I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas: 10 Free Christmas Hippo Coloring Pages

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I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

The holidays just got wild with these 10 free printable “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” coloring pages. What’s better than combining tons-of-fun hippo art with the most epic Christmas song ever written? It makes for the perfect offbeat festive activity to spark laughter, tap into nostalgia, and enjoy some truly hippotamus-inspired holiday magic.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why the notion of getting a pet hippo makes such hilarious holiday fodder, take a peek at 10 original free coloring pages featuring hippos and the iconic song, stock up on essential coloring gear, and dive deeper into the cultural phenomenon surrounding Gayla Peevey’s silly novelty hippo hit. So grab your purple crayon and let’s get wallowing in the Christmas creativity!

Why “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” Makes For Big Holiday Laughs

The innocence of a little girl begging Santa for a wild and dangerous African riverhorse as a pet sparks countless belly laughs. And the catchy tune charms its way into your head instantly.

Here’s why the novelty song makes such great comedic holiday material:

  • Ridiculous Premise – Asking Santa to wrap up a pygmy hippopotamus with a big red bow is just silly and unexpected song fodder.
  • Adorable Earnestness – With starry-eyed Christmas enthusiasm, Gayla Peevey sweetly sells the absurdity with heartstrings pulling charm.
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos Association – The iconic kids’ game about hippos gobbling up marbles has cemented hippos as playful fun in pop culture.
  • Introduces Hippos to the Holidays – Hippos generally don’t come to mind for Christmas, making their inclusion automatically quirky.
  • Endlessly Meme-able – The hippo plea combined with Gayla’s sweet sincerity offers comedy gold for holiday memes and gags.
  • CounterProgramming to Traditional Carols – Offering up a hip and hilarious hippo song alternative breaks the monotony of solemn old standbys.

The unexpected hilarity makes “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” an instant mood lifter, smile bringer, and memory maker. Time to get coloring!

Stock Up on Purple Crayons & Craft Supplies Hippos Would Love

Since hippos love splashing around in water and flopping in mud, stock up on washable markers and paints. And don’t forget the purple crayons…we all know hippos are purple in real life!

Some pom poms, felt, fabric scraps, and wiggly eyes also make fun embellishments for our hippo art.

Featured Free Printable “Hippopotamus for Christmas” Coloring Pages

Let’s check out the jolly hippo potential with 10 original free printable coloring pages featuring scenes from the beloved novelty Christmas song:

#1 Hippo With Bow Snacking on Poinsettia

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This hungry hippo munches a big red poinsettia flower as he models a giant fluffy bow around his neck. Someone really hopes Santa brings him home as a pet! But that delicious plant snack shows his wild tendencies.

#2 Pygmy Hippo With Christmas Tree Decorations

Nested along big bright Christmas balls and twinkling lights, this tiny pygmy hippo gazes out longingly. He’s all ready for Santa to deliver him as a petite pet surprise under the holiday tree.

#3 Hippo Wearing Light-Up Antlers

Rudolph better watch out! This roly-poly hippo dons glowing antlers and a vibrant plaid scarf as he gives his best reindeer impression. He’s clearly angling for a spot on Santa’s delivery team.

#4 Hippo With Candy Cane Stripes

Striped like a giant peppermint candy cane, this sweet hippo gets into the holiday spirit. He even wears a jaunty scarf with candy embellishments as he dreams of becoming a Christmas pet.

#5 Hippo Getting Tangled In Ribbons

Uh oh! Wrapping presents has this uncoordinated hippo twisting and turning as curling ribbons seem to take on a life of their own. Details can be colored on both hippo and binding boa-like ribbons.

#6 Hippo Playing Hungry Hungry Hippos Game

This hippo really identifies with the iconic 90s kids game as evidenced by the hippo headpiece he’s modeling. And he’s ready to join in some marble-chomping fun with new adoptive siblings!

#7 Hippo Singing “I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas”

Decked out in a thick scarf and earmuffs, this hippo belts out his plea for Santa to bring him home for Christmas. We can almost hear his off-key warbling notes drifting out!

#8 Hippo Peeking From Christmas Stocking

This tiny hippo can’t wait for Christmas morning! He playfully pops out from a giant stocking overflowing with treats and toys. Being gifted as a pet would be the icing on the cake.

#9 Hippo Curling Up Beside Holiday Gift Box

This hippo settles in for a nap next to an oversized present box topped with a big silky bow. Customize the wrapping paper on the gift with your own patterns and embellishments as the hippo dreams of what’s inside.

#10 Silly Hippo Wearing Santa Hat

This cheerful hippo is ready to spread some Christmas joy wearing a bright red Santa hat trimmed in white fur. He would make the most marvelous adopted hippo for the holidays!

More Coloring Supplies

Tips, Tricks & Song Lyrics For More Hippo-Themed Holiday Fun

  • Memorize the lyrics to singalong with quirky nostalgic glee and annoy delight family with spontaneous bursts of novelty song cheer.
  • Craft hippo Christmas cards featuring custom coloring page art and handwritten hippo adoption pleas to Santa inside.
  • Host an ugly hippo sweater competition by decorating everyday sweaters with fabric hippo shapes, glitter, pom poms and other outrageous embellishments.
  • Make hippo holiday treats like dirt cups or mud pie, creatively playing up the messy eater reputation hippos have.

Here’s a verse to get the potamus party started:

I want a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy
I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
I don’t think Santa Claus will mind, do you? He won’t have to use our dirty chimney flue Just bring him through the front door, That’s the easy thing to do

Conclusion: Have a Hippo Holiday With This Hilarious Christmas Song!

As you can see, leaning into the absurdity of gifting an undomesticated large semi-aquatic wild beast as a family pet taps into tremendous funny bone potential. And the 10 original printable coloring pages offer plenty of hands-on hippo-powered creativity.

So crank up Peevey’s novelty hippo hit, get your purple crayon on with some comical Christmas creatures, and channel the silliness into homemade holiday cards, offbeat treats, humorously decorated apparel and more.

‘Tis the season for hippopotamus merriment after all! Care to share your own ideas for honor the beloved song? Chime in below with any and all fun spins on this quirky Christmas classic.

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