Toys That Start with Z: 25 Zippy Finds to Zest up Playtime!

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Toys That Start with Z

When you’ve got a zoo of zesty munchkins like I do, finding fun new toys to entertain them can be a challenge! With so many playthings starting with the letter Z to choose from, it’s tricky to pick!

Parents might be seeking out Z toys for reasons like:

  • Your child’s teacher gave an alphabet homework assignment.
  • You’re looking for birthday gifts starting with the first letter of their name.
  • You’re trying to find alphabet learning toys to practice letter recognition.
  • Your toddler has speech therapy focused on the Z sound.
  • Their preschool teacher asked for show & tell items starting with Z.
  • You want the perfect alphabet-themed gift.

There are a surprising amount of great toys starting with Z to spark your kids’ curiosity and keep them happily occupied. From Zoinks action figures and Zoobles collectibles to ZhuZhu Pets hamsters and Zinger fidget spinners, the options are endless, man! Whether you need letter Z toys for schoolwork, gifts, or just for fun playtime, I’ve rounded up some awesome choices your little ones will find totally zesty. No matter why you’re seeking toys starting with Z, this list has got you covered for providing zoom-tastic playtime experiences!

25 Toys That Start with Z

  1. Zoo Wooden Activity Cube
    (Ages 2-4, Wooden Puzzle Toy, Develops Fine Motor Skills)

The Zoo Wooden Activity Cube is a multi-sided wooden puzzle toy that helps develop fine motor skills in toddlers and preschoolers. This interactive cube features a different zoo animals on each side, including a lion, zebra, elephant, giraffe, monkey, and more. The chunky, easy-grip knobs make it perfect for little hands. The cute zoo animal graphics and bright colors hold their attention.

This open-ended toy allows for imaginative play as kids create their own zoo stories. It’s made from quality wood and painted with non-toxic finishes. The Zoo Activity Cube makes a great gift for any animal-loving tot and offers hours of open-ended play and developmental benefits.

Zoo Wooden Activity Cube
  1. Zipline Adventure Set
    (Ages 5+, Outdoor Play Set, Promotes Physical Activity)

The Zipline Adventure Set brings thrilling outdoor play for kids right to their own backyard. This complete kit has everything kids need to set up their own zipline for zooming fun. It includes a galvanized steel cable and pulley system, durable seat with grab handle, safety helmet, and all necessary hardware for installation. Kids simply attach each end of the steel cable to a sturdy tree or post, clip on the seat, and ride the line for a wild zipline adventure.

The set can accommodate riders up to 350 pounds, so mom and dad can join in the excitement too! The heavy-duty parts are made to last season after season. Riders learn coordination as they balance on the seat, building confidence and physical abilities. Zooming down the zipline promotes dynamic body movement and cardiovascular exercise. With adult supervision, the Zipline Adventure Set provides endless summer fun for daredevil kids. It’s the perfect way to keep active outdoors.

Zipline Adventure Set
  1. Zebra Wooden Toddler Activity Toy
    (Ages 1-3, Wooden Pull Toy, Develops Motor Skills)

Discover hands-on learning fun with the Safari Zebra Wooden Toddler Activity Toy by Manhattan Toy. This multi-activity zebra toy is specially designed to develop fine and gross motor skills in little ones ages 12 months and up.

When playtime is over, the zebra toy becomes a beautiful decorative piece for the nursery or playroom. The natural wood grain patterns and charming safari theme add style to any space. The Safari Zebra promotes open-ended play and discovery as little ones engage with its many features. This versatile toddler activity toy stimulates development across multiple domains including fine motor, gross motor, sensory, and early cognitive skills.

Zebra Wooden Toddler Activity Toy
  1. Zorb Ball
    (Ages 5+, Outdoor Active Toy, Promotes Balance and Coordination)

Kids will have a ball zipping, rolling, and bouncing inside a Zorb Ball! This innovative toy is a giant inflatable sphere that allows kids to walk or roll inside, protected by the surrounding plastic bubble. Just climb through the zippered opening and jump into the inner hamster ball seat. Roll and tumble inside while staying safe from falls.

The outer ball absorbs impact as kids careen downhill or spin across the lawn. Develops balance and coordination skills as they work to control the ball’s motion. Vents allow airflow so riders stay cool even during high-speed zorbing adventures. Durable PVC and nylon construction stands up to rugged use. Deflates for easy storage when playtime is over. The Zorb Ball provides outrageous outdoor fun and exercise. Kids burn off energy and improve physical abilities all while rolling around in a giant inflatable bubble! Supervised use recommended.

