Toys That Start with Y: 25 Ideas for Gift Giving

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Toys That Start with Y For Your Younglings

As a parent of young kids, finding fun new toys starting with Y can be tricky. Here’s why I’m often on the hunt for Y toys:

  • Their teacher assigned alphabet homework to find Y things.
  • I want birthday presents that start with the first letter of their name.
  • I’m looking for alphabet learning toys to help teach letter recognition.
  • Their speech therapist is working on the Y sound.
  • Their preschool asked for Y show and tell items.
  • I want a unique alphabet-themed gift.

There are lots of yummy options! Yo-yos, Yoda stuffed animals, Y-Wing models, and Yummy Nummies snacks are great finds. I also love Yogi Bear toys – my little cubs go crazy for that picnic basket-stealing bear! Whether it’s for school, gifts, or playtime, Y toys provide magical experiences. I enjoy hunting for fun toys starting with Y to keep my kids happy and get them to say, “Hey Boo-Boo, these are Y-tastic!”

25 Toys That Start with Y

  1. Yo-Yo
    (Ages 6+, Skill Toy, Develops Hand-Eye Coordination)

The yo-yo is a classic skill toy that has been around for centuries. This spinning top toy attached to a string provides endless fun while helping kids develop hand-eye coordination. Learning yo-yo tricks like Walk the Dog, Around the World, and Rock the Baby will keep kids engaged for hours. The yo-yo promotes focus and persistence as kids practice to master new skills. With a wide selection of yo-yo styles and colors, kids can find the perfect yo-yo to match their personality. This timeless toy makes a great gift for young ones looking for a new challenge.

Auto Return Yo-Yo
  1. Yarn Knitting Kit
    (Ages 8+, Creative Play, Promotes Mindfulness)

Knitting is a creative and mindful hobby that’s great for kids. This yarn knitting kit comes with vibrant yarn colors, knitting needles, and an instruction booklet to teach beginners. Kids will love personalizing scarves, hats, and more as they follow along step-by-step. The repetitive motion of knitting is calming and improves focus. Tweens and teens get a sense of accomplishment out of starting a project from scratch and ending with a handmade creation. This knitting kit lets kids tap into their imagination to make gifts for family and friends. It’s a screen-free activity that builds patience and artistry.

Yarn Knitting Kit
  1. Yacht Toy Set
    (Ages 5+, Pretend Play, Imaginative Fun)

Kids can explore the open seas with this imaginative yacht play set. It comes with diving lego figures. Kids will enjoy acting out adventures on the high seas as they steer the yacht to exotic destinations. Additional accessories like a coral, camera, and scuba gear add to the pretend play possibilities. This toy yacht inspires creativity and storytelling as kids take on different character roles. It promotes interactive play for siblings and friends as they work together to navigate their yacht voyages. This yacht set provides endless fun and imagination.

LEGO City Great Vehicles Diving Yacht
  1. Yellow Power Ranger
    (Ages 4+, Action Figure, Heroic Roleplay)

Power Rangers are action heroes popular among young kids. This Yellow Power Ranger action figure allows kids to imagine epic battles between good and evil. Styled after the original Yellow Ranger, it’s highly poseable for pretend action play. Kids will love acting out scenes where their Yellow Ranger uses karate moves to defeat sinister foes. With vivid colors and intricate detailing, this figure looks just like the real Yellow Ranger. It can be combined with other Power Rangers figures so kids can get all their favorite heroes together in one place. Kids gain confidence taking on the brave alter-ego of the Yellow Ranger. It inspires leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Yellow Range
  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Set
    (Ages 8+, Collectible Cards, Strategic Gameplay)

Kids can recreate the excitement of the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe with this trading card set. It contains dozens of character cards featuring favorite monsters from the anime series. Cards have detailed illustrations and descriptions of powers, abilities, and backstories. Collecting and trading cards with friends is part of the fun. Kids can also use the cards to play the strategic Yu-Gi-Oh! card game. Following game rules, they can pretend to be duelists assembling the ultimate deck to defeat opponents. With countless monsters to discover, this trading card set delivers endless entertainment for Yu-Gi-Oh! fans.

