Be a Buddy, Not a Bully: 10 Ways to Be a Better Friend and Stop Quiet Bullying (Bugs Bunny Edition)

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10 Ways to Be a Buddy, Not a Bully and Stop Quiet Bullying

So have you ever seen someone getting picked on before? Like when Bugs Bunny gets bullied and bossed around by Yosemite Sam? Well, being a good friend—and a buddy—is about more than just sharing your stuff or food. It’s also about stopping the bullying when you see it happen, taking action to “be a buddy, not a bully.”

What’s “quiet bullying” you ask? I’ll tell you. It’s like if Lola Bunny somehow got left out of playing basketball with the group on purpose. That kind of thing can really hurt feelings badly.

Are you a stand-up pal like Bugs who sticks up for his friends? Or are you accidentally being a bully sometimes without meaning to? Remember, the goal is to always be a buddy, supporting and protecting your peers.

Take this fun quiz to find out!

Be a Buddy, Not a Bully. What Kind of Buddy Are You? Quiz
(Bugs Bunny Edition)
What Kind of Buddy Are You? Quiz (Bugs Bunny Edition)

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Be a Buddy, Not a Bully: 10 Ways to Be a Better Friend and Stop Quiet Bullying

#1 Listen Up, Doc

If someone’s trying to tell you about their feelings or problems, listening is mega important. Give them your full attention. Look at them, don’t interrupt, and nod to show you’re listening. Ask follow-up questions if you don’t get what’s going on. Dealing with bullying in early adolescence is tricky business. Keep what they tell you private. Next time a friend shares something tough, listen with an open heart. You might learn to “be a buddy not a bully.” For more tips on how to enhance your listening skills, check out these useful activities: Listening Activities for Kids.

#2 Don’t Leave Anybody Out

When you and your buddies are playing, make sure no one feels left out. Don’t be like Elmer Fudd accidentally excluding Bugs Bunny. Go out of your way to invite everyone to join in. If you see someone sitting alone looking bummed out, ask them to come have fun! Leaving people out on purpose is a type of “quiet bullying.” Be a stand-up friend who says “no way!” to bullying.

#3 Speak Up to Stop

It If you see “quiet bullying” or someone being picked on, don’t just stand there. Speak up and tell them to knock it off! Get a teacher if it doesn’t stop. Some think tattling’s bad, but telling helps stop bullying. Don’t spread rumors or talk behind their backs either. Stand up and speak out against bullying every time you see it happen!

#4 Take Turns and Share the Spotlight

Sharing and waiting your turn is important, whether it’s sharing toys or taking turns being line leader. Don’t hog the spotlight – let everyone have a chance to shine! Respecting each other and understanding we all have different needs helps us get along.

#5 Apologize Like You Mean It

When you mess up, say “I’m sorry” the right way like Bugs Bunny does when he goes too far tricking Elmer Fudd. Look ’em in the eye and explain how you’ll do better next time. Taking action to fix your mistake shows you really mean it.

#6 Give Your Friends a Hand

Helping out friends when they need it goes a long way. You don’t gotta be Superman, just lend a hand with homework, reach stuff from high shelves, or carry heavy things if they ask. Being helpful makes your friendships stronger.

#7 Celebrate Your Originality

Embrace what makes everybody unique – just like all those wacky “Looney Tunes” characters! We’d be bored if we were all the same. Share your family stories, traditions and backgrounds. Learn what makes each other one-of-a-kind!

#8 Watch What You Say

How you talk to your friends matters. Don’t joke around and hurt feelings. And think before you speak when you’re mad. Kind words make someone’s day. Mean or careless talk is harder to take back.

#9 Don’t Spread Rumors

Gossiping and spreading rumors is a form of bullying that can damage friendships fast. If someone tries getting gossip from you, be like Bugs Bunny and quickly change the subject. The only gossip you should spread is good stuff – about random acts of “kindness!”

#10 Add a Buddy Bench

Convince your school to put a “Buddy Bench” on the playground! That way if kids feel left out or lonely, they can sit there to signal they want a friend. Be a stand-up buddy and check the bench, inviting those students to come play. No one should feel rejected or isolated.

The Buddy Bench

That’s All Folks!

Woohoo, we made it to the end! Being a good friend like Bugs Bunny takes work, doc! It means really listening when someone needs to talk. Don’t leave anybody out. Speak up if you see bullying. And don’t spread rumors or say mean stuff. Help out your friends when they need it, and celebrate what makes everybody unique!

Next time you see a kid sitting solo on the playground, be a buddy. Ask them to play! That way, nobody feels left out. If we try our best, we can build friendships stronger than the Looney Tunes squad!

So go be an awesome friend. Share laughs, snacks and good times. Just say “no way!” to bullying and meanness. And help make your school a place where everyone feels included. You have the power to make a difference!

Want to know the difference between someone being mean and someone bullying? Read this: Bullying vs Being Mean vs Conflict. And find out why we should all stop bullying here: Why We Need to Understand Bullying.

Okay guys, sound off in the comments: What’s your top tip for being a stellar friend? And what would you add to the buddy bench at your school? We wanna hear your brilliant ideas!

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