Toys That Start with W: 25 Wonderful Ideas for Kids

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Toys That Start with W

Ah, the letter W – it makes me think of wonder, whimsy, and a certain superhero who wields her Lasso of Truth! When looking for toys for our kids that start with W, we want ones that will inspire their imagination and get them moving. As both a parent and a kid at heart, I love finding playthings that encourage creativity, problem-solving, and skills development. In this post, I’ll suggest 25 wonderful, whimsical toys starting with W that are sure to bring joy and learning to playtime.

Reasons you may be looking for toys that begin with the letter W.

  • Your child’s teacher gave an alphabet homework assignment.
  • You’re looking for birthday gifts starting with the first letter of their name.
  • You’re trying to find alphabet learning toys to practice letter recognition.
  • You’re trying to find toys focused on the W sound for speech therapy.
  • Their preschool teacher asked for show & tell items starting with W.
  • You want the perfect alphabet-themed gift.

As a parent, you may be seeking W toys for various reasons – an alphabet homework assignment, finding gifts with their initial, or games for speech therapy using the W sound. Or maybe you just want to discover some new additions to your toy box at home! Whatever your reason, these W winners are sure to delight.

25 Toys That Start with W

  1. Walkie Talkies for Kids
    (Ages 5-12, Communication, Stay Connected)

Walkie talkies are a classic toy that allows kids to stay connected and have fun communicating with friends or siblings. These handy devices come in bright colors and fun designs that appeal to children. Walkie talkies are lightweight and easy for small hands to hold, with large buttons that are simple to push. They provide an engaging way for kids to pretend play by imitating grown-ups. Walkie talkies help promote social skills, independence, and imaginative adventures. Sets with multiple units allow groups of children to chat together near or far. Walkie talkies are a toy that inspires creativity, interaction, and independence in kids.

Toys That Start with W - Walkie Talkies for Kids
  1. Wooden Puzzle
    (Ages 3-6, Puzzles, Develops Skills)

Wooden puzzles provide an enjoyable way for preschoolers to develop important skills. Pushing, twisting and manipulating the pieces promotes fine motor development and hand-eye coordination. As children fit the pieces into place, they learn about shapes, colors and matching. Sturdy wooden puzzles stand up to repeated use for years of play. Vibrant designs like animals, vehicles and familiar scenes capture a child’s interest. Puzzles with knobs or handles are easy for little hands to grasp and manipulate. Assembling the pieces encourages spatial reasoning and problem solving. They make great gifts and provide screen-free entertainment packed with learning opportunities.

Toys that begin with W - Wooden Puzzle
  1. Wind-up Toys
    (Ages 3+, Vintage, Imaginative Play)

Wind-up toys provide old-fashioned fun that inspires a child’s imagination. These classic mechanical toys use the power of kinetic energy. Children activate them by turning a crank or pulling a cord to tighten the internal springs. Then the toys seem to magically walk, hop, dance or roll along. Wind-up toys range from cute animals and funny clowns to exciting race cars. Kids delight in activating the toys over and over to make them move. Watching the wind-up motion promotes focus and curiosity as children study how it works. The toys encourage open-ended, creative play as kids make up stories and scenarios for the movement. Wind-up toys provide screen-free entertainment and hands-on learning.

Wind-up Toys
  1. Water Balloons
    (Ages 5+, Outdoor Toys, Summer Fun)

When the temperature rises, water balloons provide hours of cooling outdoor fun for kids. Available in bright colors, these latex balloons can be filled with water then tied off to create portable water bombs. Children love dousing each other with splashes of cool water on a hot summer day. Water balloon games encourage kids to run around outside and stay active. Battles and water fights promote social skills and cooperation. Trying not to get wet takes strategy and fine motor skills. Filling up squirt guns and launchers with water balloons adds exciting play options. As an outdoor toy, water balloons inspire creative ways to beat the heat. With adult supervision, water balloons make a classic summer toy.

Reusable Water Balloons
  1. Wizard Costume
    (Ages 3-8, Dress-Up, Pretend Play)

A wizard costume sparks the imagination and brings magic to pretend play. Little boys and girls love transforming into wizard characters from popular books and movies. A wizard robe and hat allow kids to take on the role of a powerful magician. A cloth vest printed with moons, stars and potions looks impressive over the robe. Add in a wand that really lights up, and kids will feel like they have magical powers. Role playing builds vocabulary and social skills. A wizard costume encourages creativity, confidence and active play. Whether heading off to Hogwarts or casting spells, kids’ imaginations soar when dressed up as a wizard.