Yugioh Holo Rare Starter Bundle
  1. Yoda Action Figure
    (From Star Wars) (Ages 6+, Movie Toy, Cultivates Creativity)

Kids can imagine epic Star Wars adventures with this Yoda action figure. As a wise Jedi Master, Yoda has lightsaber-wielding action and force power sound effects. With multiple points of articulation, kids can pose Yoda in battle stances and combat scenes with other Star Wars figures. Recreating exciting movie moments encourages open-ended play. Kids learn about character, courage, and destiny from the heroic Yoda. His unique appearance and personality also inspire kids to create their own fantasy realms and storylines far beyond the Star Wars universe. Yoda is an icon that cultivates creativity.

Yoda Action Figure
  1. Yeti Plush Toy
    (Ages 3+, Stuffed Animal, Imaginative Play)

Cuddly plush toys bring magic to everyday play. This yeti stuffed animal has super soft white fur and charming facial features. His fuzzy arms are perfect for hugs and snuggling close during storytime. Kids will love pretending to go on hikes and adventures in the snowy mountains with their yeti friend. His comforting presence helps kids face daily challenges and new experiences with confidence. Yeti’s silly grin and floppy limbs inspire giggles during play. He’s the perfect size for little hands to tote around. Kids can make up creative stories about how Yeti spends his days in the snow. With endless fun possibilities, this yeti plush toy engages kids in imaginative play.

Toys that start with Y - Yeti Plush Toy
  1. Yoga Mat for Kids
    (Ages 3+, Active Play, Promotes Relaxation)

This beginner yoga mat helps introduce kids to simple poses and meditation. Its vibrant colors and fun designs appeal to little ones starting their flexibility journey. The soft cushioned material provides traction and comfort for stretching. Kids will have a blast copying the pictured poses or making up their own while developing strength and balance. Yoga guides young bodies to be calm and focused. Deep breathing exercises teach kids techniques for relaxation when feeling stressed or anxious. Whether used during active playtime or as part of a bedtime routine, this yoga mat is ideal for helping kids wind down. Regular yoga encourages self-awareness, coordination, and healthy habits.

Yoga Mat for Kids
  1. Yahtzee
    (Ages 8+, Dice Game, Engaging Family Fun)

Yahtzee is a classic family game that’s fun for all ages. Players take turns rolling five dice and scoring points based on different combinations like straights, full houses, and Yahtzees. With easy to learn rules, kids can quickly join in on full game play. Yahtzee helps kids develop math skills and strategic thinking as they calculate probabilities for high-scoring rolls. The exciting element of chance keeps everyone engaged until the final round. Kids will love using the scorecards to keep track of their wins, while trying to beat their own high scores. Fast paced and full of friendly competition, this YAHTZEE game brings hours of engaging entertainment for family game nights.

  1. Yarn Llama Kit
    (Ages 7+, DIY Craft, Promotes Creativity)

Let kids craft their own adorable llama with this yarn animal kit. By wrapping and tying yarn around each part, kids will bring their llama to life. This DIY toy craft engages fine motor skills and imagination. The ability to customize their llama’s unique look boosts creativity as kids try new color combinations and designs. Completed projects make great room decor or handmade gifts for friends. Kids gain a sense of accomplishment from start to finish. With easy-to-follow instructions, yarn crafts like this llama kit teach young makers useful skills while providing hours of hands-on fun.

Yarn Llama Kit
  1. Yellow Submarine Toy
    (Inspired by the Beatles) (Ages 5+, Pretend Play, Imaginative Adventures)

Inspired by the classic Beatles song, this yellow submarine toy set lets kids reimagine the magical adventures. It includes a brightly colored yellow submarine vessel with wheels that moves across floors and tabletops. Kids will love singing along to their favorite tunes as they act out scenes from the animated movie. With so many ways to spark imagination, the Yellow Submarine toy promotes interactive storytelling. Kids can collaborate on creative tales and build social skills.

Yellow Submarine Toy
  1. Yo-Yo Trick Book
    (Ages 8+, Skill Development, Step-by-Step Instructions)

Mastering yo-yo tricks provides a fun challenge for kids. This yo-yo trick book contains clear step-by-step instructions for beginner to advanced skills. Simple illustrations demonstrate proper form so kids can easily follow along. With dedicated practice using these guides, kids gain confidence in their abilities. Learning impressive yo-yo skills provides a constructive hobby with achievable goals. Kids will love showing off new tricks.

