Christmas Puppy Coloring Pages: Free Holiday Cheer for Kids

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Christmas Puppy Coloring Pages

Get your crayons or colored pencils ready! This Christmas you and your kids can spread some holiday cheer by printing and coloring these 10 free Christmas puppy coloring pages.

What could be more festive than combining adorable, playful puppies with classic Christmas elements like Santa hats, reindeer antlers, presents and more? I’ve created 10 pages featuring all kinds of cute puppies celebrating the Christmas season that you can download and print at home for free!

So grab some hot cocoa, put on your favorite Christmas tunes, and have fun coloring with the whole family! And remember to use the hashtag #thecornydadcoloring so we can all see your coloring creations! 💕

Why Christmas Puppy Coloring Pages Make the Perfect Holiday Activity

Coloring is already a classic low-key activity for kids and adults alike. Add Christmas themes and precious puppies into the mix, and you quadruple the feel-good fun!

Here’s why these Christmas puppy coloring pages make such a pawsome holiday activity:

  • They require few supplies – just pages, coloring instruments and creativity!
  • Easy to customize to your own style and skill level
  • Spark nostalgia for the classic Christmas puppy storybooks of childhood
  • No special talent required – anyone can color puppies and enjoy it!
  • Relaxing activity lets your mind wander to holiday memories
  • Pages can be colored again and again over the years
  • Makes a personalized gift for friends and family who love puppies
  • Combines puppy cuteness overload with the magical Christmas season!

Stock Up on Coloring Supplies

Meet the 10 Christmas Puppy Coloring Pages

#1 Santa Husky Puppy Pulling Present Sled

Puppy Coloring Pages

A Husky puppy pulling a sled overflowing with colorfully-wrapped Christmas presents. The happy, fluffy pup is dashing through the snow, tongue wagging as it delivers holiday joy.

#2 Jolly Corgi Elf Baking Treats

Christmas Puppy Coloring Pages

Here’s a delightful coloring page featuring a jolly corgi elf baking treats! This page showcases a whimsical corgi, dressed in an adorable elf costume, engaging in the festive activity of baking. It’s perfect for children who love animals and festive themes. The thick, clear lines make it easy for little hands to color within the lines. This coloring page is not only fun but also helps in developing fine motor skills and creativity. Ideal for holiday activities, art classes, or just a fun day at home. Happy coloring! 🎨🐾🍪🎄

#3 Boxer Pup Putting Star Atop Tree

Boxer Pup Putting Star Atop Tree

A coloring page perfect for the festive season! It features a charming boxer puppy, with big, round eyes and floppy ears, eagerly trying to place a star atop a Christmas tree. Perfect for holiday creativity and developing fine motor skills, this page is a must-have for young coloring enthusiasts!

#4 Dalmatian in Santa Hat Baking Cookies

Dalmatian in Santa Hat Baking Cookies

A coloring page featuring a cheerful Dalmatian in a Santa hat, baking cookies. Perfect for young artists to bring to life with colors, it captures the festive spirit and the joy of baking. This page, with its clear lines and simple design, is ideal for enhancing creativity in children.

#5 Tangled Golden Retriever Puppy in Garland

Tangled Golden Retriever Puppy in Garland

A coloring page featuring a playful golden retriever puppy entangled in a simple garland. Perfect for young artists, this page highlights the puppy’s exaggerated, adorable features, ensuring a fun and engaging coloring experience.

#6 Snowy St Bernard Holding Candy Cane

Snowy St Bernard Holding Candy Cane

Here’s a delightful coloring page of a St Bernard dog in a snowy scene, holding a candy cane. With its big, friendly eyes and fluffy coat, this St Bernard is ready for some coloring fun! This page is perfect for children who love winter and adorable dogs.

#7 Australian Shepherd Fetched Reindeer Toy

Australian Shepherd Fetched Reindeer Toy

Here’s a cute coloring page featuring a cartoon Australian Shepherd with a toy reindeer. It’s perfect for young children to color, with simple and clear lines. The dog and toy have adorable, exaggerated features, making them both fun and easy to color.

#8 Shih Tzu in Sweater Under Mistletoe

Shih Tzu in Sweater Under Mistletoe

This coloring page showcases a charming cartoon Shih Tzu wearing a cozy sweater, positioned under a mistletoe. The design is simple and delightful, with thick lines for easy coloring, ideal for children.

#9 Antlered Poodle Wearing Bells and Ribbon

Antlered Poodle Wearing Bells and Ribbon

Here is a coloring page featuring a whimsical antlered poodle adorned with bells and a ribbon. This playful image captures the charm of a fluffy poodle, complete with cute antlers and festive decorations, ready for a child’s creative coloring.

#10 Jack Russell Terrier Unwrapping Present

Jack Russell Terrier Unwrapping Present

Here’s a coloring page featuring a cheerful Jack Russell Terrier excitedly unwrapping a large present. This adorable scene captures the playful spirit of the dog, eagerly revealing the surprise inside the gift.

With different puppy breeds, backgrounds, Christmas elements and activities, these pages provide plenty of variety to spark your creativity.

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Tips, Tricks & Activity Ideas

Once you’ve downloaded and printed the Christmas puppy coloring pages, here are some tips for using them:

  • Add texture: Use glitter pens, puff paints and craft scraps to give your puppy page sparkle!
  • Reuse and share: Print out black-and-white versions so you can color the pages again and again over the years.
  • Get creative with edges: Use craft scissors or scrapbooking punches to give pages unique shapes.
  • Make a party of it: Host a Christmas puppy coloring party with friends and family. Make it potluck for extra cozy fun!
  • Give puppy gifts: Wrap small pet gifts or toys in your finished coloring pages or use them to make custom greeting cards.
  • Decorate with glee: Frame your favorite finished pages or string them up for unique Christmas puppy decor!

The possibilities are endless when you combine adorable puppies with the Christmas spirit! Unleash your creativity with coloring pens, craft supplies and good company.

I hope you and your family/friends have a pawsome time coloring all the different cute puppies in Christmas gear like Santa hats, reindeer antlers, holiday cookies and gifts galore.

Woofy ho ho ho and happy holidays! 🐶

More Christmas Puppy Fun

If you can’t get enough adorable Christmas puppies, here are some products available on Amazon that spread more seasonal cheer:

I also have more free printable coloring pages and coloring packs over at my coloring page category when you need a coloring pick-me-up!

Now get out those markers, turn up the Christmas tunes, and get coloring puppies in Santa hats! 🎅 🐶

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