10 Cute Christmas Kitten Coloring Pages: Free Printables

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10 Free Cute Christmas Kitten Coloring Sheets

The holiday season just got a whole lot cuter with these 10 free printable Christmas kitten coloring pages. What’s better than combining adorable baby cat art with nostalgic Christmas themes and colors? It makes for the purr-fect festive activity to get creative, relax, and enjoy some feline-inspired holiday magic.

In this blog post, we’ll overview why Christmas kitten coloring is such a great winter activity, take a peek at the 10 featured free pages, stock up on essential coloring supplies, and explore tips, tricks and more Christmas kitten fun ideas to inspire your holiday season. So grab your favorite festive markers and let’s get started!

Why Christmas Kitten Coloring Pages Make a Great Holiday Activity

Coloring might seem like a children’s activity, but it offers nostalgic fun and relaxation for all ages. And when you combine cute kittens with Christmas, it amps up the holiday cheer.

Here’s why Christmas kitten coloring pages make such a great seasonal activity:

  • Require Few Supplies
    You just need some basic coloring implements like markers, colored pencils or crayons. Simple, mess-free fun.
  • Easy to Customize
    Coloring pages allow all skill levels to participate. Go basic with solid fills or get fancy with textures, patterns and embellishments.
  • Spark Nostalgia
    Christmas kittens and coloring both tap into cherished childhood memories. Feel that retro holiday magic all over again!
  • No Special Talent Required
    Forget about skills or training. Coloring is meant to be playful self-expression, not high art.
  • Relaxing
    Mind wander as you casually color, your mind is free to creatively wander and de-stress. Therapeutic holiday Zen!
  • Pages Can Be Colored Repeatedly
    If you love a particular Christmas kitten, you can keep re-coloring it in new festive palettes and styles.
  • Makes a Personalized Gift
    Finished coloring pages stamped with your unique creative touch make heartfelt homemade holiday gifts.
  • Combines Kitten Cuteness with Christmas Magic
    I mean, what’s cuter and more nostalgic than wee kittens frolicking in Santa hats and candy canes? Pureholiday catnip!

Stock Up on Colored Pencils for the Kids and the Adults

Featured Free Printable Christmas Kitten Coloring Pages

Now let’s dive into the Christmas cuteness with 10 free printable Christmas kitten coloring pages, perfect for getting your creative holiday crafting claws out.

#1 Santa Tabby Playing with Ornament

This adorable long-haired brown tabby kitten bats playfully at a shiny Christmas ball ornament beside a tiny decorated tree. You can almost hear the tinkling sound effect!

#2 Jolly Kitten in Elf Hat with Candy Cane

With his little bell-tipped elf hat and giant striped candy treat, this sweet kitten is full of Christmas spirit. He may have already sampled some sugary peppermint goodness from that happy smile.

#3 Kitten Peeking Out from Christmas Stocking

This fluffy baby cat checks out the Christmas scene from the cozy confines of a giant stocking trimmed in fluffy white fur. Just a little face peeking out inquisitively with eyes full of holiday curiosity.

#4 Calico Kitten Snuggling Puppy Toy

Curled up for a cat nap under the Christmas tree, this calico kitten dreams of festive fun while snuggling a cute spotted puppy plush toy. Sweet dreams, little furball!

#5 Fluffy White Kitten Playing in Wrapping Paper

Shredding gift wrap is every cat’s favorite Christmas tradition, and this energetic white puffball attacks a scrap of paper with total kitten glee. Long strips of ribbon and bows just add to the playful chaos.

#6 Kitten with Bells and Yarn Ball

This super adorable kitten has fully embraced the holiday spirit decked out in a collar with jingle bells as he bats around a sparkly Christmas tree yarn ball almost as big as he is. Playtime just got a lot more festive.

#7 Spotted Kitten Batting at a Reindeer

Oh deer! This spotted tabby cat is either making friends with one of Santa’s reindeer or getting some holiday revenge. But she looks pretty pleased with herself playing with the reindeer covered in Christmas lights.

#8 Kitten Under Mistletoe with Bow

This sweet and whimsical kitty looks up hopefully from under a sprig of mistletoe, complete with big bow. No telling what holiday magic might happen next under that seasonal kissing bough!

#9 Long-Haired Kitten Tangled in Christmas Lights

Uh oh, someone looks a little sheepish about the state of the light-festooned Christmas tree. This fluffy Somali cat peers out from between some unraveled twinkle lights. But how could you possibly resist that innocent holiday bedraggled cuteness?

#10 Tabby Kitten Unwrapping Present with Paw

Cats and boxes, wrapping paper…irresistible kitten playthings! This stripy brown tabby has zeroed in on one tempting present and works intently to unwrap it with one reaching paw. The suspense is tangible. WhatCouldItBe?!

More Coloring Supplies

Tips, Tricks & Activity Ideas for Christmas Kitten Coloring Fun

Now that you’re all set up with pages and supplies for coloring cute Christmas kittens, here are some extra tips, tricks and activity ideas to take it up a notch:

  • Add Texture with Craft Materials
    Glue on bits of fabric, fur, pom poms or craft store embellishments for extra dimension.
  • Print Black & White Versions
    Printing the line art without colors allows for endless re-coloring options.
  • Get Creative with Scissors or Punches
    Customize your pages by trimming into shapes or using craft punches for fun edges.
  • Host a Christmas Kitten Coloring Party
    Gather friends for a festive coloring party with snacks and kitschy holiday tunes.
  • Wrap Gifts in Finished Pages
    Use your favorite colored prints as artsy custom gift wrap. Recipients can even re-color them!
  • Frame or String Up Pages as Decorations
    Proudly display your Christmas kitten creations as ornaments or wall art.

Conclusion: Christmas Coloring Fun with Cute Kittens Galore!

As you can see, printable Christmas kitten coloring pages offer all kinds of crafty holiday possibilities. They tap into nostalgic memories of beloved childhood stories and TV specials filled with kittens in Santa hats and other silly seasonal fun. Plus, they provide a calm, creative outlet for all ages to relax and play with art supplies, textures, scissors, glue and more.

So go round up some free Christmas kitten pages online, stock up on essential coloring gear, turn on a Yule log video with instrumental Christmas music, and settle in by the fireplace for some cozy feline-inspired coloring therapy. Let those adorable wide-eyed mini fluffballs in tiny Santa suits infuse your holidays with extra merry merrymaking. Just try not to squeal too loudly over all the cuteness!

What creative ways will you color and craft with Christmas kittens this season? Share your holiday kitten fun in the comments below! And remember to check out our other free coloring page printables for more coloring fun.

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