Toys That Start with D: 25 Delightful Ideas for Your Littles

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Toys That Start with D

As a parent of 4 kids, I’m always looking for engaging new toys that start with D to capture my children’s curiosity and imagination. With so many delightful toys starting with the letter D, it can be challenging to decide which ones are ideal for your child’s interests and developmental stage. Whether you need alphabet learning toys for homework assignments, gifts tied to their name’s first letter, or just screen-free entertainment, toys beginning with D offer unlimited possibilities.

There are so many important reasons we may specifically seek toys starting with D:

  • Your child’s teacher assigned an alphabet or letter D theme for show and tell or classwork
  • You want to give gifts for birthdays or holidays based on the first letter of their name
  • Your toddler is working on speech therapy focused on the D sound
  • Their preschool uses letter-based learning centers so you need D toys
  • You’re looking for fun alphabet learning games to practice letter recognition
  • You want to spark their imagination with open-ended toys starting with the right letter

With so many marvelous options, choosing the best D toys for your kids can be daunting! From dinosaurs and dancing toys, to dress up costumes and drawing supplies, I’ve dug up 25 delightful D-themed toys your children will adore while developing new skills!

25 Toys That Start with D

  1. Toys That Start With D: Dollhouse

(Ages 3+, imagination, pretend play)

Kids can invent stories and roleplay family adventures with a beautiful wooden dollhouse and furnishings. Dollhouses build storytelling skills and social-emotional development through pretend play. The handcrafted details and quality materials ensure this dollhouse will inspire creativity for years.

Tiny Land Wooden Dollhouse for Girls - 6 Rooms Wooden Doll House, DIY Pretend Dream House with 30Pcs Furniture Accessories, Gift for Girl Ages 3+
  1. Toys That Start With D: Dinosaur Toys

(Ages 2+, imagination, STEM learning)

From realistic dinosaurs to bath toys and puzzles, kids who dig dinosaurs will love these prehistoric pals! Playing with dinos builds vocabulary and sparks interest in science. Sets include famous species like velociraptors, T-rex, triceratops and more to roar about! Educational dinosaur toys encourage STEM learning.

Dinosaur Toys - 12 7-Inch Realistic Dinosaurs Figures with Storage Box |Dino Toys for Kids 3-5 5-7 | Toddler Boy Toys
  1. Toys That Start With D: Dress Up Clothes

(Ages 3+, dramatic play, pretend play)

Filled with dresses, gloves, crowns and more, these dress up clothes inspire kids to roleplay and perform. Costumes fuel a child’s imagination and build vocabulary while having fun pretending. Your little superhero or princess can explore different personas and improv storylines!

Meland Princess Dress up Trunk - Dress up Clothes for Little Girls - Princess Costume Toy Gift Girls 3-8 Pretend Play
  1. Toys That Start With D: Drum Set

(Ages 3+, music toys, coordination)

Let your aspiring rockstar live out dreams of percussion stardom with a drum set designed just for kids! A child-sized drum kit builds coordination and self-expression through musical play. Your kiddo will gain confidence jamming to their own beat! Ear plugs for parents sold separately.

Drum Set for Kids Musical Instruments Kids Drum Set with Stool, Cymbal, Drum Sticks, 4 Snare Drums and 1 Bass Drum Jazz Drum Kit Toys for 3 4 5 6 Year Old Boys Girls Gifts
  1. Toys That Start With D: Dominoes

(Ages 5+, strategy games, STEM skills)

Line up the dots and tap the dominoes to keep the chain reaction going in this classic game that builds logic, strategy and spatial skills. With fun variations for 1 or more players, kids will want to line them up again and again! Engaging stem learning in a screen-free format.

Cardinal Classics Double Nine Dominoes Set in Storage Tin Dominoes for Kids Family Games Adult Games Dominoes Set for Adults and Kids Ages 8+
  1. Toys That Start With D: Dirt Digging Toys

(Ages 3+, sensory play, motor skills)

Dig in the dirt and get dirty with these metal, dirt digging construction toys! Make believe with pretend dirt indoors or get them mucky with real dirt outdoors. The choice is up to you.

iPlay, iLearn Heavy Duty Construction Site Play Set, Metal Dump Truck, Excavator Digger, Tractor Bulldozer Diecast Vehicle, Outdoor Sandbox Car Toys, Birthday Gift 3 4 5 Year Old Toddler Boy Kid Child
  1. Toys That Start With D: Doctor Set

(Ages 3+, STEM learning, pretend play)

This pediatrician pretend play set comes with a realistic toy stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, thermometer, syringes, doctor bag and more for hours of imaginative fun! Playing hospital encourages empathy, scientific learning and social emotional skills. Kids can take turns being the doctor or patient and invent their own medical stories.

