Toys That Start with E: 25 Exciting Ideas for Your Kiddos

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Toys That Start with E

Calling all parents of young Padawans and Elsas! As a parent of 3 kids and an adult, I’m always on the lookout for new toys. Toys that start with E make it fun for me and a way to engage my children’s curiosity and imagination. With so many exceptional toys starting with the letter E, it can be challenging to select the right ones for your little’s interests and developmental stage. Whether you need alphabet learning toys for homework, gifts tied to their name’s first letter, or just screen-free entertainment, toys beginning with E provide endless fun.

There are so many important reasons we may want toys starting with E:

  • Your child’s teacher assigned an alphabet or letter E theme for show and tell or classwork
  • You want to give gifts for birthdays or holidays based on the first letter of their name
  • Your toddler is working on speech therapy focused on the E sound
  • Their preschool uses letter-based learning centers so you need E toys
  • You want engaging alphabet learning games to practice letter recognition
  • You want to spark their imagination with open-ended toys starting with the right letter

With so many exceptional E toy options, choosing the best ones for your kids can feel overwhelming! From ET dolls and egg painting kits, to excavators and easels, I’ve uncovered 25 exciting E-themed toys your children will adore while developing new skills!

25 Toys That Start with E

  1. Toys That Start With E: ET Doll

(Ages 3+, pretend play, friendship)

Let your little one re-enact adventures from the classic movie ET with this soft, cuddly ET plush doll. Kids can move ET’s arms and playfully interact with this toy. Snuggling with the ET doll and imagining storylines together promotes creativity, friendship, and emotional bonding.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial E.T. Plush
  1. Toys That Start With E: Excavator Construction Toys

(Ages 2+, building skills, hand-eye coordination)

These miniature metal excavators allow kids to scoop up dirt or sand just like real construction workers. Children can develop fine motor control and hand-eye coordination by maneuvering the bucket arm to pick up and dump out materials. Excavator toys build early STEM and construction skills.

CatToysOfficial, CAT Construction Fleet 10" Excavator Toy, Ages 3 and up
  1. Toys That Start With E: Egg Painting Kit

(Ages 2+, arts & crafts, creativity)

This egg painting kit comes with egg holders, paints, brushes and stickers so kids can decorate Easter eggs or create egg characters. Arts and crafts boost creativity.

Easter Eggs Painting Kit, 24 Pcs Paintable Flocking Eggs for DIY Easter Crafts
  1. Toys That Start With E: Easel

(Ages 2+, art creativity, painting)

A standing easel is perfect for little artists to express their creativity through painting, drawing, coloring, and doodling. This sturdy kid’s easel comes with paper roll, chalkboard side, and storage. Open-ended artistic play develops fine motor skills.

Easel for Kids with 2 Drawing Paper Roll, Learning-Toy for 3,4,5,6,7,8 Years Old Boy & Girls, Wooden Chalkboard & Magnetic Whiteboard & Painting Paper Stand, Gift & Art Supplies for Toddler
  1. Toys That Start With E: Elefun Game

(Ages 3+, active play, butterfly catching)

Children rush to catch colorful fabric butterflies in their nets as they fly out of the Elefun trunk. This fun, fast-paced game builds hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and agility. Kids get a kick out of the butterflies popping up unexpectedly to surprise them!

Hasbro Gaming Elefun and Friends with Butterflies and Music Kids Ages 3 and Up
  1. Toys That Start With E: Egg Shakers

(Ages 1+, music toys, rhythm skills)

These bright, egg-shaped shakers are the perfect size for little hands to grasp. Kids can develop rhythm skills by shaking them to produce fun bead sounds. Egg shakers encourage interactive musical play.

14 PCS Plastic Egg Shakers Percussion Musical Egg Maracas Easter Egg Kids Toys (7 Colors)
  1. Toys That Start With E: Electric Guitar

(Ages 5+, music toys, STEM skills)

Budding rockstars will love jamming on this kid-sized electric guitar! It has a microphone, amp and whammy bar for realistic electric guitar sound effects.