Toys that start with the letter W - Wizard Costume
  1. Wooden Blocks Set
    (Ages 1-5, Blocks, Develop Skills)

Playing with wooden blocks allows toddlers and preschoolers to explore imagination and creativity while developing important skills. Solid wood construction provides durability to withstand frequent use. Smooth, sanded blocks are safe for little hands. Vibrant colors and fun shapes like circles, squares, rectangles and triangles spark interest. By stacking blocks, children improve coordination and spatial awareness. Grasping the pieces promotes fine motor development. Recognizing colors and counting blocks builds early math abilities. With an open-ended toy like blocks, kids engage in pretend play and make up their own rules. Wooden blocks are ideal for supporting growth and learning in preschoolers.

Wooden Building Set
  1. Wonder Woman Action Figure
    (Ages 3+, Action Figures, Role Models)

The Wonder Woman action figure inspires imaginary adventures and provides a positive role model. As one of the most iconic female superheroes, Wonder Woman dolls and toys encourage brave and strong play. Sculpted in the likeness of the DC Comics character, the action figure wears Wonder Woman’s signature costume. Her long dark hair flows out from under the golden tiara. Articulated arms and legs can swing and kick into heroic poses. The powerful Wonder Woman inspires girls to be courageous leaders and boys to appreciate female strength. The action figure comes with a collectible card detailing her Amazon history and super powers. Kids can imagine epic adventures and recreate scenes where Wonder Woman saves the day using brains and bravery.

A W Toy - Wonder Woman Action Figure
  1. Water Guns
    (Ages 5+, Outdoor Toys, Summer Fun)

Squirt guns and water blasters provide hours of soaking wet fun. These toys add action-packed excitement to backyard play on hot summer days. Water guns come in many colorful styles like pistols, rifles and launchers. Some feature pump action to shoot streams of water, while others have motorized batteries and large reservoirs. Kids love aiming and squirting each other, dodging and hiding to avoid getting wet. Water fights promote active physical play and social interaction. Taking tactical positions requires strategy and teamwork. Pulling the trigger and pumping builds hand muscles and coordination. With adult supervision, water blasters encourage running around outside and staying cool. Water guns make a classic, refreshing summer toy.

Water Guns for Kids
  1. Wobble Board
    (Ages 2-6, Balance, Motor Skills)

A wobble board is a fun toy that helps little kids develop balance and coordination. This board has a curved base with a flat top that allows it to rock and wobble. Children stand with bare feet on the textured surface and work to maintain stability. This engages their core muscles and improves overall strength. Little ones build confidence as they test how far they can lean before tipping. Holding arms out for balance promotes motor skills. A wobble board can also be used for exercise games and races to see how fast kids can wobble from point A to B. With adult supervision for safety, the wobble board provides an engaging way to hone physical abilities.

Wobble Board
  1. World of Warcraft Board Game
    (Ages 12+, Strategy Games, Social Play)

The World of Warcraft comes to the tabletop in Small World of Warcraft, a strategy board game set in Blizzard’s epic fantasy universe. Players take turns controlling the Alliance or Horde factions, using raced like Orcs, Dwarves, and Trolls to occupy territories across Azeroth. Special power combinations like Portal Mage Pandarens or Herbalist Goblins provide unique abilities to achieve dominance. With simple rules but deep strategy, Small World of Warcraft brings the World of Warcraft to life in a fantasy civilization game.

World of Warcraft Board Game
  1. Wooden Train Set
    (Ages 2-5, Blocks & Trains, Develops Skills)

Playing with a wooden train set allows young children to explore imagination and build key skills. The chunky, durable pieces are sized for little hands to manipulate and assemble. Smooth, sanded wood is safe for kids. The set includes a colorful painted train engine along with cars, tracks, signs, trees and buildings. Children boost creativity and storytelling by arranging their own villages and cities. Constructing the track layout promotes spatial reasoning and problem solving. Coordinating the train along the tracks builds hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Identifying colors and counting train cars supports early math learning. Wooden train sets encourage open-ended play and developmental growth in the preschool years.

Wooden Train Tracks & Trains
  1. Whoopee Cushion
    (Ages 4+, Novelties & Gags, Silly Fun)

The classic whoopee cushion provides funny, harmless pranks and jokes. This timeless gag toy looks just like a little cushion. But when sat on, it makes a hilarious tooting noise thanks to the air sealed inside. Kids love using the whoopee cushion for silly practical jokes on parents, siblings and friends. Trying to keep a straight face before the big reveal builds self-control. Planning and executing the gag boosts creativity and humor. The unexpected funny noise never fails to make kids giggle. Though immature, the harmless prank toy allows children to explore jokes and humor. A whoopee cushion has been making people laugh for decades with its funny sound effect.