Zorb Ball
  1. Zombie Action Figures
    (Ages 5+, Pretend Play Toy, Promotes Creativity)

Zombie action figures let kids act out thrilling adventures and creative storytelling. Highly detailed zombie toys inspire pretend play for horror fans and adventure lovers alike. Accessories add to the imagination, like spooky haunted houses, gravestones, weapons, or safe house playsets. Collect all the zombie characters for an entire undead army!

Familiar zombies from pop culture or original ghoulish designs appeal to a variety of interests. Durable plastic and vinyl means these action figures are built to last through endless zombie adventures. Playsets with vehicles, buildings, and more environments for the figures to explore encourage open-ended creativity. Zombie toys make perfect gifts for the horror fan or action figure collector. Kids will have a creepy-crawly good time pitting their heroes against hordes of the undead!

Zombie Action Figures
  1. Zooble Playsets
    (Ages 5+, Construction Toy, Promotes STEM Learning)

Zoobles are a magical world of collectible animal friends that magically transform from adorable pet balls into lovable mini creatures! Kids will love discovering who’s inside each surprise Zoobles transforming ball. Simply pop open the plastic ball to reveal a furry friend like Panky the panda, Chevy the cat, Cleo the poodle, or one of over 100 pets to find! Watch as the Zooble instantly shapeshifts into an animal when freed from its sphere.

This Zoobles bundle is perfect for girls who want to expand their transforming toy collection. It includes 4 mystery Zoobles, each containing a surprise pet in a ball. Also included are zooble-themed temporary tattoos for hands-on fun. Zoobles engage kids’ imaginations with the clever transforming play pattern. The collectible balls, pets, and activities make Zoobles an entertaining pink toy. Use as party favors or fill goodie bags to delight girls at Zoobles-themed birthday celebrations!

Zoobles Toys
  1. Zombie Kidz Evolution
    (Ages 8+, Cooperative Board Game, Promotes Strategy)

Defeat the zombie hordes one game at a time in Zombie Kidz Evolution! This cooperative board game lets players work together as a team against an army of zombies. The ever-changing gameplay keeps it exciting – the zombies’ movements evolve with every play. Players must work together strategically to barricade doors and stop the zombies from taking over the town.

As heroes gain experience points within the game, their abilities grow, adding fun role-playing elements. This game offers an engaging balance of luck and skill. Randomization and evolving zombie behavior ensure endless replay value. Kids must use logical thinking and teamwork to survive each round. Zombie Kidz Evolution is a blast for families or kids to play solo. With accessible rules and short playtimes, it’s an addicting zombie adventure for players young and old! Work together to outlast those pesky undead!

Zombie Kidz Evolution
  1. Zamboni
    (Ages 5+, Hockey Fun, Promotes Imaginative Play)

Young hockey fans will love gliding across the ice on the Playmobil NHL Zamboni ice resurfacer! This officially licensed NHL toy looks just like the real Zamboni machines that maintain skating rinks. Kids can pretend to drive the vehicle and smooth the ice before a big game. Turn the wheels to cruise around the rink, just like a real Zamboni operator.

The set comes with a hockey fan figure to drive the toy Zamboni. Decorate it with the included NHL team logo stickers to support your favorites. Accessories like a broom, snow shovel, and cones help recreate the experience of prepping the rink for action. Kids familiar with this ice-grooming vehicle will delight in the chance to play ice technician themselves. With its working wheels and authentic design, this Playmobil set makes a great hockey-themed gift. Use it to enhance imaginative NHL playsets and ignite hockey fever!

  1. Zero Zoo Baby Toy Cars
    (Ages 1-3, Wooden Push Toy, Develops Gross Motor Skills)

The Zero Zoo Pull Back Cars make playtime fun while building skills for toddlers ages 1-3 years old. This city guard themed set includes 6 chunky vehicles like a police car, fire truck, ambulance, and more. Kids can send these toys zooming across the room by pulling back and releasing or pressing the headlight. Develops hand-eye coordination as toddlers grasp and roll the cars.

The pullback mechanism provides kinetic movement play without batteries, plus the cars are sized just right for little hands. The set includes a play mat depicting roads and buildings to arrange the vehicles on. Durable construction stands up to energetic play. Made from eco-friendly materials with vivid colors that appeal to young imaginations. Playing with the cars sparks creativity, storytelling and introduction to community helpers. The Zero Zoo pullback cars make an educational toddler gift for birthdays and holidays!

Zero Zoo Baby Toy Cars
  1. Zootopia Character Figures
    (Ages 3+, Pretend Play Toys, Encourage Imaginative Storytelling)

Inspire animal adventures with Zootopia character figures! These highly detailed toys bring all the characters from the popular animal world movie to life. Each figure captures the animal’s personality and charming style as seen in the film.

