Toys That Start with X: 9 eXciting Gifts for Kids

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Toys That Start with X

When you’ve got a crew of little X-Men like I do, finding fun new toys to entertain them can be a challenge! With only so many things starting with the letter X, it can be tricky to find something.

Parents might be seeking out X toys for reasons like:

  • Your child’s teacher gave an alphabet homework assignment.
  • You’re looking for birthday gifts starting with the first letter of their name.
  • You’re trying to find alphabet learning toys to practice letter recognition.
  • You’re toddler has speech therapy focused on the X sound.
  • Their preschool teacher asked for show & tell items starting with X.
  • You want the perfect alphabet-themed gift.

There are a number of great toys starting with X to though, which will help keep them happily occupied. From Xylophones and X-ray vision goggles to X-boxes and X-Men action figures, there are options, even if there aren’t many! Whether you need letter X toys for schoolwork, gifts, or just for fun playtime, I’ve rounded up some awesome choices your little ones will find totally X-treme. No matter why you’re seeking toys starting with X, this list has got you covered for providing eXtraordinary playtime experiences that are more exciting than Professor X’s School for Gifted Youngsters!

9 Toys That Start with X

  1. Xylophone
    (Ages 3-8, Musical Instruments, Develops Hand-Eye Coordination and Rhythm)

The xylophone is a classic musical toy that kids have enjoyed playing for generations. It consists of a set of wooden bars laid out like a piano keyboard that are struck with mallets to produce musical tones. Xylophones are excellent toys for developing hand-eye coordination as kids learn how to strike the bars to play simple songs and melodies. The layout of the xylophone bars makes it easy for young children to grasp the relationship between the position of the bars and the pitch of the tones. As kids gain experience playing xylophone, they develop a sense of rhythm and timing. Xylophones encourage creativity and self-expression as kids explore making up their own tunes.

  1. Xbox
    (Ages 8-18, Video Game Consoles, Immersive Interactive Gaming)

The Xbox gaming console opens up a world of incredible interactive gaming experiences for kids and teens. State-of-the-art graphics, realistic gameplay physics, and multiplayer capabilities make Xbox one of the most immersive video game systems on the market. With a vast library of games across every genre from adventure to sports to roleplaying, there are endless imaginative worlds for kids to explore. With a robust set of parental controls, parents can feel good about the gaming experiences Xbox provides. Overall, Xbox opens the door to creative, cooperative, and engaging interactive play.

Xbox Series X & Starfield [Digital Code]
  1. X-Men Action Figures
    (Ages 6-12, Action Figures, Hero Roleplay)

Bring the world of the heroic X-Men from Marvel comics and movies to life with X-Men action figures! Kids can re-enact epic adventures with their favorite mutant heroes like Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Mystique and more. The incredibly detailed sculpting and articulation of X-Men action figures allows for tons of imaginative posing as kids act out the battles between Professor X’s mutants and villainous foes like Magneto. Playing with X-Men action figures helps develop creative thinking and storytelling ability as kids craft their own superhero stories. The timeless good vs. evil themes of the X-Men provide lessons about heroism, diversity, and using your unique talents for good.

Wolverine, X-Men ‘97 Collectible 6 Inch Action Figure
  1. X-Wing Fighter
    (Ages 8-14, Building Toys, STEM Learning)

Kids and teens who love Star Wars will have a blast playing with a X-wing fighter model. The intricate mechanisms like foldable wings foster an understanding of engineering and mechanics. And displaying the completed model provides a great sense of accomplishment. An iconic Star Wars vehicle with loads of interactive play potential, this building set is a blast for any kid.

X-Wing Star Fighter
  1. Xena Warrior Princess Action Figure
    (Ages 6-12, Action Figures, Roleplay & Imagination)

Inspired by the fantasy TV series phenomenon Xena: Warrior Princess, kids can imagine epic adventures with this action figure. Her detailed sword and round Chakram weapon fit in her hands for battling action play. Young girls will be empowered acting out adventures and combat sequences with the fearsome yet compassionate warrior. Bold personality traits like courage, resilience, and loyalty serve as excellent role model lessons. Since she’s accompanied by her companion Gabrielle, kids can enjoy friendship escapades too. Various sets feature Xena on horseback for added play potential.

Xena Warrior Princess Action Figure
  1. Xenomorph Plush Toy
    (Ages 10-18, Plush Figures, Sci-Fi Fandom)

The Xenomorph is the terrifying extraterrestrial creature featured in the cult classic Alien sci-fi/horror films. While menacing on screen, this cuddly plush Xenomorph is perfect for older kids and teens who love the movies. Designed with vivid accuracy, the plush depicts the Xenomorph’s distinct biomechanical body, ridged head, and razor-sharp tail. Premium soft fabrics give the figure a supple, realistic texture kids will love handling. As an iconic and original movie monster design, the Xenomorph appeals to the collector side of fans. Displaying the visually striking plush shows off dedication to the fandom. As one of sci-fi’s most famous monsters brought to snuggly life, this is a must-have toy for young Alien superfans.

X toys - Xenomorph Plush Toy
  1. Xiangqi Set
    (Ages 8-18, Board Games, Strategy & Focus)

For an engaging brain teaser that develops strategic thinking, consider the ancient Chinese board game Xiangqi. Also known as Chinese chess, Xiangqi is played on a 64-square gridded board with game pieces like soldiers, horses, advisors, elephants, chariots and a general. Gameplay has some similarities to chess but unique rules create complex, layered strategy. To win, players aim to either capture their opponent’s general or put them in checkmate. Playing Xiangqi improves focus, planning ahead, and visual-spatial skills. The ornate Chinese motif design of the playing pieces appeals to kids’ creativity. Xiangqi can be enjoyed one-on-one or spectators can watch the battle play out, making for an immersive group activity.

Games that begin with the letter X - Chinese Chess Xiangqi Travel Game Set
  1. X-Ray Glasses
    (Ages 5-10, Pretend Play, Silly Imagination)

What kid wouldn’t get a kick out of pretending they have x-ray vision with these playful novelty x-ray specs? Kids can let their imaginations run wild pretending they can magically see through solid objects, peeking beneath the surface like a superhero. Great for giggles and laughs, the glasses are a fun way for little ones to explore concepts like transparency in a whimsical way. Kids can use the glasses for inventing spy games, searching for hidden treasures, or unveiling mysteries. With the glasses on, everyday scenes and activities suddenly become rife with possibility.

Things that start with X - Black & Red X-Ray Goggles
  1. Xavier Action Figures
    (Ages 5-10, Pretend Play, Silly Imagination)

Bring the thrilling mutant adventures of the X-Men to your collections with this 2-pack of Marvel Legends Series Magneto and Professor X 6-inch scale action figures from Hasbro. These highly detailed figures capture the likenesses of these iconic characters as they appear in the blockbuster X-Men movies. Both feature intricately tailored fabric costumes inspired by their on-screen outfits that bring realism for immersive play. With such realistic designs and posing options, the Magneto and Professor X pack is a superb addition to any Marvel toy box.

Toys that start with X - Xavier Action Figures


Well those are my top recommendations for eXcellent X toys to captivate and educate your kiddos for hours on end! From Xavier action figures to Xenomorph plushies, there are a few entertaining and skill-building toys starting with the letter X. Watch your child’s literacy abilities, STEM knowledge, and creativity blast off faster than the X-Jet! Try out some of these incredible X toys, and your kids will have a metric ton of fun! Let me know in the comments which X toys end up being your family’s favorites! Until next time parents – May the Learning Be With You!

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