Toys That Start with N: 25 Nifty Ideas for Kids

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Toys That Start with N

Finding N-ew and exciting toys to entertain my rambunctious rugrats can be a real needle in a haystack! But with so many playthings starting with the letter N, I’ve got plenty of options to keep their noodle noodling and nurture their development. As a parent of multiple munchkins myself, I’m often seeking out toys starting with N for reasons like:

  • Your child’s teacher gave an alphabet homework assignment.
  • You’re looking for birthday gifts starting with the first letter of their name.
  • You’re trying to find alphabet learning toys to practice letter recognition.
  • You’re toddler has speech therapy focused on the M sound.
  • Their preschool teacher asked for show & tell items starting with M.
  • You want the perfect alphabet-themed gift.

There are oodles of awesome toys starting with N to stimulate their brains and keep them happily hooked. From Nerf blasters and Nintendo Switch games to number puzzles and Ninja Turtles action figures, the options are endless! Whether you need letter N toys for schoolwork, gifts, or just for killer playtime, I’ve rounded up some fab choices your kiddos will find N-chanting. No matter your reason for seeking N toys, this list has everything you N-eed to provide playtime that’s more radical than the Ninja Turtles!

25 Toys That Start with N

  1. Toys That Start With N – Nerf Blasters
    (Ages 8+, Outdoor Toys, Outdoor Fun)

Nerf blasters are a classic toy that have been popular for decades. They shoot soft foam darts, allowing kids to play safely. Nerf makes blasters in all shapes and sizes, from small pistols to giant machine guns. Some can shoot up to 100 feet! Blaster sets come with multiple darts so kids can battle friends or practice their aim. Many Nerf blasters feature pump action, battery power for motorized blasting, and light and sound effects. Popular Nerf series include the N-Strike Elite, Zombie Strike, Modulus, Rival, Ultra, and Mega lines. With so many options, Nerf blasters provide endless outdoor fun for kids and even adults!

Nerf Elite 2.0 Shockwave RD-15 Dart Blaster, 30 Nerf Elite Darts, 15-Dart Rotating Drum, Kids Outdoor Toys for 8 Year Old Boys & Girls and Up
  1. Toys That Start With N – Nintendo Switch Games
    (Ages 6+, Video Games, Endless Fun)

The Nintendo Switch gaming system allows kids to play their favorite video games at home or on the go. Some of the most popular Nintendo Switch games that provide hours of entertainment include Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Pokémon Sword and Shield, Super Mario Maker 2, Splatoon 2, and Minecraft. Nintendo’s exclusive franchises like Mario, Zelda, and Pokémon offer adventures full of exploration, puzzles, and challenges. Multiplayer games let kids play with friends and family. With the variety of game genres like racing, platformers, RPGs, and party games, Nintendo Switch games have something for every interest!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - US Version
  1. Toys That Start With N – Number Puzzles
    (Ages 3+, Educational Toys, Early Math Skills)

Number puzzles are perfect for introducing young kids to numbers and early math concepts like sorting, matching, counting, and simple addition/subtraction. Wooden shape puzzles have cutouts for kids to fit number-shaped pieces into corresponding slots. Jigsaw number puzzles encourage problem solving. Number magnet or rubber tile sets allow for open-ended building and learning. Many number puzzles also incorporate colors, letters, and animal shapes. As kids manipulate the pieces, they gain hands-on understanding of numbers, building math readiness. Number puzzles make learning foundational math skills fun and interactive!

Melissa & Doug Lift & See Numbers Wooden Peg Puzzle - 10 Pieces - FSC-Certified Materials
  1. Toys That Start With N – Ninja Turtles Action Figures
    (Ages 4+, Action Figures, Imaginative Play)

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been a classic kids favorite for decades. Action figure sets allow kids to recreate exciting adventures from the comics, TV shows, or movies with Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo. Newer sets feature designs and details from Nickelodeon’s 2012 animated series. Posable figures often include detailed weapons and accessories. Playsets include locations like the Turtles’ sewer lair or city streets for enhanced storytelling. Vehicles like the Party Wagon allow them to take their battle against Shredder and the Foot Clan on the road. Ninja Turtles action figures encourage creativity, roleplay, and heroism!