Whoopee Cushion
  1. Wrestling Figures
    (Ages 4+, Action Figures, Imaginative Play)

Wrestling figures allow kids to recreate exciting matches and storylines. The poseable figures represent favorite professional wrestlers from TV shows. Each sculpted figure wears the wrestler’s signature costume with accurate logos and colors. Accessories like a championship belt add role play fun. Articulated limbs can swing, kick and slam opponents into epic match moves. Wrestling figures inspire kids to create ongoing storylines and rivalries. They encourage language skills by announcing the big match play-by-play. Collecting multiple figures for tag team bouts builds social skills. Kids gain confidence acting out stories and athletic feats. Wrestling figures allow kids to imagine fame and adventure as sports heroes.

Wrestling Figures
  1. Watercolor Paint Set
    (Ages 3+, Arts & Crafts, Creative Play)

With watercolors, kids can explore the colors of the rainbow and engage their creativity. Watercolor paint sets designed for children include vivid pan colors and chunky brushes. The brilliant paints mix into any shade when water is added. Paint sets may include instruction sheets for blending secondary colors or basic techniques. As they experiment and paint, children learn color theory, practice fine motor skills and boost self-expression. The portable sets allow creativity anywhere a glass of water is available. Washable watercolors rinse away easily from skin and clothing. With supervision, watercolor painting encourages artistic kids to make a colorful mess while developing skills and talents.

100 Colors Painting with Water Brush Pens and Drawing Pencil
  1. Wiffle Ball Set
    (Ages 4+, Outdoor Toys, Active Play)

Wiffle ball sets provide hours of backyard family fun. Wiffle balls have holes that allow them to move slowly, like a knuckle ball in baseball. This makes them ideal for play in small areas. A plastic bat, ball and multiple bases or cones are all kids need for games. Wiffle ball encourages running around, taking turns and cooperating. Trying to hit the moving ball improves hand-eye coordination. Little league practice helps develop skills for future sports. Because the ball moves slowly, young kids can join the game alongside older siblings. Families bond over simple backyard Wiffle ball games. Any child who loves baseball or softball will enjoy gearing up for a friendly game of Wiffle ball in the yard.

Wiffle Ball 6 Baseballs Official Size
  1. Wind Chimes Craft Kit
    (Ages 5+, Arts & Crafts, Auditory Fun)

With an easy craft kit, kids can create beautiful wind chimes that make delightful sounds. The kit provides pre-cut metal chimes in different colors. Silvber wire and brightly beaded stickers allow children to assemble their wind chime however they like. As they thread and tie chimes, kids boost fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Following step-by-step instructions teaches focus and attention to detail. When hung outdoors, wind chimes create pleasant sounds as the pieces clink together. Seeing and hearing the results provides a sense of achievement. Wind chimes craft kits allow creative kids to make a musical garden decoration with their own two hands.

Wind Chimes Craft Kit
  1. Wizard Hat
    (Ages 3-8, Dress-Up, Pretend Play)

A traditional wizard hat inspires the imagination and magical role play. The classic conical hat has a wide brim and long floppy point with a shimmery moon and stars pattern. Some come with an elastic band fits snugly under the child’s chin to keep the hat securely on during play. Little girls and boys love using the hat to transform into wizard characters from popular books and movies. Adding a wand or robe completes the costume. Encourages active pretend play and boosts confidence. With a wizard hat, any child can spark their imagination to become the hero of a magical journey.

Wizard Hat
  1. Washable Markers
    (Ages 2+, Arts & Crafts, Creative Fun)

Washable markers spur creativity in kids with no mess to clean up. These colorful markers create bright images on paper, cardboard, posters and more. But the ink will easily wash off little hands and clothing. Sets feature classic hues like red, blue, green and purple that appeal to young kids. Triangular markers fit comfortably in small hands. Building fine motor skills, children learn by doodling and drawing. Marker activities help reinforce colors and writing skills. Dual-tip markers add variety, with thick tips for coloring and thin tips for details. Washable markers allow kids to freely explore art and writing with no parents worrying about ink stains. The easy cleanup means more time for imagination and creation.

Washable Markers
  1. Witch Costume
    (Ages 3-8, Dress-Up, Halloween Fun)

A witch costume transforms any child into a silly or spooky character for Halloween fun. The costume includes a black dress and hat with magical details like moons, stars and stripes. A ribbon tie back allows room to layer clothing underneath on chilly Halloween nights. Accessories like a broom, wand or spell book complete the outfit. Witch costumes come in children’s sizes with adjustable features to ensure a good fit. Dressing up builds vocabulary as kids pretend to cast spells and stir potions. It encourages silliness, active play and bravery. Kids may portray a good witch and go on adventures. A witch costume inspires the imagination for Halloween or anytime.

