, and a golden horn on its forehead. Kids will love pretending this toy unicorn is a loyal friend that joins them on magical adventures. Its soft huggable design makes it perfect for imaginative playtime or snuggling up at bedtime. Give the gift of whimsy and fantasy with this enchanting plush unicorn. Whether for a birthday, holiday, or just because, this toy that begins with U is sure to delight any child who believes in magic.

5 Pieces Unicorn Toys
  1. UFO
    (Ages 8+, Pretend Play, Extraterrestrial)

Blast off into galactic adventures with this glow-in-the-dark alien UFO playset! Kids ages 9 and up will love creating sci-fi stories with the posable alien figure and his matching miniature spacecraft. Made of flexible PVC plastic, the 4-inch alien bends into funny poses and fits perfectly in the detailed purple UFO cockpit. Set the alien spaceship aglow for extraterrestrial fun! With smooth surfaces and construction that meets toy safety standards, this creative toy that starts with the letter U stimulates imagination for out-of-this-world pretend play.

UFO Space Ship and Bendable Action Figure Toy
  1. Ukulele
    (Ages 6+, Musical Instrument, Learn to Play)

The ukulele is a small guitar-like instrument that makes an ideal first instrument for kids aged 6 and up to learn to play music. Made of wood with nylon strings, this uke has a fun, bright sound perfect for strumming sing-along songs. Its compact size and only four strings simplify chord shapes for little hands. Kids can press down strings to make notes and strum rhythms to play fun tunes. Learning ukulele helps develop concentration, coordination, and memory skills. As kids gain confidence, they’ll love showing off new songs for the family. Practice time flies by when playing this fun toy that begins with U! This authentic musical instrument inspires a lifelong love of music.

Ukulele Guitar Toy
  1. Ultimate Warrior Action Figure
    (Ages 6+, Action Toy, Wrestling Fun)

This Ultimate Warrior action figure allows kids aged 6 and up to recreate excitement from the ring with a WWE wrestling toy. Detailed sculpting captures signature aspects like the wrestler’s muscular physique, colorful face paint, and long hairstyle. Designed with multiple points of articulation, the posable plastic figure can strike signature wrestling poses and moves. Fans will enjoy acting out wrestling matches, tag team bouts, interviews, and more.

The Ultimate Warrior action figure is one of the coolest toys that starts with U and comes ready to rumble in wrestling attire decorated with logos. Kids familiar with WWE events and superstars will have a blast reenacting the drama and personality clashes of wrestling entertainment. Playing out bouts builds creative thinking and social skills too.

Ultimate Warrior Action Figure
  1. Umizoomi
    (Ages 3+, Educational Toy, Math Skills)

The Umizoomi toy line inspires preschoolers aged 3 and up to learn early math concepts through imaginative play. Based on the animated series, these educational toys feature the characters Milli, Geo, and Bot. Kids join them on adventures that highlight foundational skills like shape recognition, patterns, counting, measuring, and more. The playsets, plush dolls, figures, and vehicles immerse kids in an engaging Umizoomi world where math is exciting. Developed with guidance from preschool education experts, Umizoomi toys integrate learning and fun. Kids sharpen their abilities naturally while roleplaying along with the show’s characters. Give the gift of an Umizoomi toy that begins with U to boost a preschooler’s confidence, curiosity, and math readiness.

mizoomi Beans Plush
  1. Ultra-Light Plane Model
    (Ages 8+, Hobby Toy, DIY Project)

Budding aerospace engineers will have a blast building and testing five different model glider planes with this STEM experiment kit. As you follow the detailed instructions to assemble each unique glider, kids will be introduced to real-world physics and engineering principles that explain how wings generate lift and keep planes in flight. With this hands-on aviation kit, learning about the science behind flight is fun! This educational model kit is a learning toy starting with U makes physics principles tangible.

Ultralight Airplanes STEM Experiment Kit
  1. Unicorn Horn Headband
    (Ages 3+, Dress-Up Accessory, Fantasy Roleplay)

This whimsical unicorn horn headpiece allows kids aged 3 and up to immerse themselves in magical pretend play. The glittery horn attaches to a plastic headband so it stays securely on a child’s forehead for hours of mystical adventures. Kids can toss a rainbow wig with flowing hair over top to complete the ensemble. This unicorn dress-up accessory sparks creativity and imaginative roleplay as kids act out fairy tales, mythical quests, tea parties, and more.

The sparkly unicorn horn gives kids the power to spread joy and fun wherever they roam. Watch their confidence bloom when they wear this enchanting cosplay accessory. Perfect for costume parties or everyday dress-up, this unicorn horn headband inspires fantasy, wonder, and make-believe.

