The Best List of Simon Says Commands: 520 Ideas

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Simon Says Ideas

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Well hello there, fun-loving parents! Are you in need of a good ole fashioned game that’s sure to get the kids giggling and the adults reminiscing about their childhoods? Then Simon Says is the name, and fun’s the game!

The Rules of Simon Says

Alright kids, gather ’round for a riveting game of Simon Says and learn how to play! This classic family game night activity is sure to get your heart pumping and bring plenty of laughs. Here are the rules:

First, decide who will be Simon. This lucky player gets to call out the commands that everyone else has to follow. But there’s a catch! You only have to do what Simon Says. If Simon says “jump up and down” then you better start hopping! But if Simon just says “clap your hands” without saying “Simon says” first, then don’t do it!

Now here’s where it gets tricky. Simon has to try and fake you out by giving orders without saying “Simon says.” If you follow a command that doesn’t begin with “Simon says,” then you’re out! The last player still standing in the game wins and gets to be Simon for the next round.

To play, gather in a circle so Simon can see everyone. When Simon gives a command, they have to say “Simon says” first in order for you to do it. If you mess up and follow a command without “Simon says,” then you’re out – have a seat on the sidelines.

Simon will start by saying something like “Simon says to touch your nose.” Everyone must then touch their nose. Simon will keep giving commands, trying to eliminate players by sneaking in orders without saying “Simon says” first.

It’s a simple group activity game, but so much fun and laughter when Simon tries to trick you. Soon you’ll be jumping, spinning, acting silly and getting your exercise in too. So grab your family and friends and let the hilarious game of Simon Says begin!

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20 Fun Animal Simon Says Commands for Kids

  1. Simon says bark like a dog.
  2. Simon says flap your wings like a bird.
  3. Simon says growl like a bear.
  4. Simon says roar like a lion.
  5. Simon says hiss like a snake.
  6. Simon says squeak like a mouse.
  7. Simon says stomp like an elephant.
  8. Simon says neigh like a horse.
  9. Simon says oink like a pig.
  10. Simon says ribbit like a frog.
  11. Simon says buzz like a bee.
  12. Simon says moo like a cow.
  13. Simon says cluck like a chicken.
  14. Simon says howl like a wolf.
  15. Simon says chirp like a cricket.
  16. Simon says waddle like a penguin.
  17. Simon says slither like a snake.
  18. Simon says screech like a monkey.
  19. Simon says croak like a frog.
  20. Simon says meow like a cat.

Shake, Wiggle, and Giggle – 20 Movement Simon Says Ideas for Kids

  1. Simon says jump up and down.
  2. Simon says spin around in a circle.
  3. Simon says reach up high to the sky.
  4. Simon says touch your toes.
  5. Simon says take 5 big steps forward.
  6. Simon says hop on one foot.
  7. Simon says walk slowly in place.
  8. Simon says pretend to swim.
  9. Simon says shake your body like you’re drying off.
  10. Simon says wiggle your hips.
  11. Simon says nod your head yes.
  12. Simon says shake your head no.
  13. Simon says clap your hands.
  14. Simon says rub your belly.
  15. Simon says stomp your feet.
  16. Simon says wave your arms.
  17. Simon says strike a pose.
  18. Simon says balance on one foot.
  19. Simon says crawl on the floor.
  20. Simon says freeze like a statue.

Get Expressive with 20 Emotion-Focused Simon Says Commands

  1. Simon says look happy.
  2. Simon says look sad.
  3. Simon says look surprised.
  4. Simon says look angry.
  5. Simon says look frightened.
  6. Simon says look excited.
  7. Simon says look bored.
  8. Simon says look confused.
  9. Simon says look proud.
  10. Simon says look embarrassed.
  11. Simon says look worried.
  12. Simon says look relaxed.
  13. Simon says look disappointed.
  14. Simon says look annoyed.
  15. Simon says look frustrated.
  16. Simon says look tired.
  17. Simon says look energetic.
  18. Simon says look jealous.
  19. Simon says look silly.
  20. Simon says look thankful.

