Toys That Start with G: 25 Great Ideas for Your Children

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Toys That Start with G

Hey all you parents of young Mario and Zelda game masters! As a parent of 3 kids and an adult, I’ve been searching for standout new toys that start with G to ignite my children’s curiosity and imagination for a long time. With so many great toys beginning with G, it can be tough to pick the best ones suited for your little gamer’s interests and developmental stage. Whether you need alphabet toys for school, name letter gifts, or just screen-free entertainment, toys starting with G provide endless fun.

There are many reasons you may want G toys:

  1. Your child’s teacher assigned letter G for show & tell or classwork
  2. You want name-letter gifts for birthdays and holidays
  3. Your toddler does speech therapy for the G sound
  4. Their preschool uses letter-based learning centers
  5. You want alphabet games to practice letter recognition
  6. You want open-ended toys sparking imagination

With so many fantastic G toy options, choosing the perfect ones for your kids can feel overwhelming! From galaxies and gardens to ghosts and gnomes, I’ve picked 25 marvelous G-themed toys your children will go crazy for while developing new skills!

25 Toys That Start With G

  1. Toys That Start with G – Giant Inflatable Bowling Set
    (Ages 5+, family games, motor skills)

Kids can enjoy larger-than-life bowling in the backyard or rec room with this oversized inflatable bowling set! Includes giant pins and ball for boisterous fun. Just inflate the set and aim for strikes.

Giant Inflatable Bowling Set for Kids and Adults
  1. Toys That Start with G – Garden Tool Set
    (Ages 3+, roleplay, motor skills)

This kid-sized garden tool set with rake, shovel, and watering can lets little ones pretend to plant and nurture gardens. Digging and raking build gross motor skills while roleplaying nurturing play.

Toys That Start with G - Gardening Set, Tool Kit, for Toddlers and Kids 2 Years and up, STEM, Includes Tote Bag, Spade, Watering Can, Rake, Fork, Trowel and Glove
  1. Toys That Start with G – Glitter Glue Pens
    (Ages 4+, arts & crafts, creativity)

These pens let kids draw and doodle with sparkly glitter glue on paper, cardboard, wood and more. Budding artists will love decorating DIY crafts, signs, scrapbooks and more with the brilliant glitter gel ink.

Toys That Start with G - 72 Pack Glitter Glue Pens, Rainbow Glue Stick Set for Arts and Crafts Projects, Slime Supplies, Scrapbooking, Cards
  1. Toys That Start with G – Glow in The Dark Stars
    (Ages 3+, STEM learning, spatial skills)

Stick these glow stars on bedroom walls and ceilings to create galaxies visible in the dark! Kids learn about constellations while decorating, promoting spatial reasoning.

Toys That Start with G - Glow in The Dark Stars; 200 Count w/ Bonus Moon, Includes Installation Putty.
  1. Toys That Start with G – Gravity Maze Logic Game
    (Ages 8+, STEM toys, problem solving)

Guide the marble through 3D puzzle mazes by twisting, turning and adjusting the game grid. This brain building STEM toy challenges kids to think ahead and use spatial reasoning.

Toys That Start with G - Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up
  1. Toys That Start with G – Gymnastics Bar Set
    (Ages 5+, active toys, motor skills)

Kids can swing, flip, and hang like Olympians with this gymnast training set! It includes adjustable uneven bars and a floor beam. Builds coordination and active play.

Gymnastics Bar Set
  1. Toys That Start with G – Giant Toppling Blocks
    (Ages 3+, block play, motor skills)

Stack these lightweight, pine blocks into towers and pyramids, then bash them down! Toppling over structures develops hand-eye coordination and gross motor control.

Giant Tumble Tower, Stacking Backyard Game Stacking from 2Ft to Over 4.2Ft with 2 Dices
  1. Toys That Start with G – Geode Excavation Kits
    (Ages 5+, STEM toys, earth science)

Chip away the outer rock to uncover dazzling geode crystals inside! Comes with educational information and instructions. Allows kids to discover natural beauty through geology exploration.

25 Break Your Own Geodes
  1. Toys That Start with G – Games Around The World
    (Ages 4+, nature toys, responsibility)

Kids learn classic games from different cultures like Chinese checkers, African up-and-down, European pick-up sticks and more! Expands cultural awareness.

Chinese Checkers 15" Large Upgraded Version Wooden Game Board, 16mm 60+12 Colorful Glass Marbles, Easy Grasping for Adults and Kids
  1. Toys That Start with G – Gears Building Set
    (Ages 5+, STEM toys, engineering)

Young engineers connect plastic gears, switches and motors to build spinning creations. This STEM toy teaches basics of mechanical engineering through hands-on learning.

Gears! Gears! Gears! Treadmobiles Building Set, STEM Toys, Develops Early Engineering Skills, 108 Pieces, Ages 5+
  1. Toys That Start with G – Golf Putting Green Set
    (Ages 5+, active toys, hand-eye coordination)

Practice sinking putts like a pro on the indoor/outdoor putting mat. Comes with multiple balls, putter, and scoring holes to aim for.

Putting Green Mats Set for Golf Putting Use, Included 29 inches Golf Putter, 3 Golf Balls, Training Aid Put Cup & Flags, Practicing Putt Green Carpet for Children Putting Indoor Outdoor
  1. Toys That Start with G – Greenhouse Kit
    (Ages 6+, nature toys, botany)

Kids can grow their own plants and flowers year-round in this mini greenhouse. Includes pots, soil, seeds, and watering can for gardening fun indoors or outdoors.