Ninja Turtles
  1. Toys That Start With N – Nemo Plush Toys
    (Ages 0+, Plush Toys, Comforting Companion)

The clownfish Nemo from the Disney/Pixar film Finding Nemo makes for an adorable plush pal. These soft, cuddly stuffed animals feature Nemo’s bright orange and white stripes, big eyes, and fins. Smaller versions fit nicely in a baby carrier or stroller to provide comfort on the go. Larger plush Nemos are perfect for toddler hugs and snuggles. This cute fish is a recognizable character that little ones are sure to love. A Nemo plush provides a soft, squeezable companion while also sparking imaginative adventures under the sea!

Disney And Pixar Movie Favorites Plush, Soft Toys Based On Animated Films For Kids 3 Yrs And Up
  1. Toys That Start With N – Nesting Dolls
    (Ages 3+, Educational Toys, Logic Skills)

Nesting dolls are comprised of hollow wooden dolls that all fit neatly inside one another. The smallest doll fits inside the next largest, and so on until the largest doll can contain the full set. Nesting dolls originated in Russia but have become popular worldwide. These toys develop skills like size and shape recognition as kids examine the pieces and fit them together in order. Nesting dolls also promote focus, problem solving, and fine motor skills. Sorting the dolls from largest to smallest then reassembling them is an engaging, hands-on activity for young kids!

ussian Nesting Dolls, Stacking Wooden Handmade Matryoshka Dolls, 5 Pcs 6 "Tall Animal Nesting
  1. Toys That Start With N – Nifeliz Building Block Sets
    (Ages 8+, Construction Toys, Imaginative Play)

Kids who love playing with toy tanks, jets, and other military vehicles will enjoy the intricate brick-built models in Nifeliz building sets. These Lego alternative sets allow kids and adults to construct incredibly detailed replicas of real-life military machines like tanks, ships, fighter jets, dinosaurs, and more. The building process fosters focus and problem-solving skills. Snap together hundreds or even thousands of plastic bricks to assemble complex models piece-by-piece, following step-by-step illustrated instructions.

Nifeliz Warrior Military Car Building Kit, Collectible Building Army Model Truck
  1. Toys That Start With N – Nunchucks
    (Ages 14+, Martial Arts Equipment, Coordination)

Nunchucks are a martial arts weapon consisting of two sticks connected by a short chain or rope. While real nunchucks require training to use safely, toy versions are fun for pretending to be a karate master. Foam, plastic, or rubber nunchucks are safe for swinging around and practicing maneuvers. They help improve hand-eye coordination as kids work to control the two sticks and chain. Martial arts uniforms and other accessories add to the roleplaying experience. With appropriate supervision and safety precautions, toy nunchucks allow big kids to stay active and use their imagination!

Logest Nunchucks - Pack of 2 with Storage Bag Safe Foam Rubber & Steel Chain Training Nunchakus for Kids or Adults Beginners for Martial Arts Practice Nunchaku Ninja Foam Nunchucks for Kids & Adults
  1. Toys That Start With N – Newton’s Cradle
    (Ages 8+, Science Toys, Physics Concepts)

Newton’s cradle is a desk toy that demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy transfer through swinging steel balls. Kids can observe cause and effect relationships firsthand as the balls click together and energy is transferred from one end of the cradle to the other. This educational toy gets kids engaged in physics concepts like inertia, collision, momentum, and transfer of force. Toy versions often contain 5-7 shiny metal balls suspended by wires for mesmerizing back and forth motion. Watching the rhythmic swinging and clicking provides endless fascination while illustrating cool science principles!