Detailed sculpts and vibrant colors stay true to the designs loved by fans. These plastic figures are ready for hours of pretend play fun. Zootopia toys encourage creativity, storytelling, and social skills. Kids will have a roaring good time playing out adventures with the coolest characters in Zootopia!

Zootopia Character Figures
  1. Zen Garden Kit for Kids
    (Ages 5+, Mindfulness Activity Set, Promotes Focus)

A Zen garden kit provides a hands-on way for kids to experience the relaxing benefits of a dry rock garden. This mindfulness activity helps improve focus, self-regulation, and feelings of calm. The kit comes with smooth raked sand, naturally shaped rocks, miniature rakes, and more for crafting miniature Zen garden designs. Creating swirling patterns in the sand encourages present moment focus.

The repetitive motions promote relaxation. There are no rules – kids can shape their garden however they’d like. Peaceful backdrop scenes provide a visual model, then let imagination take over. Zen gardens make excellent tools for coping with anxiety, anger, or excess energy. The calming activity helps settle busy minds and bodies. Everything is contained neatly in a shallow tray for clean, contained play. Add miniature plants, pagodas, bridges and more to create a unique oasis. Hands-on and imagination-sparking, the Zen Garden Kit helps even the busiest kid find their inner tranquility.

Zen Garden Kit for Kids
  1. Zoo Animal Play Set
    (Ages 3+, Pretend Play Toy, Promotes Creativity)

With a zoo animal play set, imaginative kids can reenact the excitement of a day at the zoo anytime. Young animal lovers will be thrilled with all their favorite zoo residents in one playset. From the tall giraffe bending down to take a drink to the silly monkeys playing and swinging through trees, all the characters are ready for interactive adventures. Durable plastic pieces are sized just right for smaller hands to manipulate and fashion into stories.

Textured paint brings charming details of fur, feathers, scales, and more to life. Combine with other zoo playsets for even more excitement. Open-ended play encourages creativity, motor skills, and cognitive development. Kids gain confidence as they explore and experiment during playtime. For animal-loving kids, the Zoo Play Set unlocks a world of learning and adventure!

Zoo Animal Play Set
  1. Zombie Kittens Card Game
    (Ages 7+, Card Game, Promotes Strategy and Observation)

Zombie Kittens is the feline-themed card game that’s taking the world by storm. Players draw and pass cards, trying to avoid the dreaded exploding kitten. Cute, creepy, and hilarious, this game has a ton of strategic options packaged in kitties and chaos. Every round is different as special modifier cards like laser pointers, catnip sandwiches, and hairball attacks shake things up. Pair with any Exploding Kittens expansions for even more pounce and swat options.

Up to 5 players can join in the furry frenzy at once. This engaging card game develops memory, observation, and critical thinking as players observe and respond to opponents’ moves. Light strategy combined with hilarious zombie kittens illustrations make it accessible and fun for all ages. Playtime averages 15 minutes for a quick and satisfying round. With eye-catching art and strategic silliness, Zombie Kittens is a meow-velous game for families, parties, and game nights. Outwit opponents and avoid explosive felines for the win!

Zombie Kittens Card Game
  1. Zelda Uno
    (Ages 7+, Card Game, Promotes Quick Thinking)

The legendary video game series comes to life in this action-packed edition of UNO. Zelda UNO is based on the iconic Nintendo franchise with images spanning over 30 years of adventure. Fans will delight in the artwork featuring Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, and more from games like Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Breath of the Wild, and others.

The fast-paced card game follows traditional UNO rules of matching numbers and colors. Special themed Wild and Action cards add bonus challenges and sneaky strategies. Quick thinking, visual perception, and on-the-fly decision making skills get a workout during this exciting game. Players race against each other to empty their hand first in this family-friendly game. Part luck and part skill makes it fun for all ages and abilities. The vibrant illustrations showcase details that die-hard Zelda fans will appreciate. UNO gets an action-packed twist that gamers and fans will love!

Zelda Uno
  1. Zing Klikbots
    (Ages 8+, Construction Toy, Promotes STEM Learning)

The Zing Klikbots are a fun way for kids ages 6+ to learn the art of stop motion animation. This complete set of 4 poseable translucent villains lets kids make their own movies and animations. Each 5-inch figure has joints that hold different positions. Change the poses slightly to create frame-by-frame animation.