Unicorn Headband - (Pack of 12)
  1. Uproar Game
    (Ages 8+, Family Game, Fast-Paced Fun)

UpRoar! is the award-winning card game that starts with U and brings hilarious fun to parties and family game nights. To play, players race to make silly sounds matching pairs of words on cards. With play that’s easy to learn for ages 8 and up, UpRoar! delivers big laughs as players take turns cracking each other up with animal noises, explosions, and more. This screen-free game provides exciting face-to-face competition for 2 or more players. Bursting with funny word pairings and lively interaction, UpRoar! is the ultimate party game for unforgettable family fun.

Toys that start with U - UpRoar! The Card Game of Silly Sounds
  1. Uptown Dollhouse
    (Ages 6+, Imaginative Toy, Storytelling Play)

This luxurious Uptown dollhouse invites kids aged 6 and up into an imaginative world of make-believe storytelling. Intricately crafted with lovely architectural details, the large dollhouse has 3 levels of living space. Little hands will have a delightful time placing posable doll figures and furniture pieces in each room to create stories and bring the scenes to life. Kids can orchestrate daily dramas or act out special events like dinner parties, holidays, and more.Dollhouse roleplay fosters communication skills, cooperation, planning, and curiosity as kids collaboratively create stories. The charming accessories and environments also provide a springboard for discussing grown-up responsibilities. For independent play or sharing with friends, the Uptown dollhouse toy beginning with U inspires engaging pretend play.

Uptown Wooden Modern Dollhouse
  1. Uncle Wiggily Game
    (Ages 6+, Family Game, Silly Fun)

The Uncle Wiggily board game provides silly interactive fun for families with kids aged 6 and up. Players race around the board as one of four animal characters pursuing the vegetable-loving Uncle Wiggily. Draw cards with wacky directions to guide your moves as you try to catch him. Kids will delight at comical scenarios like a skunk attack that sends you backward or a flooded bridge that forces you to start over.

But look out, because Uncle Wiggily might be carrying garlic or turpentine as protection! With engaging art and easy rules, this 45-minute game that starts with U encourages strategy and friendly competition. The charming characters and humorous situations keep the laughs coming at a brisk pace. For family game night or playtime with friends, Uncle Wiggily’s zany adventures will have kids chuckling from start to finish.

Uncle Wiggly Game
  1. Undercover Spy Gear
    (Ages 8+, Roleplay Toy, Imaginative Adventure)

This spy gear set empowers kids aged 8 and up to imagine top-secret agent adventures. The case contains kid-friendly gadgets like a sound amplifier, invisible ink pen with UV light, fingerprint powder, and more. By roleplaying different scenarios, kids build communication skills, resourcefulness, and confidence.

The spy tools encourage critical thinking too, as users find clever ways to gather clues and solve mysteries. Detailed instructions provide tips so kids can master the gear independently. Whether collaborating with friends or strategizing solo, this engaging toy that begins with U fuels endless pretend play possibilities. Add intrigue and excitement to any child’s toy box with these cool spy-themed accessories.

Undercover Spy Gear
  1. Uno
    (Ages 7+, Family Game, Fast-Paced Matching)

UNO is the classic family card game that creates fast-paced matching fun for kids aged 7 and up. Players race to empty their hand by matching cards by number, color, or word. Special cards add enjoyable twists, like skipping opponents, swapping hands, or a wild draw-four card. This easy to learn game that starts with the letter U helps build focus, strategy, and visual pattern recognition as players identify matches. Kids will delight in calling “UNO!” to indicate they’re down to one card.

With simple rules that accommodate different ages playing together, UNO is an inclusive game that’s ideal for families. Portable and perfect for travel, its dynamic social play keeps kids engaged and entertained. UNO helps make special times with family and friends even more memorable.

Uno card game
  1. Ugears Wooden Model Kit
    (Ages 12+, STEM Toy, Hands-on Building)

Older kids can put their spatial reasoning skills to work assembling a motorized wooden model with this Ugears kit. Recommended for ages 12 and up, this hands-on STEM toy includes laser cut plywood pieces that interlock to construct a 3D working mechanism without glue or tools. As they follow step-by-step diagrams, hobbyists discover key engineering principles through tangible experience. Seeing their wooden model take shape teaches real-world design techniques.

Kids gain confidence in handling and troubleshooting moving parts like belts, cams, cranks, and gears. When finished, they can power up their creation and watch it roll into action. Satisfaction builds as the pieces come together into an impressive mechanical sculpture. Ugears combines science, technology, and art for an enriching educational toy starting with U.

