Toys That Start with V: 25 Very Good Ideas for Your Children

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Toys That Start with V

When you’ve got a crew of little vanguards like I do, finding fun new toys to entertain them can be a venture! With so many playthings starting with the letter V to choose from, it’s tricky to decide. Parents might be seeking out V toys for reasons like:

  • Your child’s teacher gave an alphabet homework assignment.
  • You’re looking for birthday gifts starting with the first letter of their name.
  • You’re trying to find alphabet learning toys to practice letter recognition.
  • You’re trying to find toys focused on the V sound for speech therapy.
  • Their preschool teacher asked for show & tell items starting with V.
  • You want the perfect alphabet-themed gift.

There are a ton of great toys starting with V to spark your kids’ curiosity and keep them happily occupied. From View-Masters and Volkswagen vans to Velcro catch games and vegetable toy sets, the options are endless! Whether you need letter V toys for schoolwork, gifts, or just for fun playtime, I’ve rounded up some awesome choices your little ones will find totally vivacious. No matter why you’re seeking toys starting with V, this list has got you covered for providing memorable playtime experiences!

25 Toys That Start with V

  1. Volcano Eruption Kit
    (Ages 8+, Science Kit, Educational)

The Volcano Eruption Kit is an exciting science kit that allows kids to simulate a volcanic eruption. It comes with everything needed to build a realistic volcano. Kids will love mixing the solution and pouring it into the volcano mold. After it dries, they can paint it for added realism. The kit includes red paint to mimic flowing lava. For the eruption, kids add the eruption powders to create a bubbling, fizzing lava eruption! This kit is perfect for science experiments or projects. Kids will learn about chemical reactions while having fun watching their volcano erupt. The kit makes a great gift for kids ages 8+ who are interested in science, geology, chemistry experiments, and more!

  1. Vintage Train Set
    (Ages 8+, Toy Trains, Imaginative Play)

Kids who love model trains will adore this beautiful vintage-style train set. It includes an old-fashioned steam locomotive with operating headlights and authentic train sounds when the engine is in motion. There are also several vintage passenger and freight cars. The track layout forms a complete circle that can be expanded with add-on track packs. The train set brings classic toy trains from the 1920s to life. Kids can use their imagination to create stories and scenes with the trains. This train encourages creative, imaginative play as kids arrange their vintage train world and play conductor. A great gift for kids 8+ who love model trains, history, and retro toys.

Toys that start with V - Vintage Train Set
  1. Ventriloquist Dummies
    (Ages 8+, Puppets, Performance Toy)

Kids can have fun practicing the art of ventriloquism with their own dummy puppet! These ventriloquist figure toys allow kids to project their voice and perform puppet shows. The dummy has a moving mouth controlled by hand to mimic speech. Kids can create skits, tell jokes, and put on talent show acts with their ventriloquist doll. The soft, plush dummies are designed like retro clown or boy/girl characters. Their arms and legs can be positioned to “bring them to life” during performances. Ventriloquist dummies encourage kids to express creativity, improve public speaking skills, and build confidence through practice. Great for ages 8+ who are budding performers, puppeteers, magicians, comedians, actors, and imaginative kids who love to entertain others.

Ventriloquist Style Puppet
  1. Virtual Reality Headset
    (Ages 13+, Video Game Accessory, Immersive Play)

The advanced Meta Quest 2 headset transports teens and kids into astonishing virtual reality worlds. Just slip on the lightweight design with stereoscopic lenses and motion sensors for a fully immersive experience. Look and move freely in 360┬░ VR environments where the action unfolds all around you. Compatible with the huge library of VR games and apps, this wireless all-in-one headset lets young gamers battle monsters, ride virtual coasters, step into their favorite games, travel worlds and more. The adjustable fit blocks out real-world distractions for complete immersion in virtual worlds that feel jaw-droppingly real. With intuitive controls and no PC needed, Meta Quest 2 opens up infinite VR adventures, perfect for tech-loving teens and kids 13+.

Meta Quest Virtual Reality Headset
  1. Villain Action Figure
    (Ages 6+, Action Figures, Imaginative Play)

Revisit the thrilling adventures of He-Man with this retro Skeletor action figure! Inspired by the classic 1980s Masters of the Universe cartoon, this 5.5-inch super-poseable Skeletor brings back the nostalgia. With his iconic blue skin, purple hood, Havoc Staff, and removable chest and skirt armor, he’s ready for battle. The set includes a sword, two alternate heads with Masks of Power, and a mini-comic for storytelling play. With 16 movable joints, kids 6+ will love recreating epic MOTU clashes or dreaming up new storylines. This SkeletorOrigins figure makes the perfect gift for 80s kids and a new generation of He-Man fans!