Jovow Doctor Kit for Kids, Pretend Medical Station Set for Boys & Girls
  1. Toys That Start With D: Dancing Cactus

(Ages 3+, music toys, silly play)

Kids will giggle with glee as this wacky dancing cactus shakes and boogies to any music played! As the music vibrates the pot, the cactus bops and spins with funky dance moves that make it seem almost alive. Your little one can start dance parties with this quirky musical toy.

Kids Dancing Talking Cactus Toys for Baby Boys and Girls, Singing Mimicking Recording Repeating What You Say Sunny Cactus Electronic Light Up Plush Toy with 120 English Songs Smart Toy
  1. Toys That Start With D: Detective Gear

(Ages 5+, STEM skills, dramatic play)

Equipped with a fingerprint kit, decoder, observation tools and more sleuthing supplies, your detective can gather clues and track down suspects! This gear encourages deduction, problem-solving and role play for independent learning.

Spy Kit for Kids Detective Fingerprint Toys for 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Year Old Boys Girls Secret Agent Investigation Science Set
  1. Toys That Start With D: Doodle Books

(Ages 3+, drawing, creativity)

These themed doodle sketchbooks inspire artistic kids to draw, color, and create on their own. Doodle books build confidence in early drawing skills with prompts and ideas to get their imagination going. Pages can be torn out and displayed!

Erasable Book Doodle Set for Kids,Magic Drawing Book for Kids
  1. Toys That Start With D: Darts

(Ages 6+, hand-eye coordination, games)

Step right up to a classic game that builds hand-eye coordination and active skill! This magnetic dart board set sticks safely to windows and walls. Kids will love challenging friends and family to a friendly round of darts.

Magnetic Dart Board Game
  1. Toys That Start With D: Donut Squishmallows

(Ages 2+, stuffed animals, sensory toys)

How cute are these supersoft, squishy donut-shaped plush toys? Great for hugging and sensory soothing, these sweet smiling donuts become snuggly friends. Your kiddo can play bakery and serve up imaginary donuts!

Sprinkle Donut Pusheen Sweet Dessert Squishy Plush Stuffed Animal Cat and Satisfyingly Stretchy Fabric
  1. Toys That Start With D: Diving Toy Submarine

(Ages 5+, bathtub toys, STEM play)

Your aspiring marine biologist can explore underwater worlds in this diving bath toy submarine! Submerge the waterproof sub and watch it resurface. Wind up propellers move the sub through water. Promotes STEM learning.

Toysmith NeatO! Classic Toys Wind Up Diving Submarine
  1. Toys That Start With D: Duck Pull Toy

(Ages 12 months+, gross motor skills, cause & effect)

Toddlers will waddle with glee as they pull this adorable duck pal along by the string! With chunky wings that really flap up and down, this interactive pull toy builds leg strength and balance through active play.

Infant & Toddler 30323 - Pull Along Duck Wood Baby Toy with Flapping Wings for Kids Ages 1 and up
  1. Toys That Start With D: DIY Jewelry Making Kit

(Ages 12+, STEM skills, crafts)

Young jewelry designers can create their own sparkling bracelets, necklaces and earrings with this DIY kit! It comes with beads, cords, connectors and kid-friendly tools for open-ended jewelry crafting and engineering skills.

Clay Beads 7200 Pcs 2 Boxes Bracelet Making Kit - 24 Colors Polymer Clay Beads for Bracelet Making - Jewelry Making kit with Gift Pack - Bracelet Making Kit for Adults - Heishi Disc Beads
  1. Toys That Start With D: Dragon Figurines

(Ages 6+, fantasy play, collecting)

From winged dragons to fire-breathing beasts, these intricately sculpted dragon figurines spark imagination and magical play. Kids love collecting and trading the creature figurines to build medieval fantasy worlds!