Witch Costume for Girls
  1. Weighted Stuffed Animal
    (Ages 3+, Plush & Stuffed Animals, Calming Toy)

A weighted stuffed animal provides comfort and sensory stimulation for calming play. These plush toys contain inner weighted beads that give gentle pressure when hugged. The light weight is relaxing, not restrictive. Kids find the soft texture and compression very soothing. This makes weighted stuffed animals ideal for relaxing before bedtime or naptime. The sensory input helps settle busy minds and bodies. For playtime, the cuddly companions provide a calming presence during activities. Children learn to identify and communicate feelings while nurturing their stuffed friend. Weighted stuffed animals offer many therapeutic benefits for kids in a sweet, huggable form.

Cute Soft Dinosaur Weighted Stuffed Animal
  1. Walk-along Puppy
    (Ages 1-3, Push/Pull Toys, Companionship)

A walk-along plush puppy provides friendship and encourages early walking skills. This interactive toy has a soft fur kids will love to pet. The leash handle gives toddlers support as they to walk beside the toy. Walking while holding the leash builds coordination. Large eyes, floppy ears and a wagging tail help endear the pup to little ones. Pushing or walking the dog promotes gross motor skills. Developing an emotional attachment teaches empathy and responsibility. A walk-along pup gives the joy of a pet without the work for parents. Together, child and pup can explore imaginary adventures.

Walking and Barking Puppy Dog Toy
  1. Wall Decals (cartoon-themed)
    (Ages 1+, Decor, Learning Fun)

Removable wall decals allow kids to decorate their space with fun cartoon themes. Choose favorite characters like dinosaurs, superheroes, princesses or vehicles. Decals easily stick to smooth walls then peel off later with no damage, making them ideal for rentals. Bright colors and charming designs enliven plain walls. Children feel pride customizing their own room. Decals with letters or numbers boost early reading skills. Interactive themes that tell a story promote creativity and language development. As kids age, wall decals are easy to remove and replace. Letting children decorate with removable wall decals allows self-expression and personalization without permanent commitment.

Wall Decals (cartoon-themed)
  1. Wrist Watch
    (with cartoon characters) (Ages 4-9, Accessories, Time Concepts)

A colorful wrist watch displaying favorite cartoon characters teaches time concepts while keeping kids punctual. Choose characters from Disney movies, superheroes or TV shows to inspire wearing it. An adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit on little wrists. Some models have an easy velcro closure. If you go with an analog version they can learn to read the watch face which strengthens math abilities. Recognizing where the hands point when it’s time to go promotes independence. Some watches have fun alarms, play music or character dialog to alert kids. Wearing a wristwatch makes children feel grown-up.

Wrist Watch
  1. Whack A Mole Game
    (Ages 4+, Games, Hand-Eye Coordination)

The classic arcade game Whack-a-Mole provides fast-paced fun while honing skills. Children use a padded mallet to pop up the heads of fun moles as they randomly appear. This encourages quick reflexes and improves hand-eye coordination. The repetitive actions help develop motor planning and timing. Trying to hit more moles than opponents provides friendly competition. Some versions talk or make silly sounds when whacked on the head for added excitement. Whack-a-Mole games build focus, physical skills and reaction time in an engaging, active way.

Whack A Mole Game
  1. Wagon Pull-Along Toy
    (Ages 1-4, Ride-On Toys, Develops Skills)

A pull-along wagon provides interactive fun while building physical skills for toddlers and preschoolers. Kids can load up the wagon with toys and treasured items. A long pull handle allows children to grasp and walk while pulling their cargo behind them. This helps develop gross motor coordination. Pushing encourages leg strength and balance. Loading toys promotes imagination and problem solving to fit everything inside. Pulling a wagon toy builds confidence as kids transport their own belongings. Pull-along wagons engage minds and muscles for developmental play.

Wagon Pull-Along Toy


So in your search for W toys that inspire, educate, and bring joy to kids, look for options like wagons, workshops, wind-ups, water tables, Where’s Waldo, whistles, walkie talkies, and wearable art kits. Most of all, choose toys that will let their creativity and inner Wonder Woman shine! With these 25 W winners, playtime is sure to be full of learning, laughter, and love.

Did I miss any toys that should be on the list? Let me know in the comments!

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