V toys - Villain Action Figure - Skeletor
  1. Volleyball Set
    (Ages 6+, Outdoor Sports Equipment, Active Play)

The backyard volleyball set allows kids to play this popular summer sport at home. Kids will have a blast bumping, setting, spiking and diving across the court as they practice volleyball skills. This active outdoor toy encourages exercise, friendly competition with siblings or friends, and cooperative teamwork. Kids can invite the neighborhood over for exciting volleyball matches in their own backyard. Whether practicing solo or rallying together, the volleyball set builds hand-eye coordination, reaction speed, and movement skills. The volleyball set inspires healthy activity and endless sunny day fun.

Volleyball and Badminton Combo Set with Net
  1. Vampirina
    (Ages 3+, Action Figures, Imaginative Play)

Inspired by the Vampirina TV show, kids ages 3+ can act out adventures with this Vampirina action figure. Fans of the spooky and sweet character will love that she’s posable for play. Her limbs and head can move so she can dance, play, and act out scenes from the show. Vampirina comes dressed in her signature colorful outfit with bat wings and cute details. Kids familiar with Vampirina’s Ghoul Girls friends will delight in collecting them all for imaginative play recreating scenes or making up their own stories. Vampirina encourages creativity, self-expression, and fun for preschoolers and young kids.

Toys that begin with V - Vampirina Glowtastic Friends Set
  1. Vacuum (Toy)
    (Ages 3+, Pretend Play, Roleplaying Toy)

The toy vacuum gives kids their own cleaning tool for roleplay fun. Kids can push their vacuum around the house, pretending to tidy up. Toy vacuums encourage imitation of parents and develop early cleaning skills. Kids gain confidence mastering this grown-up chore in a safe, playful way. They’ll have fun vacuuming their playroom, using the attachments to clean every nook and cranny. Additional accessories like mini cleaning supplies or a toy pet add to the imagination possibilities. Kids may enjoy playing house and taking on the role of parent themselves one day. A toy vacuum allows independent pretend play while building coordination and responsibility.

Miniature Dyson Ball Replica for Children Aged 3+
  1. Velociraptor Action Figure
    (Ages 6+, Dinosaur Toys, Educational Play)

The velociraptor action figure captures the excitement of this swift Cretaceous predator. Kids can reenact dinosaur adventures and use their imagination to return to the Late Cretaceous period. Hand-painted and detailed sculpts based on paleontological findings mimic the raptor’s feathery coat and deadly hooked claws. Its articulated arms and legs allow positioning in poses from prowling to pouncing. Kids will recreate primal hunting action, construction predators vs prey clashes with other dino figure toys. Learn facts about these smart, bird-like dinosaurs as they move the posable toy on jurassic journeys. Roar with adventure as the velociraptor toy brings learning and play together.

Velociraptor Action Figure
  1. Victorian Dollhouse
    (Ages 5+, Dollhouses, Imaginative Play)

The Victorian dollhouse whisks kids back to turn-of-the-century architecture and living. Kids can imaginatively roleplay the daily lives of a wealthy Victorian family as they move figures from room to room. This nostalgic toy encourages learning about late 19th century lifestyles and etiquette. As kids develop storylines around the doll inhabitants, they build vocabulary and social skills. The Victorian dollhouse is a classic heirloom toy that provides hours of quality pretend play while teaching history.

Wooden Dollhouse
  1. Vampire Toy
    (Ages 5+, Action Figures, Fantasy Play)

Imaginative kids and fans of all things spooky will love acting out stories and adventures with this vampiric action figure. Inspired by classic movie and folklore vampires, he’s dressed in a gothic suit with a dramatic black cape lined in red. The vampire’s face is pale with fangs protruding from his mouth. His arms and legs are movable so he can walk, run, lunge, and pose creepily. Kids can pair him with werewolf, mummy, zombie, and other horror-themed toys (sold separately) for creative monster mash play. Great for inspiring storytelling and fantasy adventures for kids 5+ who are into scary themes and imaginative games about the battle between good and evil. A fun Halloween treat!

Vampire Toy
  1. Video Game Controller (Toy Replica)
    (Ages 3+, Pretend Play, Electronic Toy)

This realistic toy replica of a video game controller inspires pretend play for kids ages 3+. Designed just like the real thing with joysticks, a directional pad, colorful buttons and triggers, kids will love roleplaying gaming fun. With built-in sounds and lights, they can press the buttons to hear arcade noises, beeps, and see flashing lights that mimic effects from real video games. Kids can play independently or take turns passing the controller around for group play. Great for inspiring screen-free imaginary gaming, reinforcing gross motor skills, and just having old-school tech-inspired fun. A great gift for the gamer kid who wants to be like Mom or Dad and play video games!