Newtons Cradle
  1. Toys That Start With N – NERF Football
    (Ages 6+, Outdoor Sports Equipment, Backyard Touch Football)

NERF footballs provide backyard football fun with less risk of injury. Instead of leather, these footballs have outer shells made from NERF’s signature soft, foam material. This makes them lightweight with a pliable, squeezable feel. NERF footballs come in junior, intermediate, or standard size so kids and adults can find the right fit. They can throw perfect spirals, run passing routes, dive for catches, or practice field goals and kickoffs, all with less sting and impact. For pick-up football games, a NERF football is a smart choice to keep things fun and safe for players of all ages!

Toys That Start With N - NERF Pro Grip Football, Blue, Classic Foam Ball, Easy to Catch & Throw, Balls for Kids, Kids Sports Toys
  1. Toys That Start With N – Night Sky Projectors
    (Ages 3+, Educational Toys, Astronomy)

Night sky projectors create a magical ambience in a kid’s bedroom with a rotating image of stars and constellations. They can project onto walls, ceilings, or an included projection screen. Some feature auto shut-off timers to play until kids fall asleep. More advanced projectors include images of nebulas and the Milky Way galaxy, along with shooting stars and rotating planet options. Night sky projectors instill wonder about the cosmos and can be paired with astronomy books or telescopes to further foster STEM learning. Sweet dreams are made of stars with these cool sci-fi gadgets!

Rossetta Star Projector, Galaxy Projector for Bedroom, Bluetooth Speaker and White Noise Aurora Projector, Night Light Projector for Kids Adults Gaming Room, Home Theater, Ceiling, Room Decor
  1. Toys That Start With N – Ninja Action Figures
    (Ages 5+, Action Figures, STEM Learning)

With the popularity of shows like American Ninja Warrior, kids are intrigued by ninjas. Action figure sets allow them to imagine exciting adventures about these stealthy, martial arts experts. They can get creative staging assaults on enemy fortresses, escapes through traps, and more. Many feature accessories like swords, climbing gear, and throwing stars. Figures are often highly posable for authentic ninja moves. Building playsets expands the storytelling possibilities. Kids gain confidence and strengthen coordination as they maneuver their ninja figures on imaginative missions. These action toys pack STEM learning into ninja roleplay excitement!

G. I. Joe Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins Snakes Eyes Action Figure Collectible Toy with Fun Action Feature and Accessories, Toys for Kids Ages 4 and Up
  1. Toys That Start With N – Nimbus 2000; Harry Potter Broom
    (Ages 5+, Pretend Play, Magic Roleplay)

Now young witches and wizards can take flight with this high-quality replica of Harry Potter’s magical broom from the films. Inspired by the Nimbus 2000, this toy broom brings fantasy roleplay to life. With its sturdy hardwood handle and soft padded bristles, this broom looks and feels authentically like what Harry uses for Quidditch matches. Well-crafted and designed to inspire imagination, the Nimbus 2000 broom lets budding witches and wizards explore the magical world of Harry Potter. Prepare for mischief and wonder!

Factory Entertainment Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Broom - ST
  1. Toys That Start With N – Nickelodeon Character Figures
    (Ages 3+, Action Figures, Pretend Play)

Nickelodeon has given kids iconic TV characters like Spongebob Squarepants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Blue from Blue’s Clues, and Dora the Explorer. Figures let them reenact favorite show moments and invent new stories. Poseable Spongebob goes on undersea escapades in Bikini Bottom. Blue plays dress-up and hosts a backyard party. The Turtles team up to battle bad guys. Dora explores and maps out imaginary lands. Nickelodeon figures inspire hours of pretend play thanks to kids’ love for these classic characters!

Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie, Toy Figures Gift Pack, with 6 Collectible Action Figures, Kids Toys for Boys and Girls Ages 3 and Up
  1. Toys That Start With N – Ninja Obstacle Course Sets
    (Ages 5+, Outdoor Toys, Ninja Training)

Does your kid dream of competing on American Ninja Warrior? Ninja-themed obstacle course sets let them practice right at home! They feature climbing walls, rope swings, balance beams, hanging rings, and monkey bars. Kids can set up courses in the backyard, basement, or playroom to climb, crawl, and swing their way through. Time themselves racing through the obstacles just like the TV show. Use foam swords and throwing stars to swat targets as they advance. With encouraging playmates and safety precautions, home obstacle courses strengthen muscles and self-confidence!