When I Grow Up! 20 Occupation-Themed Simon Says Commands

  1. Simon says act like a chef cooking food.
  2. Simon says act like a doctor giving a check-up.
  3. Simon says act like a firefighter putting out a fire.
  4. Simon says act like a painter creating a masterpiece.
  5. Simon says act like a dancer moving to the music.
  6. Simon says act like a singer performing on stage.
  7. Simon says act like a pilot flying a plane.
  8. Simon says act like a farmer tending the animals.
  9. Simon says act like a conductor leading an orchestra.
  10. Simon says act like a photographer taking pictures.
  11. Simon says act like a gardener planting seeds.
  12. Simon says act like a builder constructing a house.
  13. Simon says act like a scientist doing an experiment.
  14. Simon says act like a teacher giving a lesson.
  15. Simon says act like an athlete running a race.
  16. Simon says act like a superhero saving the day.
  17. Simon says act like a cowboy riding a horse.
  18. Simon says act like a salesperson greeting customers.
  19. Simon says act like a veterinarian caring for animals.
  20. Simon says act like a lifeguard watching the pool.

Imaginary Transportation! 20 Travel Simon Says Ideas for Kids

  1. Simon says drive like you’re in a race car.
  2. Simon says soar through the skies like an airplane.
  3. Simon says chug along like a train.
  4. Simon says speed like a boat over the waves.
  5. Simon says pedal fast like you’re on a bicycle.
  6. Simon says bounce along like you’re on a bus.
  7. Simon says blast off like a rocket ship.
  8. Simon says zoom around like you’re on a motorcycle.
  9. Simon says glide gracefully like a hot air balloon.
  10. Simon says row smoothly like you’re in a canoe.
  11. Simon says climb high like you’re on a rollercoaster.
  12. Simon says sway side to side like you’re on a swing ride.
  13. Simon says spin around like you’re in a helicopter.
  14. Simon says dive deep like you’re in a submarine.
  15. Simon says drive fast like you’re in a race car.
  16. Simon says four wheel around like you’re on an ATV.
  17. Simon says speed like a sled down a snowy hill.
  18. Simon says swoosh about like you’re on a ski lift.
  19. Simon says tread lightly like you’re on the moon.
  20. Simon says blast off like a rocket ship.

Explore the Great Outdoors with 20 Nature Simon Says Prompts

  1. Simon says bloom like a flower.
  2. Simon says stand tall like a tree.
  3. Simon says wiggle like a worm.
  4. Simon says flutter like a butterfly.
  5. Simon says buzz like a bee.
  6. Simon says slither like a snake.
  7. Simon says howl like the wind.
  8. Simon says flow like a river.
  9. Simon says shine like the sun.
  10. Simon says pour like the rain.
  11. Simon says crawl like an ant.
  12. Simon says gallop like a horse.
  13. Simon says prowl like a lion.
  14. Simon says waddle like a penguin.
  15. Simon says fly like an eagle.
  16. Simon says leap like a frog.
  17. Simon says burrow like a mole.
  18. Simon says flutter like a hummingbird.
  19. Simon says scamper like a squirrel.
  20. Simon says drift like the clouds.

Play Ball! 20 Athletic Simon Says Commands for Kids

  1. Simon says dribble a basketball.
  2. Simon says swing a baseball bat.
  3. Simon says score a soccer goal.
  4. Simon says serve a tennis ball.
  5. Simon says spike a volleyball.
  6. Simon says shoot a hockey puck.
  7. Simon says tackle your opponent.
  8. Simon says do a cartwheel like a gymnast.
  9. Simon says ride like you’re in a horse race.
  10. Simon says paddle a canoe down the river.
  11. Simon says take a lap like you’re in a race.
  12. Simon says do jumping jacks like you’re working out.
  13. Simon says climb a rock wall.
  14. Simon says skate around like you’re playing hockey.
  15. Simon says hit a home run over the fence.
  16. Simon says sprint towards the finish line.
  17. Simon says kick a soccer ball into the goal.
  18. Simon says pose like a champion weightlifter.
  19. Simon says perfect your bowling throw.
  20. Simon says karate chop the air.

Make Chore Time a Game with These 20 Simon Says Prompts

  1. Simon says sweep the floor.
  2. Simon says make the beds.
  3. Simon says load the laundry.
  4. Simon says wash the dishes.
  5. Simon says vacuum the carpet.
  6. Simon says wipe the windows.
  7. Simon says clean up your toys.
  8. Simon says organize your bookshelf.
  9. Simon says take out the trash.
  10. Simon says water the plants.
  11. Simon says put away your clothes.
  12. Simon says dust the furniture.
  13. Simon says mop the kitchen floor.
  14. Simon says tidy up the family room.
  15. Simon says fold the clean towels.
  16. Simon says scrub the bathroom sink.
  17. Simon says make your bed nicely.
  18. Simon says load the dishwasher.
  19. Simon says sweep the porch.
  20. Simon says organize the shoes.