Hiawbon 6 Pcs Ancient Realistic Dragon Figurines Plastic Flying Dragon Figurines Hand Painted Dinosaur Gifts
  1. Toys That Start With D: Daniel Tiger Plush Toy

(Ages 2+, emotional skills, character toys)

This snuggly Daniel Tiger plush toy from the beloved kids show is so huggable! Cuddling with Daniel while singing his songs helps reinforce socio-emotional learning and self-regulation skills.

Jakks Pacific Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Talking Plush Soft & Cuddly Stuffed Toy, Features Phrases & Songs!
  1. Toys That Start With D: Dining Playset

(Ages 3+, pretend play, social skills)

Have teatime with stuffed guests in this 27-piece plastic play food dining set! Complete with dishes, silverware, cand cups, it builds manners, cooperation and conversational skills through role play.

KidKraft 27-Piece Pastel Cookware Set, Plastic Dishes and Utensils for Play Kitchens, Gift for Ages 18 mo+
  1. Toys That Start With D: Dodgeballs

(Ages 5+, active play, hand-eye coordination)

A set of soft, lightweight balls for an active game of dodgeball! This playground favorite helps develop agility, motor skills and reaction time. A fun way to get the whole family moving.

GoSports Soft Skin Foam Playground Dodgeballs - 6 Pack Set for Kids - Includes Mesh Carry Bag
  1. Toys That Start With D: Dancing Water Speakers

(Ages 3+, music toys, STEM learning)

Mesmerizing dancing water towers with built-in color-changing LED lights! The water bounces and lights sync to music played from a Bluetooth device. Kids can explore sound waves and colors.

Mesmerizing dancing water towers with built-in color-changing LED lights!
  1. Toys That Start With D: Dancing Robot Dog

(Ages 5+, robotics, coding toys)

With touch sensors and remote control, this puppy reacts to your child’s actions. Kids can customize behaviors via coding for interactive learning. The perfect pet alternative – all the fun without the work of a real pup! As the robot dog rolls around, dances and responds to your child’s touch, this STEM toy builds early coding skills while providing endless entertainment.

Robot Dog Toys for Kids Ages 4-7 Year Old Interactive Robo Dog Toy FollowMe RC Robot Toys
  1. Toys That Start With D: Dragon Hand Puppets

(Ages 3+, puppetry, storytelling)

Act out fairytales with fire-breathing dragon hand puppets! Move this one’s mouth and swallow small objects with a hidden belly bag. Promotes imaginative solo and interactive puppet play.

Glove Puppet Eat it Up Dragon - Hand Puppet with Belly Bag to Eat Small Objects
  1. Toys That Start With D: DIY Bath Bomb Lab

(Ages 8+, chemistry, spa play)

Concoct colorful fizzy bath bombs with this starter lab containing ingredients and molds! Follow recipes to custom-craft bath fizzies, learning chemistry basics.

Bath Bomb, Soap Making Kit for Kids
  1. Toys That Start With D: Deluxe Art Set

(Ages 6+, creativity, art supplies)

Encourage kids to get creative with this 139-piece art set containing crayons, markers, watercolor paints and every supply needed for unstructured artistic fun! Quality art materials allow free expression.

Art Supplies Case, 139 Pack Arts Crafts, Painting, Coloring, Drawing & Art Set with Sketch Pad
  1. Toys That Start With D: Dance Revolution Mat

(Ages 5+, active play, video games)

Jump, dance and groove on the mat as arrows scroll by – try to hit them with accurate footwork! This interactive dancing game gets kids moving.

SUNLIN Dance Mat - Dance Mixer Rhythm Step Play Mat - Dance Game Toy Gift for Kids Girls Boys - Dance Pad with LED Lights, Adjustable Volume, Built-in Music, 3 Challenge Levels (3-12 Years Old)


With this amazing selection of D-themed toys, your youngsters will dive into learning and imagination! These 25 toy ideas inspire skills across all ages and interests – from dinosaurs to dress-up, dominos to dance. Screen-free D toys allow kids to develop new abilities while having a delightful time playing.

So browse these toy suggestions starting with D. Comment below on which letter D toys your children adore most! Sharing our kids’ beloved learning toys helps fellow parents continue the circle of fun!

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