Toys that start with U - Ugears Three-Wheeler
  1. Uglydolls
    (Ages 3+, Plush Toy, Imaginative Play)

Uglydolls are uniquely endearing plush toys that inspire creative play and self-expression. With their vibrant colors, soft textures, and friendly faces, these posable dolls have lots of personality despite their purposely imperfect features. Each Uglydoll has a clever name that kids aged 3 and up will find amusing, like Babo, Wage, Ice-Bat, Ox, Big Toe, and more. Their quirky designs and faces that only a parent could love encourage kids to embrace their individuality.

Kids will love inventing rich imaginary worlds and stories with these little characters. Uglydolls are huggable friends that celebrate being different, having fun, and sharing kindness. Their whimsical uniqueness brings out kids’ individuality too. This imaginative plush toy starting with U promotes creativity and confidence.

Uglydolls Hungrily Yours BABO Stuffed Plush Toy
  1. Ultra Clean Washable Crayons
    (Ages 2+, Art Supply, Mess-Free Drawing)

These colorful washable crayons allow kids aged 2 and up to explore art and drawing with less mess. The classic crayon shape is easy for little hands to grip. But unlike regular crayons, the formula washes neatly from skin, clothing, furniture, walls, and more with just soap and water. Budding artists can draw freely without worries over permanent stains. The crayons still deliver vibrant hues on paper for all the artwork preschoolers love to create.

Kids build motor skills, creativity, and confidence as they master scribbling, outlining objects, and crafting pictures. With a variety of packages sized for storage or take-along art fun, washable crayons are a clean toy that begins with U and open up safe drawing possibilities anywhere. Ultra Clean crayons encourage artistic experimentation and fearless creativity.

Ultra-Clean Washable Crayons
  1. Unifix Cubes
    (Ages 4+, Construction Toy, Early Math Skills)

These colorful snap-together cubes help toddlers aged 18 months and up acquire early math concepts. Large and chunky, the plastic cubes have connectors on each face to link together for 3D structure building. Little hands can stack them up vertically or connect them in different shapes. While playing, toddlers grasp foundational ideas like geometry, balance, patterns, ordering, and spatial relationships.

Setup and take-down is a cinch too. Watching creations take form builds confidence and imagination. Unifix Cubes prepare little minds for kindergarten math skills through hands-on learning. Connect a set of these engaging cubes that begin with U for open-ended building fun.

Didax Educational Resources Unifix Cubes Set (100 Pack)
  1. Ursula
    (Ages 3+, Disney Villain Doll, Roleplay Fun)

This Ursula doll allows kids aged 3 and up to recreate undersea adventures from The Little Mermaid’s enchanting Disney world. With her iconic purple skin, seashell necklace, and tentacle “legs”, every detail evokes the legendary villainess. Her fabric body is soft and posable for pretend play poses. The included seashell purse accessory completes Ursula’s look for roleplay fun.

Kids will delight in acting out scenes, imagining new storylines, and engaging with the character they love. Playtime with Ursula builds vocabulary, creativity, and confidence. Whether portraying the crabby sea witch causing mischief or dreaming up redemption, kids dive into endless imaginative adventures with this expressive Disney toy that starts with the letter U. Under the sea or not, Ursula makes playtime wickedly fun.

Ursula Fashion Doll and Accessory
  1. Uzzle Board Game
    (Ages 8+, Strategy Game, Visual Puzzles)

The Uzzle 2.0 is the fast-paced pattern matching board game that provides skill-building fun for kids and adults alike. Players race to reconstruct visual puzzles on the cards by strategically flipping and merging identical blocks. With 100 all-new puzzles across 4 difficulty levels, Uzzle 2.0 offers engaging play for ages 4 through adult.

Its competitive format builds observation, problem-solving, and quick-thinking skills. The larger blocks are easy for small hands to manipulate while the challenging puzzles entice older players. Suitable for 1-4 participants or more with extra blocks, The Uzzle is the entertaining pattern game starting with U that makes a great gift for family game nights and travel.

The Uzzle 2.0 Board Game
  1. Umbrella
    (Ages 3+, Dress-Up Accessory, Imaginative Play)

This whimsical umbrella supports imaginative roleplay for ages 3 and up. The canopy spans open to reveal a colorful scene – underwater, rainy city, starry night, and more. The easy-grip handle is sized for little hands to hold the umbrella aloft with ease. Kids will delight in acting out ventures to enchanting locales as the umbrella transforms playtime via magical realms pictured under the dome.

Whether heading off on a fairytale adventure or brightening an ordinary day, this novelty umbrella sparks a child’s creativity and storytelling skills. Watch their confidence blossom as the umbrella gives them power to explore new worlds. Gift a child the magic of pretend with this special dress-up accessory that’s fun inside or outdoors.