Play with Colors! 20 Colorful Simon Says Ideas for Kids

  1. Simon says point to something blue.
  2. Simon says find something yellow.
  3. Simon says touch something green.
  4. Simon says grab something red.
  5. Simon says stand by something black.
  6. Simon says hop to something white.
  7. Simon says jump up and down if you see orange.
  8. Simon says nod if you spot pink.
  9. Simon says clap if you see brown.
  10. Simon says smile when you see gray.
  11. Simon says spin around if you see gold.
  12. Simon says wiggle if you see silver.
  13. Simon says stomp if you see purple.
  14. Simon says roar if you see tan.
  15. Simon says bark if you see peach.
  16. Simon says meow if you see plum.
  17. Simon says quack if you see maroon.
  18. Simon says moo if you see teal.
  19. Simon says baa if you see navy.
  20. Simon says whinny if you see olive.

Discover Shapes through Play! 20 Geometry Simon Says Prompts for Kids

  1. Simon says point to a circle.
  2. Simon says find a square.
  3. Simon says jump to a triangle.
  4. Simon says stand by a rectangle.
  5. Simon says hop on one foot to a star.
  6. Simon says run your finger along an oval shape.
  7. Simon says clap your hands if you see a diamond.
  8. Simon says yell “Bingo!” if you spot a heart.
  9. Simon says wiggle like a worm if you see a crescent moon.
  10. Simon says flap your wings if you see a pentagon.
  11. Simon says roar like a lion if you find a hexagon.
  12. Simon says meow if you spot an octagon.
  13. Simon says moo if you see a trapezoid.
  14. Simon says quack like a duck if you find a rhombus.
  15. Simon says woof if you see a parallelogram.
  16. Simon says croak like a frog if you see a cube.
  17. Simon says buzz like a bee if you find a sphere.
  18. Simon says hiss like a snake if you see a cylinder.
  19. Simon says gobble like a turkey if you spot a cone.
  20. Simon says bray like a donkey if you see a prism.

Bust a Move! 20 Fun Music and Dance Simon Says Activities for Children

  1. Simon says pretend to play the piano.
  2. Simon says strum an air guitar.
  3. Simon says beat a drum rhythm.
  4. Simon says pluck the strings of a harp.
  5. Simon says toot a horn.
  6. Simon says tap out a beat with your hands.
  7. Simon says play the maracas.
  8. Simon says tune an imaginary violin.
  9. Simon says rock out on the microphone.
  10. Simon says wind up a jack-in-the-box.
  11. Simon says bang the cymbals.
  12. Simon says bounce around like you’re at a concert.
  13. Simon says conduct the orchestra.
  14. Simon says twirl like a ballerina.
  15. Simon says plié like a ballet dancer.
  16. Simon says leap through the air like you’re dancing.
  17. Simon says belt out a tune opera-style.
  18. Simon says sway to a slow song.
  19. Simon says move to the groove.
  20. Simon says take a bow when you’re done performing.

Show Us Your Fancy Footwork! 20 Creative Dance & Movement Simon Says Prompts

  1. Simon says do the twist.
  2. Simon says moonwalk backwards.
  3. Simon says spin around and around.
  4. Simon says leap through the air.
  5. Simon says shimmy your shoulders.
  6. Simon says tap dance to the beat.
  7. Simon says cha cha slide to the left.
  8. Simon says strike a disco pose.
  9. Simon says hustle across the room.
  10. Simon says shake it like you mean it.
  11. Simon says do the sprinkler move.
  12. Simon says pretend to hula dance.
  13. Simon says tango with your partner.
  14. Simon says sway your hips to the music.
  15. Simon says breakdance on the ground.
  16. Simon says take a ballerina bow.
  17. Simon says merengue to the rhythm.
  18. Simon says do a little jig.
  19. Simon says salsa to the music.
  20. Simon says freeze in a pose when the music stops.