Kids Gardening Set, Kids Plant GrowingKit
  1. Toys That Start with G – Gross Science Lab Kit
    (Ages 8+, STEM learning, experiments)

Budding scientists conduct wacky experiments like creating glowing worms and fungus, boiling boogers and more with this gross out lab kit! Teaches STEM concepts through goofy experiments.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Gross Science Kit - 45 Gross Science Experiments- Dissect a Brain, Make Glowing Slime Worms, Science Kit for Kids 8-12
  1. Toys That Start with G – Gloworm
    (Ages 1+, emotional skills)

These cute light up glow worm is the perfect bedtime companion for one year olds. Night lights comfort and soothe kids’ emotions when sleeping and with this one, they can control when it turns on.

Playskool Hasbro Lullaby Gloworm Toy with 6 tunes, Blue
  1. Toys That Start with G – Glow Doodle Mat
    (Ages 3+, sensory toys, creativity)

This glow pad lets kids draw glowing doodles that light up in the dark! Just use the UV pen to draw designs that shine with a blacklight effect.

Water Magic Doodle Mat, Kids Aqua Drawing Painting Mats Toy
  1. Toys That Start with G – Gel Blaster Toy Guns
    (Ages 8+, outdoor toys, physical play)

This gel ball blaster shoots harmless water beads up to 68 feet for exciting gel wars. Refill ammo with the 80,000 biodegradable gel balls included.

Electric Gel Ball Blaster Toys Splatter Ball Blaster with 80000+ Water Beads for Activities Team, Eco-Friendly Automatic Outdoor Games Toys, Boys and Girls Adult Gifts Ages 12+ (Blue and Black)
  1. Toys That Start with G – Geomag Magnetic Building Set
    (Ages 1+, STEM toys, engineering)

Invent unique magnetic constructions like pyramids, arches, towers and more with this stem toy. Builds creativity and logic skills.

Geomag Swiss-Made MagiCube 24-Piece Magnetic Stacking Cubes Building Set, Large Blocks for Toddlers & Kids Ages 1-5
  1. Toys That Start with G – Green Glitter Silly Putty
    (Ages 3+, sensory toys, tactile play)

This sparkly green silly putty provides tons of stretchy, squishy tactile fun. Great for molding, bouncing, and relieving fidgety energy!

Glow in The Dark, Glitter, & Neon Colored Putty Set
  1. Toys That Start with G – Golf Club Set for Kids
    (Ages 3+, active toys, hand-eye coordination)

Practice swinging drives in the backyard with these brightly colored, kid-sized golf clubs and golf balls. Develops motor coordination.

Kids Golf Club Set - Toddler Golf Set with 6 Balls 4 Golf Sticks 2 Practice Holes and a Putting Mat
  1. Toys That Start with G – Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Vehicle with Figures
    (Ages 5+, action toys, imagination)

Kids can recreate ghostbusting adventures with this detailed Ecto-1 vehicle, complete with light and sound effects. Kids will have a spooktacular time acting out paranormal battles and bustin’ ghosts with the crew!

Playmobil Ghostbusters Ecto-1A
  1. Toys That Start with G – Giant Floor Piano Mat
    (Ages 3+, musical toys, coordination)

Kids can jump and stomp on the mat to activate piano sounds and colorful lights. Promotes movement and music skills.

6 ft. Floor Piano Mat for Kids & Toddlers, Giant Piano Mat, 24 Keys, 10 Built in Songs
  1. Toys That Start with G – Glo Glam Nail Stamper
    (Ages 6+, creative play, beauty)

Decorate nails with fun designs using this easy nail stamping pen and polish. Lets kids ages 6+ embellish nails minus the mess.

GO Glam Nail Stamper Deluxe Salon with Dryer for Manicures and Pedicures with 3 Bonus Patterns and 2 Bonus Nail Polishes,
  1. Toys That Start with G – Girl’s Tool Kit
    (Ages 5+, pretend play, building skills)

Inspire future builders, makers and engineers with this pretend pink tool kit! Comes with plastic drill, wrench, saw and more.

Kids Tool Set with Electric Toy Drill Tool Box for Girls, Pink Toddler Tool Set Kids Power Construction Pretend Play Tools Set Toy Hammer Tools Kit
  1. Toys That Start with G – Giant Garden Bubble Wand
    (Ages 3+, outdoor toys, motor skills)

Twirl the oversized bubble wand in the solution to create gigantic, floating bubbles. Builds gross motor control.

Giant Bubble Wand, Giant Bubble Maker
  1. Toys That Start with G – G.I. Joe Action Figure Sets
    (Ages 5+, action toys, imagination)

Kids can recreate missions and adventures with these highly detailed G.I. Joe action figure sets that include fan favorite characters. Each articulated 6-inch figure is dressed for combat complete with weapons, gear, and accessories. Action-packed toy for imaginary hero play!

G.I. Joe Classified Series Craig “Rock ‘N Roll” McConnel


With this gnarly selection of G-themed toys, your kiddos will go gaga for fun learning! These 25 toy ideas build skills across ages and interests. Screen-free play with G toys lets kids flex their abilities while having a great time.

Browse these awesome toy suggestions starting with G. Please comment on your child’s favorite letter G toys below! When parents share beloved playthings, it helps our community power up playtime. Now get out there and make some incredible memories!

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