Kids Electric Guitar Play Set w/Whammy Bar, Microphone, Amp, AUX, Blue
  1. Toys That Start With E: Earring Craft Kit

(Ages 8+, jewelry making, creativity)

Tweens can design their own stylish earrings with this creative DIY earring craft kit. It comes with hoops, beads, connectors, and pliers for inventive jewelry assembly. Crafting earrings builds spatial skills, creativity, and fine motor dexterity.

Jewelry Making Kit - 1587 PCS Beads for Jewelry Making, Jewelry Making Supplies with Crystal Beads, Jewelry Plier, Beading Wire, Earring Hooks, Ring, Bracelet Making Kit for Girls and Adults
  1. Toys That Start With E: Electronic Keyboard

(Ages 6+, music toys, sound exploration)

An electronic keyboard lets kids explore producing different sounds and songs. This keyboard has 200+ sounds and rhythms, recorder, and demo songs. Early music creation improves self-expression and cognitive development.

Electronic keyboard
  1. Toys That Start With E: Emergency Vehicle Set

(Ages 1+, pretend play, rescue scenes)

This set of rescue vehicles like a police car, fire engine, ambulance fosters imaginative play. Kids love re-enacting emergency rescue scenes, building vocabulary and storytelling abilities. Vrooming around while making siren sounds builds dramatic skills.

4 Packs Emergency Vehicle Toy Playsets, Friction Powered Vehicles with Light and Sound, Including Fire Truck, Ambulance Toy, Play Police Car and Toy Helicopter
  1. Toys That Start With E: Echidna Stuffed Animal

(Ages 3+, nature toys, unusual mammals)

The Echidna is an unusual egg-laying mammal from Australia. This stuffed animal has delightfully spiky yet soft fur kids enjoy touching. It provides a unique way for children to learn about animals that aren’t from North America.

Echidna Stuffed Animal
  1. Toys That Start With E: Elsa Doll from Frozen

(Ages 3+, movie characters, singing)

Kids can act out adventures from the popular movie Frozen with this sparkly Elsa doll. Her glittering dress plays “Let It Go” when kids press the jewel. Elsa inspires imaginary snowy scenes and magical role play.

Disney Frozen by Mattel Disney Frozen Toys, Singing Elsa Doll in Signature Clothing, Sings “Let It Go” from the Disney Movie Frozen
  1. Toys That Start With E: Elephant Rocker

(Ages 1+, gross motor skills, balance)

This plush, ride-on elephant rocker gives a fun back-and-forth wobbling motion to build leg strength, balance and coordination.

Rocking elephant for 10-36 month old children
  1. Toys That Start With E: Etch A Sketch

(Ages 3+, drawing toy, spatial skills)

The classic Etch A Sketch has magical drawing power! Kids turn the knobs to draw curvy or zig-zag lines on the screen. Drawing on this vintage toy boosts manual dexterity, spatial thinking, and creativity without batteries.

Etch A Sketch - Classic - Red
  1. Toys That Start With E: Electric GO Kart

(Ages 8+, outdoor toys, motors)

Kids will have a blast driving this motorized electric go kart! Easy acceleration by pedal allows speeds up to 8 mph. Cruising around the neighborhood or yard gives a thrilling taste of engineering principles.

Razor Crazy Cart Shift for Kids Ages 6+ (Low Speed) 8+ (High Speed) - 12V Electric Drifting Go Kart for Kids - High/Low Speed Switch and Simplified Drifting System, for Riders up to 120 lbs,Black/Blue
  1. Toys That Start With E: Electric Train Set

(Ages 6+, STEM toys, locomotive play)

All aboard! Kids can construct tracks and operate realistic electric trains that really move. Fun engineering play.

Train Set with Remote Control
  1. Toys That Start With E: Electronic Cash Register

(Ages 3+, pretend play, math skills)

This interactive cash register talks, makes machine sounds and scans credit cards for shopping role play! Build your child’s math skills with creative and interactive play.