Let’s Cook Up Some Fun! 20 Food & Cooking Simon Says Ideas for Preschoolers

  1. Simon says pretend to peel a banana.
  2. Simon says squeeze fresh orange juice.
  3. Simon says spread peanut butter on bread.
  4. Simon says scoop ice cream into a cone.
  5. Simon says stir a pot on the stove.
  6. Simon says knead pizza dough.
  7. Simon says frost a layer cake.
  8. Simon says peel carrots from the garden.
  9. Simon says chop vegetables for a salad.
  10. Simon says blend a smoothie drink.
  11. Simon says sprinkle cheese on tacos.
  12. Simon says sip hot tea from a cup.
  13. Simon says lick melting ice cream before it drips.
  14. Simon says carefully crack eggs into a bowl.
  15. Simon says gently mix cookie batter.
  16. Simon says flip pancakes in a pan.
  17. Simon says roll out pie dough.
  18. Simon says juice fresh lemons.
  19. Simon says grind coffee beans.
  20. Simon says decorate cupcakes with frosting.

Bring Favorite Characters to Life! Classroom Creativity with Movie-Themed Simon Says

  1. Simon says fly like Superman.
  2. Simon says swing through the city like Spiderman.
  3. Simon says use the Force like a Jedi.
  4. Simon says roar like Godzilla.
  5. Simon says cast a spell like Voldemort.
  6. Simon says pose like Wonder Woman.
  7. Simon says hulk out like the Incredible Hulk.
  8. Simon says hop like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.
  9. Simon says be silly like Olaf from Frozen.
  10. Simon says fly on a magic carpet like Aladdin.
  11. Simon says search for Nemo like Dory.
  12. Simon says kung fu fight like Po from Kung Fu Panda.
  13. Simon says be as fast as Dash from The Incredibles.
  14. Simon says drive fast like Lightning McQueen.
  15. Simon says talk like a Minion.
  16. Simon says pose like Captain America.
  17. Simon says twirl like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
  18. Simon says swim and explore like Nemo.
  19. Simon says karate chop like Mr. Miyagi.
  20. Simon says fly with pixie dust like Peter Pan.

Imagine You’re a Fairytale Character! Enchanting Simon Says Roleplay for Preschoolers

  1. Simon says spin like a princess.
  2. Simon says gallop like a knight on a horse.
  3. Simon says swim like a mermaid.
  4. Simon says fly like Peter Pan.
  5. Simon says stomp like a giant.
  6. Simon says cast a magic spell like a wizard.
  7. Simon says plant beans and grow a beanstalk like Jack.
  8. Simon says build a house of bricks like the Three Little Pigs.
  9. Simon says call out “Who’s been eating my porridge?” like Mama Bear.
  10. Simon says skip through the forest like Little Red Riding Hood.
  11. Simon says pose like a beautiful princess waiting for a prince.
  12. Simon says pretend to spin straw into gold like Rumplestiltskin.
  13. Simon says climb Rapunzel’s long, golden hair.
  14. Simon says swat the Billy Goats Gruff off your bridge.
  15. Simon says skip with glee like Goldilocks exploring the cottage.
  16. Simon says roar ferociously like the Big Bad Wolf.
  17. Simon says sneak quietly like the Gingerbread Man escaping.
  18. Simon says plant magical beans like Jack.
  19. Simon says twirl your fairy wand and grant a wish.
  20. Simon says bibbidi-bobbidi-boo like Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.

Goofy Grins and Giggles Galore! Classroom Simon Says for Teaching Emotional Expression

  1. Simon says make a happy face.
  2. Simon says make a sad face.
  3. Simon says make an angry face.
  4. Simon says make a surprised face.
  5. Simon says make a scared face.
  6. Simon says make a funny goofy face.
  7. Simon says stick out your tongue.
  8. Simon says puff out your cheeks.
  9. Simon says raise your eyebrows up and down.
  10. Simon says wiggle your nose like a bunny.
  11. Simon says open your mouth wide.
  12. Simon says squint your eyes.
  13. Simon says grin a giant toothy smile.
  14. Simon says frown an upside down smile.
  15. Simon says blink your eyes super fast.
  16. Simon says scrunch up your nose.
  17. Simon says look sideways with just your eyes.
  18. Simon says curl your upper lip.
  19. Simon says bat your eyelashes.
  20. Simon says cross your eyes.