Unbreakable Windproof Travel Umbrella
  1. Uniform
    (Ages 3+, Dress-Up Clothes, Roleplay Fun)

This kid’s dress-up uniform turns imaginative kids aged 3 and up into firefighters, chefs, police officers, and construction workers. The set includes a jacket, hat, and accessories like a name badge, reflective vest, or apron. Kids can layer their own clothes underneath as they roleplay the uniforms of community helpers.

Trying on grown-up personas builds empathy and vocabulary as kids act out what a typical day is like in each profession. They gain confidence speaking, moving, and thinking through challenges from new perspectives. Whether used for dramatic play at home or costumes for school events, these dress-up uniforms are great toys starting with U that inspire kids’ curiosity about the working world. Roleplaying teaches resourcefulness, creativity, and the foundations of social emotional skills too.

Dress Up Costumes
  1. Uncle Scrooge
    (Ages 3+, Disney Duck Figure, Collectible Toy)

Disney fans aged 3 and up will delight in this Uncle Scrooge McDuck figure capturing all the character’s ornery Scottish charm from DuckTales. Sculpted in accurate detail, Uncle Scrooge sports his top hat, eyeglasses, spats, and even his Number One Dime in his clenched fist. His pose is full of blustery determination. Kids familiar with Scrooge’s miserly ways will have fun roleplaying his exaggerated reactions and mannerisms. As part of a series, Uncle Scrooge makes an enchanting collectible for display. For imaginative play or comic mischief, this DuckTales toy beginning with U brings adventures to life with expressive personality.

DuckTales Collectible Figure Pack
  1. Uncle Goose Blocks
    (Ages 1+, Baby Toy, Language Development)

These decorative alphabet blocks by Uncle Goose engage babies as young as 12 months in language learning. Each sturdy wooden cube features a lower-case letter with corresponding capital, plus colorful images representing the letter’s sound. Babies explore the letters’ shapes and textures while older toddlers connect sounds to letters.

Although babies can’t read yet, language exposure at a young age boosts later reading readiness. Parents can build vocabulary by naming pictures printed on the blocks’ sides. Made of non-toxic maple, these heirloom-quality toys that start with U withstand chewing and throwing wear and tear. Babies benefit from screen-free play that’s tactile and hands-on. Uncle Goose blocks make the perfect baby shower gift that grows with a child.

Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks with Wagon
  1. Upwords
    (Ages 8+, Word Game, Vocabulary Builder)

Upwords is the vertical word game played like Scrabble that boosts vocabulary for kids aged 8 and up. Letters on playing pieces can stack and build upon each other to form intersecting words across and up the game board grid. Players race to construct high-scoring combinations using new letters on hand while strategizing existing word links.

With a little luck and some skill, a single play can multiply into several new words at once! Upwords strengthens spelling, thinking ahead, and reasoning skills too. Its competitive lexicon challenge keeps players engaged in lively wordplay. Kids will delight in learning new terms and how prefixes, suffixes, and combinations expand their options. This fun vocabulary game starting with U builds language confidence while immersing spelling bee champs and word game novices alike in skill-building fun.

Upwords, The Game of Quick Stacking & Word Hacking with Stackable Letter Tiles
  1. Underwater Camera
    (Ages 6+, Outdoor Toy, Water Play)

This kid-friendly underwater camera empowers young photographers aged 6 and up to explore aquatic creativity. The waterproof polycarbonate body allows the camera to dive down to 98 feet safely. Operation is simple: point, shoot, and see photos displayed instantly. Kids will love documenting underwater adventures, pool games, and silly selfies.

As kids explore perspectives and compositions, they build photography skills naturally. Features like a lanyard, SD card slot, and rechargeable battery support usability. For summer trips or daily water play, an underwater camera opens up a wet and wild world of DIY media fun.

Waterproof Camera Toys for 3-12 Year Old
  1. Utensil Set (Construction Plate and Utensils)
    (Ages 1+, Roleplay Toy, Imaginative Play)

The Constructive Eating plate and utensil set transforms mealtimes into an engaging learning experience for toddlers ages 1-3. Thoughtfully designed for little hands, the divided toddler plate and specialized construction-themed utensils promote independent eating and motor skills development. Made in the USA from safe, durable materials, this complete dinnerware set for kids includes charming plates with separated sections for balanced meals plus perfectly sized forks, spoons, and knives. With its interactive construction theme, this toddler dishware set turns dining time into a creative adventure that parents and kids will love.

Constructive Eating Plate and Utensils Set


With this upstanding selection of U-themed toys, your tiny tots will be thrilled for fun learning! These 25 toy ideas build skills across ages and interests. Screen-free play with toys lets you flex your abilities while having an unbelievable time.

So tell me, which are your favorite toys that start with U? When parents share beloved playthings, it helps our community power up playtime. Now get out there and make some memorable moments! Don’t forget to leave a comment below sharing your top U toys.

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