Ninja Obstacle Course for Kids Backyard - 10 Durable Obstacles and 50' Slackline - Outdoor Playset Equipment for Girls & Boys with Climbing Net
  1. Toys That Start With N – Ninja Masks
    (Ages 3+, Pretend Play Accessories, STEM Development)

A ninja mask transforms kids into stealthy ninjas on covert missions. Masks come in different colors like classic black, bright red, or dark blue. Made from lightweight materials like fabric, plastic, or vinyl, they easily fit on the head with openings for eyes and mouth. Pairing the masks with swords, throwing stars, and dress-up outfits fuels imagination and roleplay. Ninja play encourages physical activity and develops skills like coordination, balance, planning, and focus. With a ninja mask, the whole neighborhood becomes an exciting training ground for honing combat techniques and testing courage!

Dress Up America Ninja Weapons - Ninja Toys Includes Katana, Bow & Arrow, Eye Masks and More - Ninja Warrior Costume Accessory Set for Kids
  1. Toys That Start With N – National Geographic STEM Kit
    (Ages 8+, Science Kits, Hands-On Learning)

National Geographic makes educational activity kits that foster curiosity about science, nature, geography, history, and culture. STEM kits cover topics like chemistry, engineering, archaeology, and astronomy. Activities are designed to be hands-on and engaging. Kids might build a model rocket, make bouncy balls using chemical reactions, extract DNA from a strawberry, or examine real fossils. Experiencing how things work sparks an interest in learning. With clear instructions and cool materials, National Geographic’s STEM kits unlock a world of exploration for curious kids!

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Stunning Chemistry Set
  1. Toys That Start With N – Name Puzzles for Toddlers
    (Ages 1-3, Wooden Puzzles, Early Learning)

Knowing their name gives toddlers a sense of identity. Name puzzles spell a child’s first name with sturdy wooden letter, number, or shape pieces. Fitting together the letter tiles reinforces name recognition in an interactive, hands-on way. Some name puzzles incorporate colors and pictures like animals or vehicles into the corresponding shapes. As toddlers learn to match and assemble the pieces, these personalized puzzles aid development of dexterity, focus, and memory. With so many options, name puzzles make a thoughtful, educational gift for any toddler!

Fat Brain Toys Wooden Personalized Name Puzzle
  1. Toys That Start With N – Ninjago Building Sets
    (Ages 6+, Construction Toys, Creativity)

Ninjago merges the popular themes of ninjas, martial arts, and dragons into intricate building sets and action figures. Kids can construct highly detailed LEGO Ninjago temples, castles, vehicles, mechs, and more. Popular sets feature ninja heroes Kai, Lloyd, Zane, and others defending Ninjago City from the evil Lord Garmadon and his Skeleton Army. New sets are released with each TV season, expanding the world and story possibilities. Building expansive Ninjago dioramas inspires creativity and focus. The ninja mini figures spark endless imaginative adventures!

LEGO NINJAGO Cole’s Dragon Cruiser Car Toy
  1. Toys That Start With N – Numberblocks
    (Ages 2+, Math Toys, Early Skills)

The Numberblocks are colorful animated characters that teach numbers and counting. Each block represents a number from 1 to 10. As the Numberblocks team up into groups, kids learn about number sequences and adding. Matching sets allow kids to build the Numberblocks themselves as they count higher and higher. Figures and puzzles also integrate letters, shapes, and patterns. Just like in the math-based show, Numberblocks toys turn early numeracy into interactive fun through play. They give concrete meaning to numbers for better comprehension.