Video Game Controller (Toy Replica)
  1. VW Beetle Toy Car
    (Ages 5+, Push/Pull Toy, Motor Skills)

The VW beetle toy car lets kids drive their own mini bug on pretend journeys. Iconic VW details like the rounded shape, sloped hood, and bold headlights capture the classic bug look in toy car form. Sturdy and sized for small hands, kids can push or pull this friendly-faced car along for interactive drive-and-go motor play. Smooth-rolling wheels add to the realistic driving action. Kids gain coordination and confidence moving the car themselves. The VW beetle car encourages interactive playtime beyond just passive watching. Kids can use their creativity to imagine road trip adventures, construct car-themed towns, or roleplay family drives. With its charming retro personality, this VW bug car makes a fun first vehicle for inspiring young imaginations.

Volkswagen Classic Beetle
  1. Village Building Blocks
    (Ages 4+, Construction Toys, Imaginative Play)

Village building blocks allow kids to construct a bustling pretend community. Flexible and creative play develops spatial awareness, motor skills, and imagination. Kids gain confidence in engineering and design skills as they problem solve construction challenges. Social stories unfold as kids make characters interact in the wooden block town. A play mat printed with roads, rivers, and land adds further storytelling inspiration. Kids can rearrange and reinvent their village again and again. Whether used for independent or shared play, these creative building blocks provide an engaging screen-free activity. The village set fosters learning across developmental areas while delivering hands-on fun. Kids will love shaping their own special city with these interactive building blocks.

Village Building Blocks
  1. Virtual Pet Toy
    (Ages 5+, Electronic Toy, Interactive Play)

Kids can take care of a pet without the real responsibilities thanks to this virtual, electronic pet! The interactive toy looks like a cute puppy or kitten, but all the functions are simulated on the built-in screen. Kids “feed” it, give it exercise, play games, and more by pressing the buttons to fulfill its needs. The virtual pet reacts with lights, sounds and animations on the pixelated display. If neglected, it may get sad or sick. Taking good care leads to happy behaviors! Kids ages 6+ will love bonding with their pretend pet while learning accountability. They’ll gain confidence in problem solving as they figure out what to do to keep it healthy and content!

Virtual Pet Toy
  1. Voltron Action Figure
    (Ages 8+, Robot Toys, Imaginative Play)

Kids who love the Voltron animated series will be thrilled to recreate epic intergalactic battles with this Voltron action figure! The posable robot is made up of five lion robots that combine into the gigantic Voltron figure. Each lion can be played with individually or attached together via easy snap connectors. Voltron fans will love acting out scenes from the show or inventing their own space adventures. The highly detailed design brings the Defender of the Universe to life in toy form! Any 8 year old or older will have a blast playing out good versus evil battles with this must-have Voltron toy robot.

Voltron Action Figure
  1. View-Master
    (Ages 3+, Visual Media Toy, Imaginative Play)

The classic View-Master brings storytelling to life with vivid 3D images that kids view through the stereoscopic toy. Children ages 3+ will love looking at the themed image discs (sold separately) which provide an immersive visual experience. From tourism destinations to space exploration, kids go on vicarious adventures by peering through the View-Master. Using the lever, they can even control the viewing pace. View-Master encourages imagination as kids discuss what they see. It’s a great way to visually engage kids in learning topics like science, nature, geography and more. This retro toy still provides thrilling 3D entertainment perfect for preschoolers and young kids.

View Master Classic Deluxe Edition
  1. Vtech Toys
    (Ages 1-5, Electronic Learning Toys, Educational Play)

Vtech makes a wide range of electronic learning toys perfect for enhancing kids’ development. Their playful, engaging toys for ages 1-5 combine learning content with lights, sounds, buttons, and more for sensory-rich education. Kid-friendly themes like alphabet, music, reading, animals, and more allow customized learning. Vtech’s electronic learning aids promote motor skills through button play, auditory processing of songs/phrases, sequencing, cause & effect, and introductory STEM skills. Kids are joyfully engaged while gaining knowledge. Choose from cash registers, laptops, book readers, singing critters, gear sets, and more based on a child’s interests. Vtech’s playful approach promotes a lifelong love of learning!