Deck out the villains with the included armor and weapons accessories. Their translucent metallic finish in gold, silver, copper and bronze looks amazing on camera. Download the free StikBot Studio app to capture scenes and add special effects. Sets combine for expanded story options. Making stop motion videos builds creativity, storytelling, and technology skills. With tools specially designed for animation play, Klikbots unlock kids’ inner filmmaker! Collect all the Klikbot heroes and villains to expand the video possibilities.

Zing Klibots
  1. Zuma (Paw Patrol)
    (Ages 3+, Action Figure Toy, Promotes Imaginative Play)

Calling all Paw Patrol fans – Zuma the chocolate lab is ready for action and adventure! This detailed figurine captures the energetic rescue pup just as he appears in the popular TV series. His trusty water cannons are ready to launch for a trouble-free day in Adventure Bay.

Sculpted with smooth finishes and authentic decoration, it’s a miniature Zuma fans will instantly recognize. Pup and accessories are crafted from durable materials that withstand active play for both boys and girls. Combining with other Paw Patrol vehicles and pups unlocks even more story options. Figures inspired by favorite characters build narrative thinking, motor skills, and social skills. The lively Zuma figure will inspire all kinds of water-based adventures perfect for bathtime or poolside play!

Zuma (Paw Patrol)
  1. Zorro Funko Pop!
    (Ages 3+, Collectible Figure, Promotes Imaginative Play)

Add some old west adventure to your collections with this Zorro Funko Pop! figure. The legendary masked crusader is depicted in iconic black cape, hat and mask. His sword is drawn, ready to fight injustice and add a little chaos. The large black eyes and oversized head capture the lighthearted style that makes these figures so appealing.

This pocket-sized Zorro collectible is ideal for adventure lovers and Funko fans of all ages. The vinyl construction means each figure will retain its color and shape for years to come. Kids can learn about classic tales of heroism that have inspired characters across generations. Whether displayed as décor or played with directly, this miniature Zorro brings action and intrigue. Enjoy fun backstories and from the courageous masked avenger. Collect alongside other classic and contemporary Funko Pops to build an eclectic cast of characters. With paint details that pop and a story behind him, Zorro is a legendary hero kids will admire.

Zorro Funko Pop!
  1. Zurg Action Figure from Toy Story
    (Ages 3+, Action Figure, Promotes Imaginative Play)

To infinity and beyond! Kids can imagine epic space adventures with Buzz Lightyear’s archenemy, the infamous Zurg. Based on the power-hungry villain from Toy Story 2, this detailed action figure is ready to rule the galaxy. Look for his signature characteristics like the purple and gold armor, menacing red eyes, and launchpad arm cannon. Poseable joints move into battle-ready stances and dramatic action poses.

Pair with Buzz Lightyear and Woody figures to inspire their own Toy Story play. With authentic detailing and poseable parts, the Zurg figure opens new worlds

Toys that start with Z - Zurg Action Figure from Toy Story
  1. Zebra Stuffed Animal
    (Ages 0+, Plush Toy, Promotes Emotional Development)

The Wild Republic Cuddlekins Zebra Baby plush stuffed animal brings adorable safari style to cuddle time. This soft, floppy zebra is realistically designed with black and white furry stripes. The plush fabric and stuffing make it extra huggable at 8 inches tall. A sweet face with embroidered eyes adds personality. Kids will love playing zookeeper and caring for this wild yet cuddly “baby” zebra.

Great for imaginative play or as a comforting bedtime buddy, this zebra stuffed animal is surface-washable so it stays clean. Young animal lovers can bring their zebra friend anywhere for on-the-go snuggles. High-quality plush and detail capture the essence of a zebra foal. Wild Republic’s safe, soft plush toys allow kids to learn about wildlife through nurturing play. This zebra stuffed critter makes an adorable gift for animal-loving kids!

Zebra Stuffed Animal
  1. Zazu from Lion King
    (Ages 3+, Plush Toy, Inspires Imaginative Play)

Bring the excitement of The Lion King to playtime with this toy set from Matconly. It includes 9 detailed PVC figurines of favorite characters from the classic Disney film. Recreate iconic movie moments with figures like Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Rafiki and more. Each 2-4 inch toy is vividly painted and sculpted with expressive faces fans will recognize.

Also included are 50 themed stickers featuring Lion King imagery. Decorate toys, bikes, notebooks, walls and other surfaces with these durable vinyl stickers. Use the figures and stickers together for Lion King-themed parties, as cake decorations, or pretend playset accessories. Made from non-toxic materials, this toy set engages kids in creative adventures with Simba and friends. Highly detailed and complete with fun decorative stickers, Matconly’s Lion King set is perfect for Disney fans and collectors!