Toys That Start With N - Numberblocks 1-10 Activity Set, 30 Preschool Learning Activities, Building Blocks for Toddlers 3-5
  1. Toys That Start With N – Nursery Rhyme Toys
    (Ages 1+, Musical Toys, Language Development)

Nursery rhymes provide babies and toddlers familiar structures that aid language development. Toys set these traditional rhymes to music and colorful designs to engage little learners. Activity centers feature buttons or levers to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “Baa Baa Black Sheep,” and other classics. Figures of characters like Jack and Jill or Humpty Dumpty inspire play acting. Matching card sets combine images and text. Singing along or reciting nursery rhymes builds phonics and literacy abilities in an enjoyable way for early learning!

Felt Board for Toddlers, 4 Set Nursery Rhymes Felt Pieces, Precut Flannel Figures, Humpty Dumpty,Hey Diddle Diddle,Hickory Dickory Dock,Baa Baa Black Sheep
  1. Toys That Start With N – No Pedal Bikes
    (Ages 2-5, Ride-On Toys, Balance Skills)

No pedal bikes, also called balance bikes, allow young kids to learn to ride on two wheels without pedals. Feet pushing on the ground provide momentum to steer and propel the bike forward. This gives toddlers and preschoolers time to gain balancing skills first. No pedal bikes have lightweight frames and adjustable seats to grow with the child. They come in fun designs like Disney characters, superheroes, or colorful patterns. Letting kids focus first on balance and steering builds confidence when transitioning to a pedal bike later on!

Banana LT Balance Bike - Lightweight Toddler Bike for 2, 3, 4, and 5 Year Old Boys and Girls
  1. Toys That Start With N – Noah’s Ark Toys
    (Ages 1+, Pretend Play, Imagination)

The Bible story of Noah’s Ark provides lots of animal characters and play possibilities for toy sets. Kids can recreate the voyage on the ark and the filling of the ark with animals two-by-two. Playsets come in many sizes, from small plastic versions to giant wooden arks complete with pairs of all the animals. Fun add-ons include Noah and his family figures, row boats, and wooden animal puzzles. As kids act out this classic tale, Noah’s Ark toys build storytelling skills and playful creativity through imaginative adventure.

Toys That Start With N - Noah’s Ark Playset with 12 Animals and Noah Figure, Baptism Gift for Ages 1+ Years
  1. Toys That Start With N – Num Noms
    (Ages 5+, Collectibles, Miniatures Play)

Num Noms combine the fun of miniature collectibles with silly pizza and ice cream themes. Each Num Nom figure is a cute, tiny food item topped with a scented gloss. Popular series include sneaky kitties, wild monkeys, and glitter lamas. Kids can trade, share, and even create their own pretend recipes with the mix-and-match Num Noms. Playsets like the Snack Machine Store provide interactive stories for the figures. As kids build their Num Nom collection, they learn skills like counting, sorting, and fine motor control in a delicious, silly way!

Toys That Start With N  - Num Noms snackables
  1. Toys That Start With N – Nabbit Plush from Mario
    (Ages 3+, Plush Toys, Video Game Tie-In)

Fans of Nintendo’s Super Mario video games will love this plush toy of Nabbit, the mischievous rabbit thief. His soft plus body and fuzzy purple robe make him perfect for hugging during Mario roleplay adventures. With his big ears and cute smile, this Nintendo plush brings a video game character to snuggly life. Kids can replay their favorite Super Mario moments or imagine new escapades with their adorable larcenous friend!

3 Pcs Supe Mari Plush Doll Set- 7 inch Plush Fire Flower Ice Flower Plush Doll with 9 Inch Lovely Nabbit Plush Doll Stuffed Toys Christmas New Year Gift Birthday Gift


Well those are my top picks for nifty N toys sure to nourish your kids’ minds for hours! With so many options from Nerf guns to Ninjago sets, there are loads of engaging and educational toys starting with N. Watch your child’s literacy skills, STEM knowledge, and creativity take off faster than the Nemesis in Nitro! Try out some of these N-credible toys, and your little ones will have a N-ormous amount of fun. Let me know which N toys end up being your family’s faves! Until next time parents – N-joy and Cowabunga!

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