Vtech Toys
  1. Video Game Plushies
    (Ages All, Plush Toys, Game Fans)

These super cute plush game characters are perfect for fans of iconic video game worlds. Choose from Mario Bros, Pokemon, Sonic, PacMan, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, and other beloved gaming brands. Each soft, huggable plushie looks just like the 8-bit characters from these retro classics. Kids and adults alike will love displaying them on a gamer shelf or desk. At 5-15 inches tall, their stubby shapes and cute faces add personality to any game room. Plushies make great gifts for game fans young and old, from ’80s-’90s kids feeling nostalgic to a new generation of gamers. They can even be used for imaginative play adventures! A sweet way to bring treasured video game memories to life.

Video Game Plushies
  1. Velcro Dartboard
    (Ages 3+, Game, Hand-Eye Coordination)

Kids can enjoy all the fun of dart throwing minus the sharp points with this safer Velcro dart set! It comes with a colorful dartboard covered in soft loops and twelve Velcro-lined balls. Kids throw from a distance at the target, working on their hand-eye coordination skills to hit the bullseye. The balls securely stick without puncturing the wall or players. Get the whole family in on the indoor fun! Play solo or in teams practicing accuracy, taking turns, and trying to get the highest score. Great for ages 6+ for game night entertainment, parties, rainy days, and practicing focus and concentration through interactive play.

Dart Board for Kids, Kids Dart Board with Sticky Balls, Boys Toys
  1. Vintage Car Model
    (Ages 8+, Model Kits, Educational Play)

Car enthusiasts and hobbyists will love constructing this highly detailed vintage car model kit. It includes 650+ plastic parts that accurately snap together to build an iconic vehicle like a Model T, vintage Cadillac, retro Ford, or other classic auto. Decals, paints, and chrome accents allow customization for realistic finishes. By following included step-by-step instructions, builders read diagrams and problem-solve during assembly. Great for ages 8+ to develop fine motor skills, concentration, attention to detail, and pride in craftsmanship. Makes a great gift for kids into model building, mechanics, autos, engineering, or hands-on education about transportation history and design.

Vintage Car Model
  1. Vegetable Toys
    (Ages 1+, Pretend Play, Imaginative Play)

Introduce toddlers to healthy foods while building valuable skills with the this Wooden Farmers Market Color Sorting Toys. This engaging set provides an immersive shopping roleplay experience using wooden play food and market accessories. The natural wood material and smooth construction ensure safe play for little hands. With sharp plastic edges, parents can feel good about durable, eco-friendly materials. The farmers market toys engage developing minds through interactive sorting, stacking, and pretend play. An ideal open-ended toy to use in preschool settings or homes.

Vegetable Toys
  1. Violin
    (Ages 4+, Musical Instruments, Active Play)

This 3/4 violin for beginners lets kids learn the techniques of violin playing! Kids will love hearing their music as they draw the bow across strings. Playing violin promotes listening skills, memory, focus, coordination, and artistic expression. This starter violin has adjustable strings to accommodate growing kids. It comes with a case, bow, rosin and clip-on tuner. Perfect for nurturing budding musicians through guided violin practice.

  1. Vehicle
    (Ages 1-5, Ride-On Toys, Motor Skills)

Ride-on vehicle toys allow toddlers and young kids to zoomin’ around while building motor skills! Classic wheeled toys like this sturdy plastic car, dump truck or tractor have hollow interiors for kids to maneuver while seated. Details like steering wheels, gear shifts and engine sounds add realistic flair. Kids strengthen leg muscles pushing themselves along, developing balance and coordination. These tough toys can be used indoors or out and are sized just right for little drivers ages 1-5 to practice movement and mobility. Ride-on vehicles encourage self-confidence, spatial awareness, and gross motor development through active, engaging play.

Digger Scooter, Ride-on Excavator
  1. Viticulture Board Game
    (Ages 8+, Strategy Games, Educational Play)

In this unique tabletop game, players ages 8+ take on the role of winemakers trying to build the most successful winery. Each turn, kids make strategic decisions like planting vines, harvesting grapes, making wine, filling orders and more. The game teaches the entire process behind wine-making while still being family-friendly. Kids learn about agriculture, resource management, timing, forecasting, spatial planning and using probability to make the best choices. With charming artwork and wooden game pieces, Viticulture engages kids in hands-on learning. Kids will gain confidence with practice while having fun competing against friends. An entertaining tabletop game that brings the world of wine-making to life!

Viticulture Essential Edition Board Game


Well those are my top recommendations for incredible V toys to captivate and educate your kiddos for hours on end! With so many options from Vtech learning toys to Venus flytraps, there are loads of entertaining and skill-building toys starting with the letter V. Watch your child’s literacy abilities, STEM knowledge, and creativity vault to new heights! Try out some of these amazing V toys, and your kids will have a vast amount of fun! Let me know in the comments which V toys end up being your family’s favorites! Until next time parents – May the Learning Be With You!

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