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Thank you for downloading my coloring pages! I am happy to provide these for your personal, non-commercial use free of charge.

Personal Use You may download, print and color my pages for your own enjoyment, to gift to friends and family, or for educational purposes. Personal use does not include selling, distributing or otherwise commercializing the pages.

Prohibited Uses My coloring pages may NOT be:

  • Resold or redistributed in their original or altered form
  • Used in any for-profit commercial products or services without my express written consent
  • Claimed as your own work or with false copyright statements
  • Printed and sold on physical products without my express written consent

If you have any doubt whether your intended use is authorized, please contact me to get permission. I reserve the right to update these terms at any time. Your continued use of my coloring pages constitutes agreement to these terms.

I hope you enjoy my artwork! Please respect my creative work by following these guidelines. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hey there! I'm Allen, but you can call me "The Corny Dad" from Canada. I have a wife and four kiddos. Yep, one's full grown, but they'll always be my babies. When I'm not doing something with my family or playing video games, I'm here, jotting down my bits of wisdom on this blog. From the fun stuff to the parenting chaos, I cover it all. Believe me, with the right attitude, parenting's a smoother ride and I'm here to help.

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