Dr. STEM Toys | Talking Toy Cash Register | STEM Learning 69 Piece Pretend Store with 3 Languages, Paging Microphone, Credit Card, Bank Card, Play Money and Banking for Kids, Silver
  1. Toys That Start With E: Educational Globe

(Ages 5+, geography toys, global learning)

This interactive and talking globe lets you hear thousands of facts and interact with unique games. A truly unique way to explore the world and learn something new.

LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe
  1. Toys That Start With E: Exploding Kittens Card Game

(Ages 7+, strategic thinking, family game night)

This hilarious, strategic card game has kids trying to avoid Exploding Kittens! Players draw cards hoping to avoid the Exploding Kitten which knocks them out of the game. Great for family game nights, this strategic card game builds critical thinking, prediction, probability skills, and provides laugh-out-loud fun.

Exploding Kittens Party Pack Card Game | Fun Family Game | For Adults, Teens & Kids (Ages 7+) | 2-10 Players | 15 Minutes of Play
  1. Toys That Start With E: Electric Scooter

(Ages 3+, outdoor toys, balance)

Kids will have a blast zipping up to 5 mph on this motorized electric scooter! Lean steering and hand brake help develop coordination and balance. The LED light adds cool factor.

Scoothop 3 Wheel Electric Scooter for Kids, Motorized Scooter for Kids with Flashing LED Wheels,5Mph Safe Speed,
  1. Toys That Start With E: Elephant Squishmallows

(Ages 2+, stuffed animals, imagination)

These squishy, super-soft elephant plush toys are perfect for hugging and cuddling. Their sweet smiling faces become lovable friends that spark imaginative play. Squishmallow’s texture soothes emotions and senses.

Squishmallow Kellytoy Mila 8 Inch Grey Elephant Squishy Plush Animal
  1. Toys That Start With E: Earth Science Kit

(Ages 5+, STEM learning, geology)

This earth science kit lets budding geologists conduct rock experiments, excavate fossils, make crystals, and more! Activities introduce earth science like archaeology, geology, crystals, and minerals. Hands-on learning is fun!

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Earth Science Kit - Over 15 Science Experiments for Kids, Crystal Growing Kit, Volcano Science Kit, Dig Kits & Gemstones, STEM Project Toy for Boys and Girls (Amazon Exclusive)
  1. Toys That Start With E: Earphones

(Ages 2+, pretend play, listening)

Big comfy earphones allow kids to imagine they’re rockstars on stage! These oversized kiddie headphones have soft cushions and adjust sizing for pretend listening play. Builds creativity and emotional skills.

Cat Ear Led Light Up Kids Headphones with Microphone, iClever HS20 Wired Headphones -Shareport- 94dB Volume Limited, Foldable Over-Ear Headphones for Kids Gifts/School/iPad/Kids Tablet/Travel
  1. Toys That Start With E: Electronic Drum Pad

(Ages 3+, music toys, rhythm patterns)

An electric drum pad with light-up pads lets aspiring drummers create their own beats. The 7 built-in drum sounds like cymbal, snare, bass make layering rhythms easy and fun. Jamming boosts coordination.

Donner Electronic Drum Set, 7 Pads Electric Drum Pad Roll Up Quiet Drum Pad Built-in Speaker, 40 Drum Lessons Included, Kids Holiday Christmas & Birthday Gift Instrument Toys(DED-20)
  1. Toys That Start With E: Echo Microphone

(Ages 3+, pretend play, voice amplification)

Kids tap into their inner rockstar, talking through this voice-changing microphone with fun echo sound effects. The microphone amplifies voices for singing or speech. Great for imaginative play!

Novelty Place Echo Mic for Kids and Toddlers - Battery-Free Magic Karaoke Microphone Voice Amplifying Retro Toy for Singing, Speech & Communication Therapy


With this stellar selection of E-themed toys, your young Padawans and Elsas will be enthralled for hours! These 25 toy ideas inspire skills across all ages and interests – from ET dolls to excavators, egg painting kits to easels. Screen-free E toys allow kids to expand their abilities while having an exuberant time playing.

So browse these out-of-this-world toy suggestions starting with E. Comment below on which letter E toys your children enjoy the most! Sharing our kids’ beloved learning toys helps fellow parents continue the circle of fun! May the Force be with you!

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