Make Storytime Silly! Goofy Voice Simon Says Game to Teach Literacy Skills to K-2 Students

  1. Simon says use a high squeaky voice.
  2. Simon says use a low rumbly voice.
  3. Simon says talk in a robot voice.
  4. Simon says use a whispery voice.
  5. Simon says use a loud booming voice.
  6. Simon says talk in a deep grumbly bear voice.
  7. Simon says speak in a funny accent.
  8. Simon says say it very slowly.
  9. Simon says say it super fast.
  10. Simon says say it while laughing.
  11. Simon says use a underwater bubbly voice.
  12. Simon says use a pirate arrrgh voice.
  13. Simon says make animal noises as you talk.
  14. Simon says sing instead of speak.
  15. Simon says yell everything you say.
  16. Simon says say it in a spooky voice.
  17. Simon says say it in a princess voice.
  18. Simon says say it like a mouse squeaking.
  19. Simon says use a funny nasal voice.
  20. Simon says say it in a cowboy voice.

Act Out Old MacDonald! Nursery Rhyme Themed Simon Says for Toddler Indoor Recess

  1. Simon says act out Rock-a-bye Baby rocking a baby.
  2. Simon says pretend to make pots of stew for Pease Porridge Hot.
  3. Simon says dig a hole and plant a seed for Incy Wincy Spider.
  4. Simon says climb up and down like Jack and Jill.
  5. Simon says run around like the Gingerbread Man.
  6. Simon says rock side to side for Row Your Boat.
  7. Simon says bounce up and down for Bouncing Round the Room.
  8. Simon says wiggle like worms for Nobody Likes Me.
  9. Simon says tip over for I’m a Little Teapot.
  10. Simon says swat flies away for Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me.
  11. Simon says pretend to drive a racecar for Zoom, Zoom, Zoom.
  12. Simon says tiptoe softly for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
  13. Simon says hop little bunny for Little Bunny Foo Foo.
  14. Simon says pretend to mix cake batter for Pat-a-Cake.
  15. Simon says play peek-a-boo for Peek-a-Boo.
  16. Simon says clap hands for If You’re Happy and You Know It.
  17. Simon says curtsy like a princess for Cinderella.
  18. Simon says be a brave knight for Brave Sir Robin.
  19. Simon says flap wings like Little Birdie.
  20. Simon says give doggie kisses for Bingo.

Slip on Your Enchanted Crown! Fairy Tale Princess & Prince Simon Says Game for Circle Time

  1. Simon says curtsy like a princess.
  2. Simon says bow like a prince.
  3. Simon says pretend to wear a jeweled crown.
  4. Simon says wave like a queen.
  5. Simon says march like a king.
  6. Simon says dance at the royal ball.
  7. Simon says ride a white horse like a knight.
  8. Simon says sip tea delicately like a princess.
  9. Simon says stand guard at the castle.
  10. Simon says tip your crown like a silly king.
  11. Simon says giggle like a fun princess.
  12. Simon says ride a unicorn like a magical queen.
  13. Simon says flap your wings like a baby dragon.
  14. Simon says search for the lost crown jewels.
  15. Simon says pretend to slay a fire-breathing dragon.
  16. Simon says eat messily like a hungry jester.
  17. Simon says float gracefully like a fairy.
  18. Simon says juggle pretend balls like a court juggler.
  19. Simon says paint royal portraits of your family.
  20. Simon says be kind to your royal subjects.

Leprechauns, Witches, and Giants – Oh My! Mythical Simon Says

  1. Simon says flap your wings like a fairy.
  2. Simon says stomp around like a giant.
  3. Simon says slither like a dragon.
  4. Simon says make unicorn noises.
  5. Simon says cast a magic spell like a wizard.
  6. Simon says swim under the sea like a mermaid.
  7. Simon says hide in your hobbit hole.
  8. Simon says growl like a werewolf.
  9. Simon says sneak around like a leprechaun.
  10. Simon says grant wishes like a genie.
  11. Simon says fly on a broomstick like a witch.
  12. Simon says roar like the Loch Ness Monster.
  13. Simon says pose like a Greek statue.
  14. Simon says climb a beanstalk like Jack.
  15. Simon says explore alien planets.
  16. Simon says crawl like Gollum searching for his ring.
  17. Simon says be sneaky like a goblin.
  18. Simon says ride a Pegasus through the clouds.
  19. Simon says flutter about like Tinkerbell.
  20. Simon says roar like a Griffin.