YoYo Tricks For Kids Book
  1. Yeti in My Spaghetti Game
    (Ages 4+, Action Game, Silly Fun)

Get ready for hilarious, fast-paced fun with Yeti in My Spaghetti. This action-packed game has players frantically trying to remove spaghetti noodles from a bowl using only their fingers. But don’t let the yeti fall into the bowl! Wobbly yeti pieces and slippery spaghetti make for lots of silly play as noodles go flying. Kids have to balance speed and steady hands to collect the most spaghetti before time runs out. The light strategy keeps young minds engaged, while the exciting element of surprise creates laughs. With simple rules that are easy to catch onto, Yeti in My Spaghetti gets the whole family enjoying game nights together. Kids won’t be able to get enough of this unique, entertaining game.

Games that start with Y - Yeti in My Spaghetti Game
  1. Yummy Food Toy Set
    (Ages 3+, Pretend Play, Role Playing Fun)

This 59-piece play food set lets kids roleplay running their own restaurant. It contains realistic-looking toy versions of popular fast food menu items like hamburgers, french fries, ice cream cones, and more. Each styled replica has fun details like “cheese” and “lettuce” layers on the burger and chocolate syrup on the sundae. Kids will enjoy acting out scenes of taking customer orders, cooking meals, and serving up tasty treats. The sturdy plastic construction holds up to vigorous pretend play sessions. Sorting and stacking the play food builds early math skills too. With accessories like trays, forks, and plates, this set encourages interactive social play that boosts creativity.

Fast Food Toys Play Food Toy Set
  1. Yodeling Pickle
    (Ages 4+, Silly Interactive Fun)

Get ready for endless laughs with the hilarious Yodeling Pickle toy! This quirky pickle sings an amusing yodeling tune when the button is pushed. The goofy sound effects will make kids and adults crack up laughing. With its bright green color and unsuspecting singing, this funny pickle is so much fun to play with. Tots will love dancing around and singing along to the jolly yodeling song. It’s a great sensory toy for imaginative play too. Kids can come up with creative pickle adventures and stories. The perfect gift for any occasion, this singing Yodeling Pickle provides hours of giggles and entertainment. It’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Yodeling Pickle
  1. Young Scientist Kit
    (Ages 6+, STEM Toy, Hands-On Learning)

Budding scientists will have a blast with this hands-on kit that lets them conduct 30 educational experiments. It includes lab gear like test tubes, measuring scoops, beakers, and much more for an authentic science experience. Each activity has illustrated guides so kids can follow the steps like real chemists. They’ll learn science principles through exciting reactions and discoveries. Kids gain confidence in STEM topics while having fun mixing up potions just like in their wildest science dreams!

The Young Scientists Club Extreme Chemistry Lab
  1. Yak Plush Toy
    (Ages 2+, Stuffed Animal, Silly Companion)

This super silly plush yak toy will quickly become a kid’s best buddy. His fuzzy brown fur feels wonderfully soft and perfect for cuddling. Two curly horns sit atop his head for added personality. Little ones will adore squeezing his squishy belly for giggles. His sturdy stature is great for rambunctious play. Kids can take this yak stuffed animal along on daily adventures or use him during imaginative games. With endearing features kids instantly connect with, this yak is sure provide endless laughter and playtime fun.

Gifts that start with Y - Yak Plush Toy
  1. Young Detective Kit
    (Ages 5+, Pretend Play, Boosts Critical Thinking)

Let kids sleuth around like real detectives with this spy kit filled with CSI-inspired activities. Budding gumshoes can collect and analyze fingerprints left on included cards. Other forensic experiments involve examining footprints, decoding messages, and dusting for prints using powder and a brush. Kids can look closely with the kit’s magnifying glass and try on dress-up accessories like a spy watch and ID badge. Following detailed guides, young investigators sharpen logic and critical thinking skills. They’ll love piecing together clues to solve mysteries and “crack” the case! This screen-free kit provides STEM learning fun that feels like an exciting covert mission.

Kids Spy Kit Detective
  1. Yard Games Compilation Set
    (Ages 6+, Outdoor Play, Family Bonding)

Enjoy hours of outdoor family fun with this assortment of classic yard games. It includes volleyball, badminton, horseshoes, and more all in one set. With easy setup and simple rules for each game, kids can quickly join in the friendly competition. Playing games together outdoors provides great bonding time, while keeping everyone active. The variety offers something exciting for all ages and abilities. Kids will enjoy combining games or making up new rules too. With everything needed for a backyard carnival included, this set makes it easy to get the whole family playing, laughing, and making memories together outside.

