10 Christmas Dinosaur Coloring Pages: Free Printables

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Christmas Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Get Your Kid’s Dino Obsession Roaring for the Holidays with these 10 Christmas Dinosaur Coloring Pages!

The holidays are coming up fast, and if your kiddo is anything like mine, they probably love two things: dinosaurs and Christmas! Am I right parents? Well, now you can combine these two interests with this fun printable pack of dinosaur Christmas coloring pages.

Coloring is such a great activity for littles ones during the hectic holiday season. It keeps their hands busy, sparks their creativity, improves their focus, and has a calming effect when they’re likely wound up with excitement! Plus, what kid wouldn’t love coloring dinosaurs decked out in Santa hats, decorating trees, singing carols and unwrapping presents? It’s sure to get them revved up for the holidays!

In this pack, you’ll find 10 different dinosaur-themed pages covering all the best parts of Christmas: decorating, fun winter activities, traditions like caroling, exchanging gifts, spending time with family, gathering for a special meal…you name it, there’s a dino for it!

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10 Christmas Dinosaur Coloring Pages

The Christmas T-Rex Coloring Page is a holiday classic in the making! Just like kids, the Tyrannosaurus Rex can’t contain its excitement about Christmas morning. It’s ready to dig into those gift boxes under the tree while dressed up in its Santa hat and scarf. Such a fun design for your aspiring paleontologist!

Christmas T-Rex Coloring Page

Decking the halls is the Apatosaurus on the Dinosaur Christmas Tree Coloring Page. This happy dino gets to do the honors of decorating the perfect evergreen with ornaments and lights. Kids will have a blast picking out colors for the baubles and garland to make it the most festive fir around!

Apatosaurus decorating Christmas Tree, coloring page

Chilly weather makes for prime snowman building time, so the Triceratops on the Snowman Dinosaur Coloring Page rolls up giant snow boulders for its wintry friend. Complete with a top hat, scarf, carrot nose and coal eyes, this snowman is ready to get colored in alongside the Triceratops. Brrr…this one looks like fun on a cold day!

Triceratops making a snowman, coloring page

Few things say Christmas more than a reef with bright red berries and pinecones hung on the front door. The Stegosaurus Christmas Wreath Coloring Page looks so jolly hanging this festive wreath and letting kids add color with their crayons or markers. Such a merry way to spread some holiday cheer!

Stegosaurus hanging up a wreath on the front foor, coloring page

Light up the season with the Brachiosaurus Christmas Lights Coloring Page, showing a long-necked dino stringing up colored bulbs on the trees outside. Kids can let their creativity shine by choosing colors for the lights to illuminate the night. So dreamy!

Brachiosaurus putting lights on a Christmas tree, coloring page

What’s Christmas without cookies? The Pterodactyl Christmas Cookies Coloring Page captures a magical tradition: decorating sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles! Kids will have a blast coloring the dino, treats and swirly designs. Mmmm…can I have one when you’re done?

Pterodactyl making Christmas cookies, coloring page

A few of my favorite carols are coming from the Dinosaur Christmas Caroling Coloring Page, with dinos singing joyfully from sheet music books. Colorful scarves, Santa hats, and instruments make this one especially fun for music lovers!

Dinosaur Christmas Caroling Coloring Page

Santa’s got nothing on the Dinosaur Delivering Christmas Gifts Coloring Page, where a dino pulls a sled full of perfectly wrapped presents and a decorated tree. Just imagine all the goodies inside those boxes under the tree as you color!

Dino pulls a sled full of perfectly wrapped presents and a decorated tree, coloring page

Spending time with family is part of what the holidays are all about, right? The Dinosaur Family Christmas Coloring Page captures the magic of being with loved ones during the season as they open gifts by the Christmas tree. Stockings, presents, ornaments galore…this one is full of holiday cheer!

Dinosaur Family Christmas Coloring Page

Lastly, we end with a delicious scene: the Dinosaur Christmas Dinner Coloring Page. The T-Rex family gathers around the holiday table with turkey, pie and all the fixings. Don’t forget to add festive red and green sweaters on the dinos!

The T-Rex family gathers around the holiday table with turkey, pie and all the fixings, coloring page

More Coloring Supplies

Phew, with 10 pages covering all the best Christmas themes, your kiddo is sure to stay entertained for hours coloring these dinosaur creations. So ring in the holidays by downloading these free Christmas dino coloring sheets today! Just print and watch your child’s dino obsession go wild for Christmas.

Okay parents, get ready for those stockings to be stuffed with some roaringly good coloring fun! Happy holidays!

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