Creative Ways to Teach Kids About Weather with Simon Says

  1. Simon Says pretend you’re a raindrop falling from the sky.
  2. Simon Says act like you’re a snowflake drifting down.
  3. Simon Says flap your arms like wind blowing.
  4. Simon Says stomp your feet like thunder.
  5. Simon Says shine bright like the sun.
  6. Simon Says shake like a tree in the wind.
  7. Simon Says grow tall like a plant reaching for the sun.
  8. Simon Says float like a cloud.
  9. Simon Says spin like a tornado.
  10. Simon Says drip slowly like rain on a window.
  11. Simon Says shiver like it’s freezing cold.
  12. Simon Says fan yourself like a hot breeze.
  13. Simon Says wiggle your fingers like snowflakes falling.
  14. Simon Says tiptoe gently like you’re walking on ice.
  15. Simon Says puff out your cheeks like gusts of wind.
  16. Simon Says open an umbrella and stay dry.
  17. Simon Says put on your boots and splash in puddles.
  18. Simon Says roll a big snowball.
  19. Simon Says catch rain or snow on your tongue.
  20. Simon Says rub your hands together to get warm.

20 Creative Simon Says Ideas About Robots for Children

  1. Simon Says move like a robot.
  2. Simon Says do the robot dance.
  3. Simon Says act like a robot powering up.
  4. Simon Says walk like a robot with stiff legs.
  5. Simon Says talk in a robot voice.
  6. Simon Says pretend to have robot arms and grab something.
  7. Simon Says blink your eyes like a robot.
  8. Simon Says make beeping sounds like a robot.
  9. Simon Says draw a square in the air like a robot.
  10. Simon Says tilt your head side to side like a confused robot.
  11. Simon Says march in place like a robot soldier.
  12. Simon Says do jumping jacks like a robot.
  13. Simon Says act like you’re a robot shutting down.
  14. Simon Says pretend to have laser eyes and scan the room.
  15. Simon Says clap your hands loudly like metal crashing.
  16. Simon Says pretend to have wheels and roll around.
  17. Simon Says look around and say “sensors activated.”
  18. Simon Says pretend to short circuit and pause.
  19. Simon Says move in slow motion like a rusted robot.
  20. Simon Says pretend to be a robot waiting for commands.

Fun Farm Animal Themed List of Simon Says for Kids

  1. Simon Says pretend to be a chicken and flap your wings.
  2. Simon Says oink like a pig in the mud.
  3. Simon Says gallop like a horse around a corral.
  4. Simon Says baa like a sheep in a big field.
  5. Simon Says quack and waddle like a duck.
  6. Simon Says moo loudly like a cow wants to be milked.
  7. Simon Says peck like a hen looking for seeds.
  8. Simon Says roll like a pig in the sty.
  9. Simon Says stomp like a cranky donkey.
  10. Simon Says crawl like a calf that just learned to walk.
  11. Simon Says gobble like a turkey at dinner time.
  12. Simon Says cluck quietly like a mother hen.
  13. Simon Says scratch with your feet like a chicken in the coop.
  14. Simon Says sniff like a curious pig finding truffles.
  15. Simon Says buck like a strong bull ready to charge.
  16. Simon Says eat hay like a hungry horse.
  17. Simon Says chase your tail in circles like a silly pig.
  18. Simon Says do a silly barnyard dance.
  19. Simon Says sing loudly like a rooster in the morning.
  20. Simon Says wiggle your tail as a happy cow.

Let Imaginations Roar with These Prehistoric Simon Says

  1. Simon Says stomp around like a T-Rex.
  2. Simon Says flap your wings like a Pterodactyl.
  3. Simon Says chomp your jaws like a Velociraptor.
  4. Simon Says swish your tail like a Brontosaurus.
  5. Simon Says roar loudly like a Triceratops.
  6. Simon Says pretend to hatch from an egg like a baby dinosaur.
  7. Simon Says dig for fossils like a paleontologist.
  8. Simon Says migrate in a herd like Sauropods.
  9. Simon Says pose like a fierce Velociraptor.
  10. Simon Says eat giant leaves like a Brachiosaurus.
  11. Simon Says crawl low and hide like a stealthy Troodon.
  12. Simon Says bob your head quickly like a Gallimimus.
  13. Simon Says crawl through thick jungle like a stealthy raptor.
  14. Simon Says pretend to discover some dinosaur bones.
  15. Simon Says drive an imaginary dinosaur-digging truck.
  16. Simon Says thump your tail on the ground like an Ankylosaurus.
  17. Simon Says sniff the air for food like a hungry Dilophosaurus.
  18. Simon Says Care for some baby dinos at the nest.
  19. Simon Says pretend to discover ancient dino tracks.
  20. Simon Says pretend to drive a Jeep alongside a running T-Rex.