Y Toys - Yard Games Compilation Set
  1. Yellow Dump Truck (Small)
    (Ages 3+, Construction, Imaginative Play)

This chunky yellow dump truck provides fun on-the-go play for toddlers. Its bright, vibrant color grabs little ones’ attention and inspires the imagination. Sturdy wheels and easy-grip handles help toddlers balance and steer their truck across floors. Kids can load up the truck bed with toys for a fun adventure then push it around the living room or playground. Playing truck driver encourages motor skills, balance, and coordination. Whether used for pretend deliveries or transporting favorite dolls and stuffed animals, kids will love cruising along in this yellow truck.

Stuff that starts with Y - Yellow Dump Truck
  1. Youth Guitar
    (Ages 5+, Musical Instrument, Skill Development)

Nurture your child’s inner rockstar with this beginner acoustic guitar sized just for kids. Its compact size is perfect for small hands to strum and form chords. The strings are gentle on little fingers. Kids will have fun personalizing their guitar with fun stickers and playing along to their favorite tunes. Playing guitar improves dexterity, timing, and memory skills. As kids advance, they gain confidence performing more difficult melodies. Learning this timeless instrument provides a constructive hobby that stimulates creativity. Your aspiring musician will treasure this guitar for years.

Youth Guitar
  1. Yoshi
    (Ages 3+, Plush Toy, Cute Companion)

Yoshi, the loveable dinosaur from Super Mario, hops to life in this cuddly plush toy form. His soft green fabric body and smiling face make Yoshi the perfect huggable companion for kids. Little ones will love taking their Yoshi buddy on adventures, playdates, and cuddle sessions. The spot-on details like red shell, white shoes, and fluttering wings capture Yoshi’s iconic look. Durable construction and quality materials ensure Yoshi will withstand tons of spontaneous affection. With its cheerful appearance and familiar character kids adore, this Yoshi plush provides a screen-free way to enjoy a favorite video game friend.

  1. Yellow Taxi
    (Ages 3+, Ride-On Toy, Imaginative Play)

Vroom! Vroom! Kids will have a blast cruising the city streets in this bright yellow taxi ride-on car. Realistic details like a checkerboard trim, taxi sign, and flashing lights to capture the look of a real city taxi. Smooth rolling wheels make it easy for kids to steer the taxi where they please. Kids love pretending to drive passengers across town on important business or racing to rescue someone in need. The taxi car encourages interactive role play that builds social skills. Kids gain confidence through imaginative adventures that let them take the wheel!

Toys that start with Y - Yellow Taxi
  1. Yorkie Stuffed Animal
    (Ages All, Plush Toy, Snuggly Companion Pet)

This super snuggly stuffed Yorkie dog will steal kids’ hearts. Fluffy brown and black fur with perky ears recreates a real Yorkie’s endearing look. Little ones can act out doggie antics or have heartwarming conversations with their plush pooch. His cuddly soft fabric gives hugs and comfort whenever kids need a loyal companion. Bringing him along in the car or to sleepovers provides a sense of security. Kids learn responsibility caring for their Yorkie and giving him a cozy bed. This plush furry friend encourages nurturing play. The Yorkie stuffed animal makes an adorable gift for animal lovers.

Yorkie Stuffed Animal
  1. Yamaha Keyboard
    (Ages 3+, Ride-On Toy, Motor Skill Development)

The Yamaha NP12 keyboard is the perfect first piano for aspiring young musicians. Its lightweight, compact size and 61 full-size touch-sensitive keys are ideal for small hands. The piano sound creates rich, authentic tones that sound just like a real acoustic piano. Built-in songs allow kids to play along to familiar melodies, helping reinforce proper technique and timing. Connectivity options let kids interact with educational music apps for added fun. Battery operation provides on-the-go practice anywhere. With quality Yamaha craftsmanship, the NP12 keyboard inspires kids to develop a lifelong passion for music. This accessible instrument nurtures creativity and skills for beginners.

Things that start with Y - Yamaha Keyboard


Well those are my top recommendations for yummy Y toys to captivate and educate your young padawans for parsecs! With so many options from Yoda backpacks to Yak Bak voice recorders, there are loads of entertaining and skill-building toys starting with the letter Y. Watch your child’s literacy abilities, STEM knowledge, and creativity blast off faster than the Millennium Falcon in hyperspace! Try out some of these incredible Y toys, and your kids will have a yottabyte of fun! Let me know in the comments which Y toys end up being your family’s favorites! Until next time parents – May the Learning Be With You!

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