Zazu from Lion King
  1. Zingo Game
    (Ages 4+, Card Game, Builds Early Reading)

Zingo is the fast-paced bingo game that builds early reading and matching skills. To play, kids match image-covered discs to the familiar sight words on their card. The first to fill their card calls “Zingo!” and wins. With two levels of play, preschoolers learn basic matching and recognition while older kids connect words to their meanings. The illustrated tiles feature everything from apples and airplanes to xylophones and yoyos.

Zingo strengthens visual perception, processing speed, and quick-thinking abilities. An engaging spinner format and quick playtime make it exciting for young learners. Two to six players can join in the matching fun. With durable construction made to last, Zingo provides early reading enrichment and enticing interactive play. For pre-readers and early readers alike, Zingo gives learning letter and word recognition a lively twist kids will love!

Zingo Game
  1. Z is for Moose Book
    (Ages 3-5, Picture Book, Teaches Alphabet)

The hilarious picture book Z is for Moose provides a fun way to learn the alphabet and word sounds. As zealous Moose tries to butt in and make his way across every page, kids learn all about reading from A to Z. Silly rhyming text keeps kids engaged to see what Moose will do next. The recurring joke builds reading comprehension skills through context. Bright, lively illustrations capture all the action and personality.

Moose’s silly antics reinforce each letter and corresponding words in a way young learners will find delightful. This humorous book shows kids how letters make up words while keeping them smiling. The satisfying ending brings the story full circle. Z is for Moose makes a wonderful read-aloud to share together. Early literacy learning mingles seamlessly with laughter, making reading irresistible. Kids will beg to read this clever alphabet adventure again and again!

Z is for Moose Book
  1. Zombie Dice
    (Ages 8+, Dice Game, Promotes Probability)

Zombie Dice puts bravery to the test in this dice game where you push your luck against hungry zombies. Players compete to collect the most brains without getting chomped. The 13 custom dice represent hungry zombies, fleeing humans, or blasting shotguns. Each turn you decide how many dice to roll based on possible risks and rewards. Will you keep pushing your luck or play it safe and pass? Quick thinking, probability assessment, and strategic decision making get a workout during suspenseful play.

With simple rules, short rounds, and devilish dice, Zombie Dice is frightfully fun for ages 8 and up. Games last 10-20 minutes so you can keep the scary excitement coming. This compact yet engaging game is perfectly portable for travel or taking to parties and game nights. Outsmart those zombies and be the first to collect 13 brains to win! How long will your luck hold out?

Gaames that start with Z - Zombie Dice
  1. Zelda Sword
    (Ages 6+, Pretend Play Accessory, Promotes Imagination)

Every hero of Hyrule needs a legendary weapon! Ideal for fans of the iconic video game series, this detailed Zelda sword recreates Link’s famous Master Sword straight from the adventures. The guard and cross-shaped pommel feature accurate engravings just like the in-game treasure. The included scabbard safely houses the sword when not in use.

Wielding this signature weapon empowers interactive roleplay adventures. Battle evil forces across the kingdom! Challenge fierce foes like Ganondorf and Dark Link! Or explore the wilderness using your sword skills for survival. Foam swords encourage physical activity and imagination. Assuming the role of a courageous hero builds confidence too. Gift this tool of evil’s bane to the Zelda fan in your life, then watch the fantasy fun unfold!

Toys that begin with Z - Zelda Sword
  1. Zoo Keeper Costume
    (Ages 3-10, Pretend Play Costume, Sparks Imagination)

The zookeeper costume captures all the fun and excitement of a day at the zoo! Kids can let their imaginations run wild as they care for the animals and explore the habitats. The zip-front jumpsuit features sturdy fabric in khaki with printed zookeeper shirt and name badge details. The look is completed with a belt and fabric safari hat. Kids can write down animal facts they “learn” or record funny conversations with critters.

Costumes provide a catalyst for imaginative narratives, role play, and exploration. Physically slipping into character builds confidence and social skills too. Pair with other animal costumes or toys to create endless adventures. Well-made yet comfy materials withstand hours of wear during play. For the animal lover who dreams of working at the zoo one day, this costume makes playtime roaring good fun!

Things that begin with Z - Zoo Keeper Costume


Well, those are my top recommendations for zippy Z toys to captivate and educate your kiddos for hours on end! With so many options from Zoomer Dinos to Zoob builders, there are loads of entertaining and skill-building toys starting with the letter Z. Watch your child’s literacy abilities, STEM knowledge, and creativity zoom off faster than the Mystery Machine! Try out some of these incredible Z toys, and your kids will have a zillion laughs! Let me know in the comments which Z toys end up being your family’s faves! Zoinks! Until next time parents – May the Learning Be With You!

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