Clown Around with Creative Circus Themed Simon Says

  1. Simon Says walk like you’re balancing on a tightrope.
  2. Simon Says juggle imaginary balls.
  3. Simon Says roar like a lion tamer.
  4. Simon Says flap your arms as you fly through the air like a trapeze artist.
  5. Simon Says pretend to sell tickets outside the big top.
  6. Simon Says squeeze into a clown car.
  7. Simon Says balance plates while pretending to be a seal.
  8. Simon Says climb a ladder and wave like an acrobat.
  9. Simon Says ride a unicycle in a circle.
  10. Simon Says crack a whip like the lion tamer.
  11. Simon Says wiggle your nose like a funny clown.
  12. Simon Says do a somersault like an acrobat.
  13. Simon Says pretend to be a circus ringleader announcing acts.
  14. Simon Says spin plates on sticks like a circus performer.
  15. Simon Says leap through imaginary flaming hoops.
  16. Simon Says pop pretend popcorn and eat during the show.
  17. Simon Says applaud wildly for the tightrope walker.
  18. Simon Says play a circus tune on a pretend instrument.
  19. Simon Says march in a parade with tall flags.
  20. Simon Says take a bow when you finish your circus act.

Simon Says with a Twist: Camping Version for Kids

  1. Simon Says pretend to set up a tent.
  2. Simon Says pretend to gather sticks for a campfire.
  3. Simon Says pretend to cook a tasty meal over the fire.
  4. Simon Says pretend to roast marshmallows on a stick.
  5. Simon Says pretend to go fishing and reel in a big one!
  6. Simon Says pretend to paddle a canoe across the lake.
  7. Simon Says pretend to light a lantern when it gets dark.
  8. Simon Says pretend to get dressed in warm clothes for the night.
  9. Simon Says pretend to snuggle into your cozy sleeping bag.
  10. Simon Says pretend to secure food so bears can’t get it.
  11. Simon Says pretend to wash dishes after breakfast.
  12. Simon Says pretend to pack up supplies and take down the tent.
  13. Simon Says pretend to spray on bug spray so you don’t get bitten.
  14. Simon Says pretend to follow the trail and go on a hike.
  15. Simon Says pretend to spot birds in trees with binoculars.
  16. Simon Says pretend to skip rocks and see how many times they hop.
  17. Simon Says pretend to sit quietly and watch the sunset.
  18. Simon Says pretend to stack wood carefully in the fire pit.
  19. Simon Says pretend to make fun shadow puppets on the tent.
  20. Simon Says pretend to cozy up in blankets by the fire.

The End of Simon Says Commands

And there you have it, parents – over 500 fun Simon Says commands and ideas to get those little imaginations glowing and the giggles flowing! With so many creative animal actions, wacky challenges, silly voices and movement prompts, your kids will be engaged for hours. Just be sure to take turns being “Simon” so you can get in on the fun too.

The beauty of Simon Says is that you can tailor it to your child’s interests and abilities. For younger kids, keep it simple with basic actions like jumping, clapping and animal noises. For older kids, add complexity with multi-step prompts or imaginative scenarios. Encourage their creativity by letting them suggest new ideas too!

Just remember the basic rules – players must follow commands that begin with “Simon says”. If Simon doesn’t say it, don’t do it! This classic game develops listening skills, self-control and memory. But most importantly, it provides hours of free entertainment for your family.

So gather the kids, decide who goes first as Simon and let the fun begin! We’d love to hear all about the silly memories you make playing Simon Says at home.

If you’re looking for more active indoor fun, be sure to check out our post on 21 Gross Motor Activities for Preschoolers – it’s full of great movement ideas to get your little ones up and engaging their bodies.

Hey there! I'm Allen, but you can call me "The Corny Dad" from Canada. I have a wife and four kiddos. Yep, one's full grown, but they'll always be my babies. When I'm not doing something with my family or playing video games, I'm here, jotting down my bits of wisdom on this blog. From the fun stuff to the parenting chaos, I cover it all. Believe me, with the right attitude, parenting's a smoother ride and I'm here to help.

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